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(Student Name here) Fall 2009 Student Progress Report.

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1 (Student Name here) Fall 2009 Student Progress Report

2 Class Schedule 1.(list periods 1-6 here -- title of class and teacher name)

3 1st Period: Current Grade List the topics and concepts studied and being studied so far (Rome, graphing inequalities, whatever) List types of assignments being done in class, including some noteworthy ones (essays, debates, whatever…)

4 Repeat for periods 2-6, one slide each

5 Extracurricular Activities List clubs, sports, and other things involved in on campus

6 Strengths List things student believes he/she is currently doing well in class, on campus, in life related to school..ex: Turning in work on time –I have not used any late work passes yet

7 Areas Targeted for Improvement List things student needs to work on, and some idea as to what they are doing to address each..examples: Managing my time –Im using iCal to keep track of assignments

8 My plans for the rest of this year List of short and long-term goals for this year, with some sense of how…ex: Maintain at least a 3.0 GPA –Manage my time well –Attend math tutoring

9 My plans for the future Through several activities in Advisor Base, Ive learned that some of my strengths are: Some possible career fields I may be interested in are:

10 Gratuitous Closure I love you mom and dad! Thanks for raising me and providing me with all the things I need, and for putting up with my guff and complaining and accusations of you trying to ruin my life, which clearly is not the case, as evidenced by the fact that you have provided for me and taken care of me all these years.

11 Parent Teacher Conferences Students will have half days on Thursday and Friday, September 17 & 18. Conferences will take place on these afternoons. Please contact teachers to set up appointments.

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