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How to select which network or networks ?

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1 How to select which network or networks ?
CIG University III

2 NetLinx Offers Flexible Options
EtherNet/IP DeviceNet EtherNet/IP ControlNet ControlNet DeviceNet DeviceNet EtherNet/IP ControlNet EtherNet/IP ControlNet Mix and Match to fit your application! Hit on Bridging and Routing – also multiple modules in the same chassis DeviceNet Application No. 1 Application No. 2 Application No. 3 Application No. 4 Application No. 5 Application No. 6

3 Network Positioning EtherNet/IP Past/Present: Link to MES/ERP, Used for Programming, Controller to HMI, Some Controller to Controller, Present/Future: Present functionality, Controller to HMI, Controller to Controller Communications, and I/O. Backbone for lower-level networks. ControlNet Past/Present: Backbone, I/O, Controller to Controller, Controller to HMI, Programming, Information Messaging Present/Future: High-performance, robust, secure network primarily for I/O and interlocking. Backbone for lower-level networks. DeviceNet Past/Present: Simple distributed I/O devices, HMI, and 3rd Party devices supporting configuration and diagnostics Present/Future: Present functionality and make it easier to user while providing lower node / installation / maintenance cost

4 Strengths of DeviceNet
Lower Acquisition and Installation Cost Reduction in plant wiring (eliminates hardwiring of I/O) Lower installation, start-up, and maintenance times Network Attributes Data flow is governed by the Producer/Consumer model Ability to link smart factory floor devices together Ability to bridge to higher level networks Superior device level diagnostics Device Plug and Play capabilities - add or remove nodes on the fly Optimized to handle small amounts of data 8 bytes per message supports message fragmentation for larger data sizes) Media Options Passive bus media: nodes can enter and leave without affecting the network Sealed (IP67) and unsealed (IP65) media Low cost flat media

5 Strengths of ControlNet
High Speed Determinism Deterministic data transfer - know when the data will arrive (Scheduled services) Repeatable data transfer - transmission times are consistent as devices enter and leave the network Redundancy Redundant media is available Processor redundancy PLC-5 Hot Backup ControlLogix Processor Redundancy Industrial Hardened Physical Media High noise immunity (coaxial and fiber optic cabling) Intrinsically-safe media and products (Flex Ex, fiber optic repeaters) Sealed (IP67) media currently being developed Passive Media Nodes can enter and leave without affecting the network Trunkline topology

6 Strengths of EtherNet/IP
Highly efficient data transfer Increased baud rates (10Mb, 100Mb), use of switches (instead of hubs), full duplex data transmission to minimize effect of message collisions, and isolation from the office Ethernet network Use of commercial off the shelf products and technology Common set of installation and support tools Well established network standard, acceptance rate should be favorable Can take advantage of web browsing services in the products Media Options Active bus media: supports star network topologies High noise immunity (fiber optic cabling) Extend bus length with multiple switches (copper and fiber) Sealed (IP67) media - emerging technology (Consortia lead by RA)

7 General Network Selection Guidelines
EtherNet/IP – more complex devices and larger I/O count blocks and racks where a combination of medium to high performance I/O and a large amount of messaging is required ControlNet – more complex devices and larger I/O count blocks and racks where highly deterministic I/O performance with some messaging is required DeviceNet – simple distributed devices and small I/O count blocks installed along side electrical/mechanical equipment There is no absolute answer!

8 Network Selection Criteria
Application complexity Topology Number of nodes Length Layout I/O Densities Product Availability From multiple vendors Device Types Performance Media options Copper Fiber Power Cost Technology MTTR Bridging/Routing ability Configuration Diagnostics Network Node Training Support capability Troubleshooting Tools Supporting organization(s) Consortia Companies Standardization

9 NetLinx Architecture - Summary
Based on open networking standards Global multi-vendor support Utilizes the Producer/Consumer communication model Consistent set of services that are media independent Open connectivity throughout the manufacturing enterprise EtherNet/IP Information ControlNet Automation and Control DeviceNet Discrete Device Process Device “From the Internet to DeviceNet”

10 Additional Material CIG University III

11 OPC DX Industry-standard set of interfaces that provides interoperable data exchange via server-to-server communications across Ethernet networks Extension of the existing data access (OPC DA) specification Enables server-to-server data exchange during run-time. Defines a set of interfaces that can be used to remotely configure and manage the connections maintained by each OPC DX server Server connections are remotely configured Can be monitored for performance and diagnostics In addition to AND independent of any real-time application protocol - if any - that may be supported by the Ethernet TCP/IP network(s).

12 OPC DX provides configuration of and interfaces for data exchange in a multi-vendor architecture
ControlLogix O P C - N B O P C OPC DX Configuration Tool ControlNet DeviceNet Vendor X PLC CIP Messaging OPC Data Access OPC DX provides for data exchange between high-end controllers - from different vendors Note: Initial offering for CLx module will be OPC only. For CLx-to-CLx CIP communications, a 1756-ENBT module would be required in each CLx chassis.

13 OPC DX - Rockwell Automation Plans
September 11, 2001 ISA, Houston, USA Participated in OPC Foundation Press Conference November 14-15, 2001 Automation Fair Press Release - “OPC Data eXchange Standard for Ethernet compliments EtherNet/IP and RA’s NetLinx Open Network Architecture” RSLinx DX concept demo 4QCY02 (target) ControlLogix OPC DX Module 3QCY02 (target) RSLinx DX with OPC DX Configuration Tool JUL-AUG-SEP-OCT-NOV-DEC 2001 JAN-FEB-MAR-APR-MAY-JUN 2002 JUL-AUG-SEP-OCT-NOV-DEC 2002 April, 2002 Hanover Show Interoperability Cell showing RSLinx DX and ControlLogix Module November 29, 2001 SPS/IPC Drives, Nuremburg, Germany Will participate in OPC Foundation’s Press Conference

14 Rockwell Automation OPC DX Product Plans
Demonstration Cell at Hanover Fair - April, 2002 Will include Software-based product and ControlLogix module Participation from ODVA (RA, Omron), PI (Siemens), IBS, others OPC DX products will be released in multiple phases Phase 1 - Software-based product - Target - 4QCY02 RSLinx Data eXchange (DX) OPC DX Configuration Tool Phase 2 - ControlLogix module Phase 2a - Initial hardware offering with OPC DA and DX functionality Will not support EtherNet/IP bridging to the backplane/controller Target - 4QCY02 Phase 2b - Cost-reduced, higher performance with added functionality EtherNet/IP and OPC on the same module Target - TBD Phase 3 - Other Logix-based platforms - Target TBD

15 OPC DX - Rockwell Automation Product Plans
RSLinx DX New Product in RSLinx Family that supports OPC DX Server Provides Data Exchange between RA Devices attached to any RSLinx DA Server Including Legacy Devices, No Ladder Programming Required Provides immediate OPC DX solution for SoftLogix 5800 Provides Data Exchange Between RA Devices and 3rd Party Devices (via 3rd party OPC Servers) Availability Functional Prototype - 1QCY02 Shipping - 3QCY02 (target) OPC DX Configuration Tool Will ship with RSLinx DX Simple, Spreadsheet Based Configuration Tool Ideal for Fast Setup of Data Exchange Transactions Scales Easily to Large Transaction Counts Can be embedded in other RS Tools and Solutions RSLogix5000, RSNetWorx, Automation Desktop, RSView Studio

16 OPC DX - Rockwell Automation Product Plans
ControlLogix OPC Module (Initial offering) 1756 ControlLogix module New catalog number offering OPC DX functionality Note: ENBT module is not effected by this implementation Will include OPC DA and OPC DX functionality Same Code Base as PC Based RSLinx DX implementation Transactions configured with OPC DX Configuration Tool Availability Functional Prototypes - 2QCY02 Shipping - 4QCY02 (target) RSLinx DX and ControlLogix OPC module will be displayed in Interoperability Cell at Hanover Show, April 2002

17 Wireless Networking Strategy
Offer Wireless LAN solutions with today’s existing RA, Encompass Partner, and other COTS products GMS can/will assist on design and installation (site surveys, installation, etc.) of Wireless LAN solutions RA to continue to pursue the wireless portable HMI market Keep an eye on the wireless technologies and standards Wireless technology is still incredibly volatile. Stay abreast of the direction that wireless technology is heading. As the technologies mature and customer requirements expand, make sure that RA does not get closed out of a market due to lack of participation.

18 Wireless Recommendations from ACIG
1) Offer Wireless LAN solutions with today’s existing RA and Encompass Partner products. Include complementary wireless Encompass Partner products to broaden wireless solution offering. Upon completing the wireless ethernet testing that Mike Pelley and Thomas Sugimoto are doing today in IFT, RA should be comfortable offering COTS wireless ethernet products in conjunction with RA and Encompass partner products as a wireless solution to a customer. Our Encompas partners have been offering various wireless solutions for years. We can couple those with the results of our wireless ethernet testing and offer a solution that can address a broader range of applications.

19 Wireless Recommendations from ACIG
2) Use GMS as installation expert for Wireless LAN solutions. Incorporate WLAN expertise as part of Network Services within GMS organization. Site surveys done at customer facility. Recommends wireless RA and Encompass Partners products to solve customer problems. Provide installation and routine maintenance services. HMI Maintenance PC Once the wireless ethernet testingn results are known, it would make sense for SSG to become the wireless experts. Offer this service as part of the Network Services group headed up by Darin Fleming.

20 Wireless Recommendations from ACIG
3) Pursue wireless portable HMI market. IPB is shipping MobileView products today HMI Maintenance PC To fill the customer need of data collection, device configuration, and programming, IPB will be offering a line of wireless products called MobileView. The first series of products are scheduled to ship in July 2001.

21 Wireless Recommendations from ACIG
3) Keep an eye on wireless technology and wireless standards. Wireless technology is still incredibly volatile. Stay abreast of the direction that wireless technology is heading. Wireless standards are still evolving. Make sure that RA does not get closed out of a market due to lack of participation. Contact Doug McEldowney or Stu Siegel if any issues/questions RA needs to keep our eye on wireless technology to make sure that we do not get closed out of any markets if a wireless spec takes a new direction or adds additional functionality. If the coexistance problem between BT and b is solved. Then RA needs to re-evaluate our stance on BT. A company called Mobilian ( is doing development on a radio that can accommodate both radio types (BT & b). If a gains more steam in the market, then maybe we need to a closer look at that standard.

22 Embedded Web Functionality
User Data Write User Configurable Web Pages Product Configuration Write Functionality Enhanced , Voic , Pager Embedded Documentation / Help Files Add New User Data Read Enhanced Security Improve Today Required functionality for all EtherNet/IP products Network Diagnostic Product Configuration Read Functionality Basic Product Identification Product Diagnostic Security

23 Web Server Progress PLC-5E and 1785-ENET Web Server Functionality released December 01 1761-NET-ENI Web Server Functionality in development (target release May 02) 1756-ENBT Web Server Functionality is being defined. Many options in direction/choices possible We need customer feedback to validate direction. See Stu Siegel/ Doug McEldowney if interested!

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