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Personality Psychology: Course Beginnings Professor John D. Mayer.

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1 Personality Psychology: Course Beginnings Professor John D. Mayer

2 To Handle Today… Enrollment Syllabus and Course Coverage Our Scholarly Community in the Classroom and Beyond

3 Enrollment

4 Review of Syllabus Textbook and Readings: Do you know what books you need? Class Coverage: Is this what you really want? Class schedule: Can you make all the exams? Assignments: Are you comfortable with these?

5 Goals in the Classroom Community My Goal… Together, I expect us to foster and maintain an academic community that: Is curious and inquiring Respects all members of the community Creates an environment conducive to learning… Meeting that goal helps us all learn

6 In-Class Foundations Please Participate……and Avoid Distractions Attend class regularly.Silence your cell phones. Participate in class (your tuition dollars at work). Do not talk in class on matters other than personality psychology Treat other students with respect.Do not wear headphones, read the paper, or engage in other distracting activities

7 My Policies on Coming Late; Leaving Early If you are late, you may come late… If you must leave early, please let me know at the beginning of class

8 Some E-mail/Discussion Boards Dos and Donts DosDonts Please do notify me (or the Dean of Students) regarding any emergency you are facing. Please dont e-mail to tell me you will miss an individual class. Please feel free to post a question about when assignments will be handed back – but use the Discussion Board. Please dont e-mail me personally to ask when grades for an assignment will be posted. Please do hand in your papers in class. If you are late, wait until the next class period. Please do not e-mail your paper to me or to the Graduate Assistant unless we specifically ask you to. Please do e-mail the Graduate Assistant or me about any errors in recording your grade. Please do not wait until the end of the semester to bring up mis- recorded grades.

9 Philosophy of Presentations The general purpose is to: –provide you with a running outline of the course material –allow for jumping off points for discussion That means –the presentations present an outline, but (often) not detail –detailed information is in the textbook So, generally, use overhead information to structure your notes If you dont know whether or not to write something down – please feel free to ask.

10 ~ end ~

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