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ControlLogix Redundancy

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1 ControlLogix Redundancy

2 Main Redundancy Features
Optimized for availability of control. Absolutely no user programming required to implement. Bumpless switchover guaranteed for any outputs controlled by logic in the highest priority task. Switchover within approximately 100 msec. Works with standard Logix5555 controllers and ControlNet Bridges (Series D or higher). Switchovers are transparent to any devices networked to the redundant controller chassis. Transparent cross-load of programs from primary to secondary controllers. On-line workstation configuration/commands/edits to primary are automatically forwarded to secondary. User can choose to cancel or resume ‘test edits’ at switchover. Rockwell Automation Confidential

3 Building a Typical Redundant System
1. Start with a standard ControlLogix chassis. 2. Add 1 or more Logix5555 processors. Allen-Bradley A-B Quality RUN REM PROG Logix5555™ RUN OK RS232 BAT I/O ControlNET CHA CHB OK A#01 Redundancy Module PRI COM OK PRIM 3. Add 1 or more ControlNet Bridges (Series D). 4. Add 1 System Redundancy Module. 5. Set up an identical second controller chassis. 6. Cable the SRMs together. 7. Add I/O, operator interfaces, and so forth to the ControlNet network(s). Allen-Bradley A-B Quality ControlNET CHA CHB OK A#01 Redundancy Module PRI COM OK PRIM RUN REM PROG Logix5555™ RUN OK RS232 BAT I/O Rockwell Automation Confidential

4 Other Redundant Architecture Considerations
Only Logix5555’s, ControlNet Bridges, and a single System Redundancy Module can be placed in a redundant controller chassis. All I/O must be remote from the redundant controller chassis. To connect to other networks, bridge through another ControlLogix chassis. Ethernet Allen-Bradley A-B Quality ControlNET CHA CHB OK A#01 Redundancy Module PRI COM OK PRIM RUN REM PROG Logix5555™ RUN OK RS232 BAT I/O ControlNet Rockwell Automation Confidential

5 Rockwell Automation Confidential
Logix5555 Controller New CPU ASIC Provides alternative memory parity encoding method so that higher density commercial memory may be used. New memory change detection algorithms for Redundancy. New circuitry to support new 1.5, 3.5, and 7.5 Mbyte memory cards. Increased Performance Faster Flash-Memory to increase operating system performance. Movement of Floating Point library to RAM for higher performance (30% faster than L1). Hardware changes to support ControlLogix redundancy. New Real Time Clock (RTC) chip with increased accuracy. In redundancy, data is buffered in the secondary controller, so twice as much data memory space is required. Rockwell Automation Confidential

6 ControlNet allows transparent switchovers
The 1756-CNB Series D has added the necessary hardware and firmware changes to support ControlLogix redundancy. You set the same ControlNet address on the rotary switches of the primary and secondary CNB’s. The primary CNB will use that address, and the secondary CNB will automatically use the next higher address. On a switchover, the CNB’s automatically swap addresses. Any external ControlNet devices will simply continue to communicate with the new primary controller. ControlLogix redundancy works transparently with 1756 I/O, Flex I/O, drives, operator interfaces, or any other Rockwell or third-party devices which can communicate to a Logix5555 over ControlNet. Rockwell Automation Confidential

7 System Redundancy Module
The 1757-SRM provides the high speed data transfers between the primary and secondary chassis and arbitrates primary/secondary chassis status. Two slot module Only one SRM per chassis needed. We will test with up to four Logix5555 processors per chassis. A fiber optic cable connects the primary and secondary SRM’s. 1757-SRC1, SRC3, or SRC10 (1, 3, or 10 meter lengths) Redundancy Module PRIM PRI COM OK Rockwell Automation Confidential

8 Rockwell Automation Confidential
1757-SRM Configuration The 1757-SRM module will be configured from RSLinx instead of RSLogix 5000. Allows one 1757-SRM to support multiple Logix5555 controllers. Similar to how DHRIO and ENET modules are configured using RSLinx 2.2. Rockwell Automation Confidential

9 SRM Dialog Module Info Tab
Provides identification of the module. Provides the general status of the module. Identifies the current redundancy state of this chassis. This is visible from every tab on the dialog. Rockwell Automation Confidential

10 SRM Dialog Configuration Tab
Select when you want a disqualified secondary chassis to automatically attempt synchronization. Always Never Conditional - Auto-synchronization enabled on a Synchronize Secondary command and disabled on a Disqualify Secondary command. Lets you specify whether this chassis should be referred to as Chassis A or Chassis B. Select whether programmed messages from a Logix5555 are allowed to trigger redundancy commands (initiate switchover, disqualify secondary, etc.) Set the date and time to be used in the SRM event log. Rockwell Automation Confidential

11 SRM Dialog Synchronization Tab
Issues a manual command to switch control to the secondary chassis. This can be used to test the redundant system. Issues a manual command to attempt to synchronize the secondary chassis to make it available for switchover. Issues a manual command to disqualify the secondary chassis to make it unavailable for switchover. Issues a manual command allowing a disqualified secondary chassis with no partner to take control. Shows the result of the last four synchronization attempts of the redundant system. Rockwell Automation Confidential

12 SRM Dialog Chassis Profile Tab
Shows the current state of all the modules in this redundant controller chassis. Shows the compatibility between the primary and secondary module. Shows the secondary’s readiness to take control. Shows the state of the modules (startup, faulted, etc). Shows the progress of synchronization in percent. Rockwell Automation Confidential

13 SRM Dialog Event Log Tab
This dialog shows the history of the past 10 events. Events that are logged include synchronizations, switchovers, etc. This information is stored on the SRM module. Rockwell Automation Confidential

14 No programming required
A primary Logix5555 automatically determines what data changes during its scan and automatically sends that data to its secondary Logix You don’t have to program messages or even specify certain data areas to transfer. It all just happens automatically. You just select a single checkbox on the controller properties dialog to enable redundancy. Rockwell Automation Confidential

15 Other Controller Properties Options
Allows you to specify whether you want test edits to remain in effect after a switchover. This is useful for online edit changes. Lets you specify how much of the unused memory will be allocated for adding data online versus adding program online. This enables redundancy. Here you can see the status of this controller chassis and this controller. Here you can see the status of this controller’s redundant partner. Rockwell Automation Confidential

16 Automatic cross-loading of programs
You only have to download your program to the primary controller. The system will automatically cross-load the primary’s program to the secondary controller. Allen-Bradley A-B Quality ControlNET CHA CHB OK A#01 Redundancy Module PRI COM OK PRIM RUN REM PROG Logix5555™ RUN OK RS232 BAT I/O Rockwell Automation Confidential

17 Rockwell Automation Confidential
Bumpless Switchovers The secondary controller is synchronized with the primary to provide a bumpless switchover for any outputs controlled by logic in the highest priority task: Primary notifies secondary when user tasks start. Primary notifies secondary when programs complete & provide a complete data ‘snapshot’. Secondary doesn’t execute programs, but follows along, pending at each program start. Incomplete transfers are ‘quarantined’ on secondary until complete. At switchover, the new primary rolls back to the beginning of currently executing programs using ‘last good’ data snapshot. Rockwell Automation Confidential

18 ControlLogix Redundant Power Supply
1756-PA75R / -PB75R Power Supplies VAC and VDC Versions Panel mount (1756-A4 footprint - 6.9" H x 5.7" W x 5.4" D) Px75 equivalent capacity 1756-CPR Cables 3 foot max length Pin-outs provided if you want to make shorter cables 1756-PSCA Chassis Adapter Module Passive device funnels power to backplane Series B chassis only Failure Annunciation Normally Open solid state relay on each supply Wire to any input module Rockwell Automation Confidential

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