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By: Hannah Staska and Amanda Vasek

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1 By: Hannah Staska and Amanda Vasek
Colombia! By: Hannah Staska and Amanda Vasek

2 Colombian Animals Colombian Weasel- an endangered species. Weighs approximately 138 g. They live close to water Cotton Top Tamarin- Weighs about 1 pound. Found near water. Colombian Squirrel Monkey- Exhibits grayish- brown coloration with a very pale orange tinge.

3 Popular Authors Gabriel Garcia Marquez~
He wrote the novel, “One Hundred Years of Solitude”, in 1967. Santiago Gamboa~ Author of the travel book Octubre en Pekin(October in Pekin) Hèctor Abad Faciolince~ Abad is best known for his novel, Angosta. Don’t forget to read this slide!!

4 Largest Cities Bogotà Pop: 7,102,602 Cali Pop: 2,392,877
Medellín Pop: 1,999,979 Bogotà Cali Medellín

5 Sports Soccer is the most popular sport by far
There are many other sports played. There is not a specific one for 2 & 3. Two other sports are cycling and basketball.

6 Geography/Topography
Andes Mountain Range- worlds longest continental mountain range. Continental range of highlands along the West Coast of South America. 7,000 km long (4,300 mi.) Amazon Rainforest- only a little part of the rainforest is found in Colombia. It is believed to have formed in the Eocene Era. Llanos- A vast tropical grassland plain. It is east of the Andes Mountains. In northwest South America, especially Colombia and Venezuela.

7 Tourist Attractions Bogotà Botanical Gardens
Colombian National Coffee Park Gold Museum in Bogotà

8 Pictures!!

9 Government of Colombia
Is a liberal democracy with separation of powers into executive, judicial, and legislative branches.

10 Colombia Culture Spanish came in the 16th century to Colombia
They brought Catholicism and African slaves. Africans and indigenous people of Colombia mixed to form to form zambos creating a new ethno- racial group in society.

11 Bibliography

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