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The Role of the FBO General Aviation Service Center.

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1 The Role of the FBO General Aviation Service Center

2 The Textbook reviews, from an aviation standpoint, current small business practice and theory in areas such as business planning, marketing, financial strategy, human resources, and administration and information systems. It explores the principal areas of general aviation center activity; namely, flight line and front desk, flight operations, and aviation maintenance.

3 The regulatory context of each area is summarized in its pertinent chapter. Physical facility planning for general aviation center areas and other parts of the airport and environs is discussed. Finally, the book examines likely future trends affecting general aviation and general aviation center services.

4 general aviation service centers or Fixed- Base Operators ((usually shortened to FBO), which are the service stations of the general aviation system "General aviation service center" or "aviation service business" is probably more descriptive. places the aviation service business in context as part of the national aviation system.

5 Market Changes of Recent Decades and Their Implications for Aviation 1990's New Wealth Sept 11, 2001 - Aviation and Terrorism Computers and Exponential Growth in Information Globalization of the Market New and Re-Regulation: LSA

6 Aviation Milestones of Recent Decades Industry Development Airline Deregulation 1978 General Aviation Revitalization Act of 1994 (GARA) The Revenue Diversion" Issue Threat of Airport Closures - Jim Coyne, President of NATA, indicated that an airport is shut down every week in the US.

7 Aviation Milestones of Recent Decades Airport Improvement Funding (The Aviation and Investment Reform Act for the 21st Century of 2002) FAA Authorization Act of _______?????? Fractional Aircraft Ownership NASA's Involvement in General Aviation Transportation Security Administration Revolution in Avionics Technology

8 Components of the Modern Aviation Industry Pilots-at all levels of rating; Other aviation support personnel; The airport system; The air navigation system; Aviation manufacturers; Scheduled air carriers; General aviation, including aviation service centers; Aviation interest groups; and The governmental regulatory system.

9 Aviation Regulation Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) (DOT) National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) Transportation Security Administration (TSA)

10 Fixed-Base Operators Fixed-Base Operators: Their Role The array of possible aeronautical services listed by the Federal Aviation Administration is as follows: Charter operations; Pilot training; Aircraft rental and sightseeing; Aerial photography; Crop dusting/aerial application; Aerial advertising and surveying; Passenger transportation; Aircraft sales and service; Sale of aviation petroleum products; Repair and maintenance of aircraft; and Sale of aircraft parts.

11 Fixed-Base Operators Specifically excluded by the FAA's definition are ground transportation (taxis, car rentals, limousines); restaurants; barbershops; and auta-parking lots - - - although, of course, an FBO may operate such items

12 Web Aviation Reference Desk - Flightcom Directory - Airweb - Professional Aviation Maintenance - FBO Services - National Aircraft Appraisers Association (NAAA) - Employment Law - Federal Aviation Administration - FAA publications inlcuding forecasts - FAA Administrators Factbook - Federal Aviation Regulations (Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR)) - Transportation Security Administration (TSA) - U.S. Department of Transportation - National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) - and National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration - and

13 Bureau of Labor Statistics - Government Printing Office - and Bureau of Transportation Statistics - National Transportation Library: Aviation - National Association of State Aviation Officials - International Civil Aviation Organization - IATA/ICAO Airport Codes Index Page - General Accounting Office - National Transportation Safety Board - and National Transportation Safety Board Aviation Accident Database -

14 Congressional Committees - See also - and National Air Transportation Association - General Aviation Manufacturers' Association - National Business Aviation Association, Inc., - and Helicopter Association International - American Association of Airport Executives - National Agricultural Aviation Association -

15 Pilot and Aircraft Owner Groups Aircraft Owners' and and Pilots' Association - Experimental Aircraft Association - and Be a Pilot - The Ninety-Nines (Women Pilots) - Federation Aeronautiqe Internationale / World Air Sports Federation - Airliners.Net - Air Traffic Control System Command Center (ATCSCC) - AirDisaster.Com - Airliners.Net - Airlines of the Web -*.itn/cb/aow AirNav - The Aviation Home Page - Aviation Week and Space Technology - Homebuilt Homepage -

16 Landings - Newsdirectory: Magazines: Aviation - U.S. Air Force Factsheets - Unisted States Air Force Museum - WASP: Women Airforce Service Pilots -http://www.wasp- Women in Aviation International - Women In Aviation Resource Center (WIASC) - http://www.women-in-

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