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Faronics Anti-Virus.

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1 Faronics Anti-Virus

2 Welcome About Faronics Layered Security Approach
Review of AV expectations Features of Faronics Anti-Virus Industry Leading Performance Enterprise Administration – Faronics Core Updates – Program, Engine & Definitions How Does Deep Freeze fit into all this? Q & A

3 About Faronics Intelligent software solutions for ABSOLUTE control
In business since 1996 Over 30,000 customers in over 150 countries Over 8 million licenses deployed Offices in the USA, Canada and the UK Carbon neutral since 2008 Alliances 3

4 Faronics Product Portfolio
Unparalleled Configuration Protection Non-Disruptive PC Power Management User Activity Management Compliment, Extend or Replace GPOs Whitelist Application Control Trusted Threat Protection

5 Faronics’ Layered Security Approach
Faronics’ vision of a Layered security approach is one of complimentary solutions. Our technology compliments your customers existing security technology investment and makes their total security infrastructure more robust without impacting desktop performance. Regardless of what software firewall, group policy settings and hardware security appliances are being used, we compliment that investment and increase system integrity by reducing desktop attacks. Starting at the core, Faronics Deep Freeze is the heart of the protection. In appropriate scenarios where IT Managers want 100% control of programs running on machines, Faronics Anti-executable is the second layer of defense. Third and most importantly , is the malware and spyware protection layer. This is where Faronics Anti-virus shines and works seamlessly with Faronics Deep Freeze. 5 5

6 We Asked IT Administrators:
“What don’t you like about your existing anti-virus solution?”

7 IT Administrators Said:
Slow endpoint performance Hogs system resources Poor malware detection rates Difficulties deploying & managing agents Incompatibility with other software Doesn’t integrate with Deep Freeze

8 Introducing Faronics Anti-Virus:
Complete, Proactive Anti-Virus Protection High-Performance with Low Resource Utilization Centralized Deployment & Management Seamless Integration with Faronics Deep Freeze

9 Faronics Anti-Virus: Technology
Seamless, tightly integrated Solution combines: Anti-virus, Anti-spyware, Anti-rootkit Completely new agent built with modern technology Provides powerful protection against today’s most relevant highly complex threats

10 Faronics Anti-Virus: VIPRE Engine
OESIS OK Certified West Coast Labs Checkmark 'WildList' Anti-Virus Desktop certified Tolly Group confirms in their September Anti-Virus Performance Test Report: "Consumes up to 38% and 45% less memory, offers up to 2.6x and 3.6x scanning speed compared to Symantec and McAfee.“ Awarded Virus Bulletin VB100 "The WildList proved no obstacle despite the set of tricky Virus samples, and with no false positives either VIPRE earns a VB100 on its first appearance"

11 Faronics Anti-Virus: Better Detection
Works at the OS kernel, stopping malware before it has a chance to execute Dynamic, sophisticated analysis of malware files Signature detection (exact match) Heuristics (pattern match) Behavior detection (behavior patterns) MX-Virtualization™ analyzes malware in real-time Small, super-efficient secured memory "lock box" that emulates Windows – fools malware into thinking it’s taken over a PC MX-V allows Faronics Anti-Virus to observe how the malware behaves and kill it before it can infect a machine

12 Faronics Anti-Virus: Performance
Utilizes a high-speed threat scanning engine Can scan large volumes of information for malware threats in a short period of time with limited performance impact

13 Performance: Scan Speed
Faronics Anti-Virus scans nearly 8 MB per second.

14 Faronics Anti-Virus: Low Resource
Typical workstation resource usage: 67 MB RAM used during scan 32 MB used in idle with default settings

15 Performance: Memory Usage
Faronics Anti-Virus used only 67.3 MB RAM during a manual scan.

16 Performance: CPU Usage
Faronics Anti-Virus only uses 60% of CPU resources during a manual scan.

17 Performance: Real-time Protection
Faronics Anti-Virus used less than 1% memory resources with real-time protection running in the background.

18 Faronics Anti-Virus: Small Footprint
Only 63 MB on-disk footprint Low impact to system resources Designed for unobtrusive user experience

19 Faronics Anti-Virus: Complete Protection
Active & Protection: Real-time background protection of potentially dangerous or bad programs Comprehensive protection against borne viruses Direct support for Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Mail Supports any program which uses POP3 and SMTP Thunderbird, IncrediMail, Eudora, etc…

20 Faronics Anti-Virus: Centralized Control
Deployment and management done via Faronics Core: Proven and familiar MMC Scalable multi-tier architecture Faronics Anti-Virus updates centrally managed & deployed via Faronics Core Update, Scan, Active & protection configuration done via “Policies” that are applied to workstations Provides for integration with Faronics Deep Freeze and Faronics Anti- Executable

21 Faronics Anti-Virus: Updates
Three levels of Updates Quarterly Application Updates Based on New Threats Twice Daily

22 Faronics Anti-Virus: Updates
Updates Hosted on Faronics Core Server Remote Workstations Connect Directly

23 Faronics Anti-Virus: Reporting
Faronics Anti-Virus includes key reports Workstation Workstation Details Scan History Active Protection History Protection History System Event Messages Quarantine History Global Threats by Number of Detections Threat Severity Summary Quarantined Items by Workstation Top 25 Infected Machines

24 Faronics Anti-Virus: Deep Freeze
Seamless Integration with Faronics Deep Freeze Faronics Anti-Virus can download and install any updates (Signature, Engine Update, Product Update) even if the workstation is in Frozen Mode No need for Deep Freeze maintenance window!

25 Faronics Anti-Virus: System Requirements
Faronics Core 3.2 Releasing & Available with Faronics Anti-Virus Deep Freeze 7 Releasing April 2010 All versions prior to Deep Freeze 7 will need to be updated from Deep Freeze Enterprise Console

26 Faronics Anti-Virus: Supported Platforms
Windows XP SP3 (or later) - 32 & 64 bit Windows Vista SP & 64 bit Windows & 64 bit Windows Server & 64 bit Windows Server & 64 bit

27 Faronics Products Are For Everyone

28 Next Steps Visit to:
Sign-Up for the free, fully functional, evaluation of Faronics Anti-Virus when available! View the Faronics Anti-Virus product page Review your Deep Freeze Maintenance Deep Freeze 7 is required for compatibility with Faronics Anti-Virus

29 Faronics Anti-Virus: Q&A

30 Thank You

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