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Play with your magnets!.

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1 Play with your magnets!

2 ALL magnets have two poles
NORTH seeking pole SOUTH seeking pole

3 Breaking a magnet produces two magnets!

4 Opposites attract!

5 Opposite poles attract and like poles repel

6 Magnetic materials

7 Magnetic materials Iron (steel), Cobalt and Nickel

8 Magnetic induction

9 Magnetic induction When a magnetic material is close to a magnet, it becomes a magnet itself We say it has induced magnetism magnet S N N S

10 Hard and Soft Magnetism

11 Soft Magnetism Pure iron is a soft magnetic material
It is easy to magnetise but loses its magnetism easily before after N S S N N S N Not a magnet Iron nail

12 Hard Magnetism Steel is a hard magnetic material
It is harder to magnetise, but keeps its magnetism (it is used to make magnets!) before after S N S N N S N N It’s a magnet! S Steel paper clip

13 I wonder if this is a magnetic field?

14 Magnetic field Magnets (and electric currents) produce magnetic fields around them. In the magnetic field, another magnet or magnetic material will experience a magnetic force.

15 Magnetic field lines We can represent the magnetic field around a magnet using field lines.

16 Magnetic field lines The arrows show the direction a compass needle would point at that point in the field.

17 Magnetic field lines The arrows show the direction a compass needle would point at that point in the field. The closer the field lines are, the stronger the magnetic force felt

18 Earth’s Magnetic Field
Remember the North of a compass needle points to the geographic north pole (i.e. the geographic North pole is a magnetic south pole!) N S

19 Field around a bar magnet

20 Two bar magnets Strong uniform field

21 Two bar magnets no field!

22 That’s it!

23 Mind-map Mr Porter is now going to put these slides on a loop and you’re going to mind-map them!

24 This lesson ac/dc Insulation and double insulation
Earthing, fuses and circuit breakers Formative assessment

25 Gather round!

26 Reading! Read carefully pages 192-195
Answer the questions on both pages Finish for homework due Tuesday 13th January

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