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TT-011-0808 The compressor.

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1 TT The compressor

2 Contents The refrigerant compressor Internally controlled compressor
Magnetic coupling Externally regulated compressor Overload protection • VSQ/TT • 2/14

3 The refrigerant compressor
Swash plate compressor with electromagnetic coupling This compressor type is installed either with or without internal regulation of the delivery output. F208_027 Video "Initial operation" • VSQ/TT • 3/14

4 Internally controlled compressor
With electromagnetic coupling Drive F208_047 • VSQ/TT • 4/14

5 Internally controlled compressor
Overview Swash plate Regulating valve Guide rail Calibrated restrictor hole Drive shaft High pressure Low pressure View with sharp angled swash plate, full load Upper side Lower side Springs F208_047 Drive hub Piston Chamber pressure • VSQ/TT • 5/14

6 Internally controlled compressor
Swash plate adjustment increases Bellows 2 Bellows 1 Regulating valve Chamber pressure Chamber pressure Restrictor hole Low pressure (high) and force of spring 1 greater than chamber pressure and force of spring 2. Swash plate adjustment increases. With the compressor inoperative and after pressure equalisation between the high-pressure and low-pressure sections, the swash plate is pressed by the springs into a defined position. This position produces a delivery output (drive-off performance) of 40%. F208_048 Spring 1 Spring 2 High pressure Low pressure • VSQ/TT • 6/14

7 Internally controlled compressor
Swash plate adjustment decreases Bellows 2 Bellows 1 Regulating valve Chamber pressure Chamber pressure Restrictor hole Low pressure (low) and force of spring 1 less than chamber pressure (restrictor hole) and force of spring 2. Swash plate adjustment decreases. Spring 1 Spring 2 F208_049 High pressure Low pressure • VSQ/TT • 7/14

8 Magnetic coupling Overview Diagram showing coupling switched off
Diagram showing coupling switched on Belt pulley with bearing Compressor drive shaft Spring plate with hub Compressor housing Coupling play "A" must be observed! (ELSA) Solenoid coil F208_002 F208_003 Flow of power • VSQ/TT • 8/14

9 Externally regulated compressor
Overview Compressor regulator valve N280 Compressor The concept of the new Denso – 6 SEU 12C compressor: Axial piston compressor, 6 pistons No magnetic coupling, runs permanently with system Runs at about 2% output even without electric actuation in order to assure lubrication. With variable stroke volume to adapt to refrigerant output requirement External regulation (previously internal via spring and valves) via control valve for N280 compressor. Belt pulley with rubber moulding – overload protection • VSQ/TT • 9/14

10 Externally regulated compressor
Maximum delivery of swash plate Compression chamber Hollow piston Swash plate Control valve N280 Crankcase pressure High pressure Suction pressure F240_012 Drive shaft Suction side Crankcase Return spring High pressure side • VSQ/TT • 10/14

11 Externally regulated compressor
Zero delivery of swash plate With "Zero delivery", the swash plate stops at approx. 2% delivery output. This slight stroke movement ensures the internal lubrication of the compressor! F240_011 • VSQ/TT • 11/14

12 Externally regulated compressor
Compressor regulator valve N280 A Crankcase pressure B High pressure C Low pressure Direction of full load – A to B separated Direction of no load – A to B opened C restricts control valve depending on low pressure. 1 – Electromagnetic components Left diagram 1 – mechanical component: a pressure-sensitive element in the low-pressure circuit of the valve influences regulation in relation to pressure conditions on the low-pressure side 2 – electromagnetic component: this valve is actuated by E 87 at a frequency of 500Hz without increments, the valve plunger thus achieves "floating status". Any range from completely open to completely closed possible. Right diagram The valve is open in unenergised state, the high-pressure channels and compressor crank housing are thus joined => pressure is balanced. 2 – Mechanical components • VSQ/TT • 12/14

13 Overload protection Overview Belt pulley Rubber moulding Drive shaft
Drive plate The belt pulley and the drive plate are force-fitted by a rubber moulding. When the compressor is working properly, both pulleys turn together at the same ratio. Rubber moulding F263_076 • VSQ/TT • 13/14

14 Overload protection Drive blocked Deformation of blockage
Rubber moulding Severed material Blocked drive plate To protect the belt drive, both plates are separated by the rubber element in the event of resistance or blockage. In serious conditions, the entire compressor must be renewed! Rubber moulding F263_077 Severed material • VSQ/TT • 14/14

15 Thank you • VSQ/TT • 15/14

16 Break • VSQ/TT • 16/14

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