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Technical Workshop Johan Olsson Microsoft AB Microsoft Dynamics - Innovations.

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1 Technical Workshop Johan Olsson Microsoft AB Microsoft Dynamics - Innovations

2 Agenda Module 1 Dynamics Application Platform Module 2: Look & Feel AX 4.0 Module 3: Whats new in AX 4.0 technical Module 4 Q and A

3 Microsoft Application Platform

4 Microsoft Dynamics AX 4.0Microsoft Dynamics AX 4.0

5 Accounts Payable / Accounts Receivable Aging buckets reporting Payment proposal Check refund Statements Balance form redesign Server Session management improvements Converted Server Interface (AOCP) to RPC Personalization data moved to database Securing Server API mitigations Data Access Optimistic concurrency control – forms code Optimistic concurrency control – back-end business logic code Table Permission Framework - a Server (AOS) based security framework ODBC server side cursor enhancements Record Identifier enhancements 64-bit records ids Allocated by table regardless of company SQL authentication is integrated security UDB eliminated; session persistence is SQL Db Setup Computer roles based Mask technical complexity for a single computer deployment Reduce the need for specialized knowledge to achieve a basic implementation of product Quicker ramp up to productive usage Unified look and feel Multi-Instance AOS Quick single computer installation for partners/developers only requires pressing Enter Security Rich client users and web users have been merged into one user type All enabled users must be valid Active Directory users Active Directory Import Wizard eases provisioning Perimeter Network Configuration Wizard Application Integration Framework New features. Replaces Commerce Gateway Web services Business to Business integration Application to Application integration Enterprise Portal Microsoft SharePoint Web authoring experience Richer content and document management Integrated collaboration Dynamics AX Web part integration into existing SharePoint sites Common search Better personalization Improved security with encryption support Integrated debugging AOT and WSS integration Web Farm support for load balancing Sales Orders and Purchase Orders Direct delivery Automatic update of packing slip on sales order, when purchase order is packing slip updated for easy follow-up Synchronization of data between purchase orders and sales order Control layer ensures user doesnt incidentally break business rules Automatic transfers of customer delivery address information to vendor Intercompany Tighter connection of the supply chain Several pricing strategies supported Differentiated control of the picking process start Parameter controlled printer selection Intercompany master scheduling Distribution of notes Flexible setup of update sequences Rule-based control of user activities Automatic settlement of intercompany payments Delivery address on order line Delivery to different addresses on the same order Parameter controlled summary updates of internal and external documents Enhanced delivery date control Ability to distinguish between shipping and receipt dates Capture both requested and confirmed delivery dates Automatic calculation of shipping and receipt dates Patent protected possibility to simulate different shipping and receipt dates based on mode of delivery, warehouse and geography CRM Advanced Outlook integration Improved telemarketing interface Campaign target distribution Advanced management statistics Advanced tools for campaign web broadcast Activity control enabled for more record types Customer and vendor synchronization Quotation CRM workflow Outgoing E-mail storage Price simulation includes wider range of calculations made towards single and multiple quotation lines Service Service agreements Service orders Repair management Replacement history Outlook integration Fixed period subscriptions Irregular period subscription Subscription indexation Subscription accrual Quotations Sales quotations Project quotations Quotation templates Mass creation of quotations Delete quotations Human Resources Improved support for work with contractors Expanded recruitment project functionality Improved support for absence planning Mass-hire projects Employee responsibility reporting Enhanced ability to move employees within the organization US Payroll Canadian Payroll Project Accounting Actual vs. Budget statistics Statistics viewable everywhere Invoice control 3 new internal project types – investment, cost, time 51 new reports Improvements in estimates, budgets, credit notes Change project group Enhanced project form Improved copy wizard Invoice project and estimate project forms functions Activity, item task, forecast, project stages Improved invoice documents Improved transaction traceability Single or multi-select functions Fixed Assets Ability to manage assets without affecting the General Ledger – used for tAX or reporting asset books Ability to manage assets using a different calendar than the financial calendar Split out the straight depreciation method line into 2 methods Additional reducing balance methods 7 depreciation conventions added that affect the first and last years depreciation Additional depreciation allowed in the first year of the assets life (Section 179, etc.) Bonus depreciation only for depreciation books Ability to define unlimited bonus records with priority order and used with a proposal process Provides the ability to mass update the depreciation convention for a range of assets Mass update only for depreciation books Updated reports to support depreciation books 3 new reports: Mid Quarter Applicability, Asset Basis, Book Compare Many country specific features have consolidated into core and are available for all users General Ledger Dimension hierarchies Hierarchy designer Dimension data entry Dimension combination validation Dimensions rendering Financial statements Ledger accruals US Sales Tax Transaction reversal Audit trail enforcement Exchange adjustment Reporting Secure end user ad-hoc reporting through model driven integration with SQL Server Report Builder Out-of-the-box end user reporting models for application modules Secure production report authoring using the SQL Report Designer Secure database views to enable authoring secure reports using external report writers Report-to-Report and Report-to-Form drill through actions in native X++ reports Balanced Scorecard Navigation changes Improved design and creation process Improved and realigned terminology and structure Added ability to create new scorecards, objectives, measures, and graphical indicators based on existing setups New performance overview Alerts User-specific configuration of alert Intuitive, easy rules setup Alerts generated by monitoring specific dates Alerts generated by monitoring changes in system Conditions filtering of alerts Flexible delivery and access to alerts Fast access to alert details Alert rule templates Alerts integration with Outlook Remote access capabilities to alerts Performance Improvements Optimistic concurrency enabled application Database primed for replication Extensive re-indexing Exploits new SQL Server functionality Optimal storage of data Thread pooling on Axapta Object Server Upgrade optimized for large databases Help Standardized Help Viewer Standard Help authoring tools Better Help performance Continuous publishing model supports Help updates Leverages future investments in help technology Global parity: base docs in all locales Enhanced Implementation Guide for Partners.NET Business Connector A versatile, general-purpose platform component Uses the Microsoft.NET Framework 2.0 Supports Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Enables the development of managed applications against Dynamics AX Public managed classes allow you to invoke X++ business logic and access data Can be used to implement and deploy both client and server-based applications When hosted in IIS, provides access to the managed (ASP.NET) http context from X++ CLR interoperability can be invoked to use external managed components from X++ code Supports AX user impersonation Used by Enterprise Portal and AIF Microsoft Dynamics AX 4.0 Nyheter i applikation, 678 sidor!

6 Ny Benchmark AX 4.0 Orderflöde, Registrera orderrader, plocka, packa och fakturera Inköp, Registrera inköpsorder, mottagning, registrera faktura 177 GB Databas 1000 Samtidiga användare 55,000 Rader / Timme (45000 / 10000) Volym Scenario

7 Whats new in Microsoft Dynamics AX 4.0 General –Adjusting Navigation Pane and Favorites –Global Search Setup –External Help files –Trustworthy computing –Unicode –Integration Active directory / Windows authentication logon SQL 2005 Server (SQL Reporting Services, Analysis Services Unicode support) Sharepoint Portal Services RFID Infrastructure

8 Whats new in Microsoft Dynamics AX 4.0 Alerts (Business Activity Monitoring) –Based on Due dates or database changes –Notification by popup or email –With hyperlink to ether the alert or the source Development environment –Version Control management system Integrated with Visual Source Safe 2005 server Procedure –Check out objects and labels –Check in objects and labels –Reverse engineering (Visio integration) –New debugger (.Net standards) –Common Language Runtime Interoperability (CLR Interop) Access to.Net assemblies

9 Whats new in Microsoft Dynamics AX 4.0 Installation and setup –Removal of 2-tier, Thick client, web deployment –Integration with Active directory –Database improvements Index management Better language support by using Unicode RECid changes –Ax 3.0: 4,294,967,296 –Ax 4.0: 18,446,744,073,709,551,615 Optimistic concurrency –Application File Server No copy of application folders Anymore Instead AOS manages applications –AOS Improvements Loadbalancing using NLB AOS is true windows service Improved communication between client en server

10 Whats new in Microsoft Dynamics AX 4.0 Business Intelligence –Integration with SQL 2005 Reporting services Using a Semantic Data Model (buidl in AOT) –Native Reporting Engine Enhancements Print drill down –Primary Links –Secondary Links –OLAP Enhanced security Enterprise Portal Framework –Fully integrated with Sharepoint services Sharepoint Web authoring experience Better personalisation Integrated collaboration and content management Integrated Document Management Web framework opened up to existing portals –Based on.Net Business Connector

11 Whats new in Microsoft Dynamics AX 4.0 Business connector –.NET BC Replacing the Ax 3.0 com-connector –More stable / faster –All applications using the com connector need to be updated: COM connecter interface adjustments Fit to Windows Authentication Application Integration Framework –Documents based integration (B2B / A2A) –Web services (Intranet use) –Extra- / Intranet use need extra security

12 Microsoft Dynamics AX Look & Feel

13 Microsoft Dynamics AX - Technology Server Client Communication

14 Changes from 3.0 Computer roles based Unified look and feel No need to figure out which.exe to run from where Integrated database tools New Add or Remove Programs entries Multi-Instance AOS Subsequent component installs draws from previous installs No need to remember where you installed what Quick single computer installation for partners/developers only requires pressing Enter No Service Managernow use Windows Services MMC snap-in AOS, EP and Reporting services must be installed on win2k3 The client continues to run on XP VPC image with all components installed will be on AX CD

15 AOS Improvements Load balancing changed to NLB Session management Session info moved to DB Manage user and business connector sessions across all AOS machines Manage all AOS sessions Network performance improvements Optimizing meta-data roundtrips - Table and Class Loading Compression between client and AOS

16 AOS Improvements Converted Server Interface (AOCP) to RPC Communication channels between client-server- database will be secured using SSPI and RPC Securing Server API Mitigations 2 and 2.5 tier no longer supported Personalization data is stored in Database

17 Dynamics AX 4.0 Setup Provide a consistent, simple method of installing Axapta 4.0 for customers and partners. Mask technical complexity for a single computer deployment Reduce the need for specialized knowledge to achieve a basic implementation of Axapta Quicker ramp up to productive usage


19 Microsoft Dynamics AX – Enterprise Portal

20 Investeringar på serversidan

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