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The Holocaust.

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1 The Holocaust

2 The “Final Solution” Hitler’s plan for the Jews was NOT set from the beginning It EVOLVED over time

3 4 Stages of the Holocaust
Identification Expropriation Concentration Extermination

4 First step seems harmless Identifies the “enemy”
Identification First step seems harmless Identifies the “enemy”

5 Nuremberg Laws 1935 Reich Citizenship Law
- Jews are no longer citizens The Nuremberg Law for the Protection of Blood and German Honor - no marriage between German and Jew - No Jew can employ in their household a German woman under the age of 45 - Jews cannot fly the German Flag





10 WHO? Jews- 6 million died 5 million others died
- Mentally and Physically Handicapped - Gypsies (Roma) - Russians - Poles - Slavs - Homosexuals - Jehovah Witnesses - Political enemies




14 Expropriation Taking the Jewish Wealth Jews lost their jobs
Businesses were taken from them Special taxes were placed on them

15 Kristallnacht Nov. 9-11 1938: The Night of Broken Glass
Germans destroy Jewish - synagogues - businesses - cemeteries Thousands sent to Dachau Turning Point



18 Austria 1938

19 Concentration Ghettos established in E. Europe to isolate the Jews
After war began Located near rail lines Walled in and entrances guarded Death rate skyrockets from starvation and disease




23 The gate of Dachau concentration camp in Germany
The gate of Dachau concentration camp in Germany. “Work will set you free”

24 Einzatsgruppen Mobile killing units Follows invasion of Russia in 1941
Shot Jews and disposed of bodies in mass graves Process ends due to - effect on German soldiers - not efficient enough





29 Single largest massacre occurred in Babi Yar just outside of Kiev 33,000 Jewish men, women, and children are killed


31 Extermination Wannsee Conference Transported to camps
Gassed and bodies cremated

32 Where?

33 Chelmno was the first death camp. Prisoners died in Gas vans

34 The other Death camps were:
Treblinka Sobibor Belzec Majdonek Auschwitz/Birkenau Gates of Auschwitz

35 If chosen to Die

36 The Germans told the prisoners they were being sent to the showers but they were actually gas chambers

37 Inside a gas chamber in the Majdonek Death Camp

38 The Gas was put in through this hole in the ceiling

39 The canisters of Poisonous Gas known as Zyclon B


41 Bodies were taken to the crematorium and burned


43 The crematorium in Majdonek

44 Part of the Monument at Majdonek where the human ashes are kept

45 Hill of Ashes – First Memorial

46 At Auschwitz-Birkenau the Germans destroyed the 4 Gas chambers before they escaped

47 These gas chambers were the largest ever built by the Germans
These gas chambers were the largest ever built by the Germans. They were a combination dressing room, gas chamber, and crematorium.


49 If chosen to Live

50 People who were kept alive to work were tattooed with a number

51 Prisoners were known by their number not their name

52 They also had their hair shaved

53 Some prisoners wore striped uniforms others wore old clothes

54 Prisoners were kept alive to work
In the concentration camp Mauthausen prisoners carried heavy stones up stairs known as the stairway of death

55 Some people were kept alive for medical experiments

56 How long can a person survive in freezing cold water?

57 High Altitude Experiment

58 Liberation



61 Impact of the Holocaust
Nuremberg Trials - Nazi war criminals put on trial - crimes against humanity Jewish Homeland of Israel - UN establishes in 1948


63 Questions?

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