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Orientation for CIS126AA Unix Operating System WEB Edition

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1 Orientation for CIS126AA Unix Operating System WEB Edition
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2 Your Instructor for CIS126AA is Ray Esparza Office: O Phone: 2 of 15

3 Textbook and Other Course Materials
Unix Operating System, by Ray Esparza, is the text/lab manual for CIS126AA. It is available at the GCC Bookstore or College Book Center or Download from the CIS126AA Web Site. 3 of 15

4 Hardware/Software Updates
Remember that technology changes are to be expected. Don’t be surprised; ask questions. If you are having problems, contact me at cesparza on the GNIX Linux system when logged on or me at Also watch your or Blackboard mail. 4 of 15

5 Grade Types for CIS122AC This course is offered for both letter grade and P/Z (credit/no credit) grading. Check Blackboardto determine your grade type. To change your grade type, request the change at Admissions & Records within two weeks of your official start date. 5 of 15

6 Using Blackboard If you are new to GCC:
Blackboard is a grading program available on the Internet from anywhere. Your userid and password available at Instructions on using Blackboard are in the course guide that you will download.

7 Withdrawal Policy You may ask to be withdrawn at any time before your final grade has been submitted. Your instructor will withdraw you if you make a written request (or ) using a Class Schedule Change form (withdrawal form) available at the HTC-1 Information Desk. OR: You may be withdrawn if you do not perform any work within the first 7 days of the course!!!! is the easiest way to withdraw! 6 of 15

8 Extension Policy In some circumstances, your instructor may allow you time beyond your original end date to complete this course. Extensions of end date are available ONLY to students who have completed at least all assignments in UNIT I, to include the Test. 7 of 15

9 Requesting an Extension
Check Blackboard for your end date status. If you have questions, contact your instructor. To request an extension you must the instructor. 8 of 15

10 Where to Work The web course allows you to do all work from home. Simply download the putty or secure shell (ssh) software and connect from home following the instructions in the lab manual. A fast Internet connection is best but not required. 9 of 15

11 Course Work There are 3 units of work for CIS126AA.
Each unit has 3 or 4 assignments. The course guide explains how to send the assignments to the grader or instructor. All assignments should be checked for correctness (before turning them in!) with the CIS126AA Example Book which is available online at: 10 of 15

12 Submitting Assignments
To hand in an assignment, the grading sheet downloaded from Blackboard or on the web site for that assignment to Send work sheets from within the GCC Linux (GNIX) system to cesparza. 11 of 15

13 Retrieving Graded Work
You will see your scores posted in Blackboard. Check the scores on Blackboard to be sure they were recorded correctly, and let your instructor know if there are any problems. Be sure to keep all graded work for your own records until the end of the course. Make any suggested corrections before proceeding! 12 of 15

14 Tests At the end of each unit, you will take a test.
All tests are taken on Blackboard, they are available 24 x 7. Directions are in the lab guide. 13 of 15

15 Tests (continued) There are practice tests available on Blackboard, the practice tests do not have a password or validation code, they are always available. The actual test is also always available but only with appropriate password. Make sure you have selected the correct exam before taking it. All actual exams are timed!! 14 of 15

16 Good luck with your course work for CIS126AA, Unix Operating System!
I know you can succeed! me for help anytime. My lab hours are posted on in the High Tech Center or via . 15 of 15

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