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Resume, portfolio and skills

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1 Resume, portfolio and skills
Andrew Zoric Resume, portfolio and skills

2 Resume Objective To further my career as an Internet Specialist both professionally and personally by expanding my experience, education, skill set and conquering new challenges.

3 Resume Work Experience Xcelerate Media, Inc 2006 – 2007 Dublin Ohio
Developed and supported customized hosted e-learning applications. Redesigned Learning Management System for scalability and increased performance and usability. Designed and developed client websites. Developed various data driven web applications.

4 Resume Work Experience
Webmaster/developer   Cardinal Health Dublin, OH Streamlined several subsidiary company websites by creating common navigation, common aesthetics and cross-selling features. Aided in development of company wide web strategy. Developed intranet applications including a dynamic database driven online personnel directory with full-featured user management. Developed content management systems, with ASP Implemented various web-related business practices including search engine optimization. Performed Webmaster duties for public facing sites. Served as UI developer/designer for enterprise-wide collaborative portal.

5 Resume Work Experience
Web Developer   LogiKeep Inc. (TruSecure) Dublin, OH 2000 Developed the corporate website and intranet using ASP, Flash, JavaScript

6 Resume Freelance Web development
Over the past several years I have been freelancing on the side for various local businesses and organizations. See examples: (Click links to open sites. More information available in the Sites section)

7 Resume Education Bachelor's Degree Heidelberg College Bachelor of Science with a double major in both Computer Science and Business Administration. Education included a strong writing emphasis. Dale Carnegie Training Successfully completed the Dale Carnegie Training for public speaking and interpersonal skills.

8 Resume Technical Skills Intangibles ASP HTML JavaScript XML RSS
Macromedia Development Tools Microsoft web platform SQL IIS Database driven sites Intangibles Graphic design experience Website usability expertise Creative solutions to website issues A sincere love of everything internet

9 Writing skills Beyond technical skills, throughout my career and education I have excelled at writing. As expressed as part of the college newspaper staff, blogging or technical documents and whitepapers I have excellent written communication skills as described in the attached documents. Hiring manager’s website documentation Victory’s website user guide

10 Sites benefiting from my expertise
Websites Sites benefiting from my expertise

11 For five years the Cardinal Health corporate website was in my care. In that time the site has taken on several different looks. One area where my expertise was shown to be invaluable was the corporate news page. When Cardinal Health went to market as a single company abandoning the acquired brands updating the website news took up to forty-five minutes. After analysis of the situation I developed a system that took this process down to under five.

12 This new process and technology allowed people on the business side of things (those without the technical knowledge to update websites) to post content to the web without having to engage a technologist. Over time this application grew to automate an RSS feed and a rich text editor allowing press released to include tables and other HTML formatting.

13 myCardinalHealth As the user interface developer for the enterprise wide intranet I have taken the task of finding many different and unique solutions to bring to life the visions of others in the organization in order to make an intranet into a collaborative workplace. This includes the use of DHTML layers to circumvent cache issues, an attention to detail ensuring a consistent experience across the site and a knowledge of varying technologies for this complex site such as: Struts, Java, XML and Broadvision.

14 is no longer available
Victorys Bar downtown wanted a website that showcased it’s unique personality. A sports bar with a neighborhood feel, as well as a showplace for Columbus’ best nightlife. The result is a fun to look at informational site with enough changing content to make visitors return often. is no longer available

15 The Victory's website is a self-service product. Most of the content on the site is run by a back-end database, updateable by the content owners. Instead of relying on the availability of a third-party webmaster the content, band list, sports schedule and photo albums are administered by a password protected series of administration forms. This allows non technical people the chance to manage their web content on their own schedule. See also the Victory’s Administration guide.

16 Brad Moore Brad Moore is a local musician who needed a site when he went from being a part-time guitar player to a full time musician. This site includes MP3 audio that plays in a browser pop-up window. This window is recycled for every song that the visitor clicks on thus limiting the number of annoying pop-ups. Continuing the multimedia experience is a photo album and calendar using similar technology to that which powers the Victory’s Site.

17 London Country Club The London Country club approached me to do a website to promote their golf course and club. This site features an interactive course tour with photos, an event calendar and newsletter feature. Features of the site that are self-maintainable by the client include the event calendar and newsletter features. The newsletter controls allows for the creation of rich text in a Microsoft Word style interface.

18 Hull & Associates The Hull & Associates website was a complete redesign of a former site. Much more content was added and a new interface created. This site was built primarily with JavaScript and CSS.

19 Xcelerate Media Sales Site
Xcelerate Media specializes in customized Courseware for corporate training. These training sessions range from specific product training to new hire orientation or Ethics & Compliance training. As a tool for the sales department I Developed a site with individual logins so that the sales department could create custom presentations of Xcelerate Media’s courseware. The demos were divided into six sections with only demos in those sections available for launch.

20 Xcelerate Media Sales Cont.
The sales site included an extensive back-end user administration function. This allowed salespeople to add new client logins. They could then grant them access to only certain products The administration tool also included a user tracking system which recorded every demo page that a prospective client had looked at.

21 Contact If you have any questions or would like any further information on any of the sites shown here today please contact me: Andrew Zoric 7753 Deercrest Court Dublin, OH 43016

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