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Arizona Department of Transportation Presentation

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1 Arizona Department of Transportation Presentation
Western States Highway Equipment Managers Association 43 Annual Conference Seattle Washington Aug. 29th – Sept. 1st Arizona Department of Transportation Presentation Dennis Halachoff Fleet Operations Manager Presenter

2 Arizona Department of Transportation – Equipment Services

3 Fleet Makeup Fleet of 4,253 vehicles & other equipment with a replacement value of $227.8M Light Highway Other Equipment Heavy Highway Non-Highway Construction

4 Replacement Code System
Fleet Makeup Replacement Code System Average age of Fleet 9.9 years 1,540 pieces of equipment are currently beyond economic life (37.7% of the fleet) This represents a $63.9M replacement backlog F G H J K L M N P Q R S T U Exceeds Life 1 Year 2 Years ½ Life Overhauled In Life Cycle Warranty Based on Miles and Age

5 Maintenance Operations

6 Maintenance Operations
PAGE 10 ASE Blue Seal Shops KINGMAN Capitol Mall Casa Grande Flagstaff Holbrook Kingman Page Prescott Valley Safford Tucson Yuma FLAGSTAFF HOLBROOK PRESCOTT 97 (81%) Technicians ASE Certified 18 (67%) Parts Specialist ASE Certified Equipment Services has 20% of all ASE Blue Seal Shops in Arizona CAPITOL MALL YUMA CASA GRANDE SAFFORD Technicians can receive $25.00 per month for each certification held before core or master level status. Maximum Stipend = $ TUCSON

7 Maintenance Operations
Work Summary FY11 41,852 Repair/PM Work Orders processed 3,510 of those were accomplished by Mobile Service Technicians 27,622 work orders were completed within 24 hours $5,264,871 in parts were processed 406,893 repair/service parts were issued

8 Funding Process During FY11 Fleet Management initiated 89 equipment buys utilizing 4 financing sources. 489 equipment items were purchased with a combined acquisition value of $19.5M dollars 3rd Party funded pieces of equipment - $12,485,173. EQS funded pieces of equipment - $ 2,596,971 User funded – 47 pieces of equipment - 1,528,101 Federally Funded – 77 pieces of equipment - $2,896,109

9 Rental rates are based on a combination of two factors:
Funding Process Rental Rates Rental rates are based on a combination of two factors: A fixed monthly charge to recover the cost of the Fleet Management organization A variable usage charge based on miles or hours to recover the cost of maintaining the Fleet  Recapitalization funds are held at a higher level and not distributed to the divisions to be later paid back to the Equipment Fund

10 40 Federal & State Agencies Supported
Current Challenges and Impacts 40 Federal & State Agencies Supported LUSD

11 Current Challenges and Impacts
COPE - Commission on Privatization & Efficiency Equipment Corrosion Environmental Washing Equipment Oilboot cleaning Unsecured Funding Renewed Hiring Freeze threat New Employee Benefit Changes Insurance Retirement

12 New Technologies Automated Motor Pool

13 Solar Light Bars New Technologies
Equipment highlights and basic features include: 53” Argent Light bar with self-contained (14) Solaris LED light heads, four (4) solar panels, four (4) lithium-ion battery packs Labor to install or transfer to another vehicle less than one (1 ) hour Light bar operates from its own power. Lithium-ion batteries it can trickle charge the vehicle battery when fully charged Wireless six-button controller with multiple light patterns and rear arrow stick pattern A minimum of 12-hour continuous operation or 5 day/4-hour operation Three flash patterns (increasing speed)

14 Solar Light Bars (cont)
New Technologies Solar Light Bars (cont) Equipment highlights and basic features include: Low battery warning feature that gives the operator a visual warning the light bar batteries are below 15% charged (approximately two operating hour left) Emergency operation from vehicle cigarette outlet when emergency switch is on Automatic night power operation. Drops to SAE Class 2 light output for Mode 1 and 2 ROI is projected between 12 – 15 months depending upon fuel costs and actual use

15 Solar Light Bars (cont)
New Technologies Solar Light Bars (cont) This program was recently mentioned in AASHTO News For Immediate Release Contact: Tony Dorsey Monday, June 27, State DOTs Respond to Lean Times with Technology and Innovation (Washington DC) – The high cost of motor fuels, coupled with decreases in spending for all modes of transportation, is presenting significant challenges and opportunities for state departments of transportation across the country. “Many state departments of transportation are turning to technology and environmentally sensitive solutions to cut fuel consumption, improve efficiency, and save money,” said John Horsley, executive director of the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials. “State DOTs are facing some of the steepest revenue declines in decades. Without these innovative solutions, the impact on the condition and performance of our roads and bridges would be even greater.” State transportation departments in Arizona, Indiana, Kansas, Michigan, and New Hampshire offer some examples.

16 Solar Light Bars (cont)
New Technologies Solar Light Bars (cont) This program was recently mentioned in AASHTO News The Arizona Department of Transportation is testing a new solar-powered system to eliminate the need to keep its vehicles idling while parked near traffic. This new technology allows emergency lighting mounted on work trucks to remain illuminated even when the engine is turned off. “Exploring innovations like solar-powered safety lighting on construction vehicles taps one of Arizona’s best natural resources – abundant sunshine – and allows the department to reduce fuel and maintenance costs for these trucks,” said John Halikowski, ADOT director of the Arizona Department of Transportation. “This is an effort with environmental, cost-savings, and stewardship benefits. It demonstrates our efforts to find new solutions for age-old challenges.” Currently, ADOT construction staff is field testing 37 trucks equipped with the new solar technology. ADOT is also participating in a program to cut the department’s annual travel by 15 percent by encouraging employees to use technologies such as videoconferencing and by implementing alternative work schedules to cut the total number of days employees spend traveling to and from construction sites throughout the state.

17 Current Challenges and Impacts
MORE…… Current Challenges and Impacts ADOT Street-sign Warns of Rogue Panda FLAGSTAFF - Authorities in Flagstaff are assuring residents there are no rogue pandas roaming the city after some pranksters got creative with an electronic street sign. The Arizona Department of Transportation-controlled sign was set up to warn drivers not to make left turns at a busy intersection. But motorists heading to work Monday morning got an entirely different message: "Rogue panda on rampage." A passer-by reported the hacked sign to police at about 3 a.m. Monday. Transportation Department spokeswoman Mackenzie Nuno says the sign was restored to its original message by 11 a.m. She says the agency has no suspects, but she noted the hackers would have needed specialized equipment to change the sign's message. Flagstaff police Lt. Ken Koch tells the Arizona Daily Sun that citizens can rest assured there are no problems with rogue pandas in the city.

18 Fuel, Environmental, Training & Scales Management
56 fueling locations statewide 1,200+ customers / day Largest IGA is DPS 4.4 million gallons pumped annually 103 fuel storage tanks 700,000+ gallon capacity DSL 355,128 gallons UNL 367,447 gallons 722,575 total gallons

19 Cost Savings per Gallon ADOT vs. Retail
Fuel, Environmental, Training & Scales Management Cost Savings per Gallon ADOT vs. Retail Diesel (0.45) Unleaded (0.44) Diesel average savings $460,000 Unleaded average savings $520,000 Average Annualized Savings of $1,900,000

20 Fuel, Environmental, Training & Scales Management
Environmental Awareness & Technical Training Weekly Environmental test Green Shop Training Training on BMP ASE Certified Master Technician Auto Diesel Coordinate with 3rd party for training Technicians Needs Assessment training 100+ technicians

21 Enforcement Scales Management a successful partnership with MVD/ECD
Fuel, Environmental, Training & Scales Management Enforcement Scales Management a successful partnership with MVD/ECD 20 Ports of Entry 87 Scales 70 mobile enforcement scales

22 Fuel, Environment, Training & Scales Management
FY’11 Total Weighs 6,207,402 Issued Citations $2,053,990 12 Inbound Static Scales 5 Outbound Static Scales 5 Weigh in Motion Scales 17 Portable Enforcement Scales 48 Hand-held Enforcement Scales

23 Management Information Systems
What We Do Administer, maintain and test upgrades to our vendor-supplied Fleet and Fueling systems Application Development Maintain and coordinate use of systems in equipment in the field Vehicle diagnostic equipment Application Hosting – GAME, DEMA

24 Management Information Systems
Objectives Provide Equipment Services a competitive advantage through the use of information Deliver innovative solutions to improve productivity of personnel Provide world-class customer service Equipment Services Other ADOT Outside Agencies Modernize our infrastructure and applications

25 Management Information Systems
Major Initiatives Automated Motor Pool (AMP) Traffic Operations Signal Warehouse Multimodal Planning Division Credit Card Payment Bridge Thin Clients / Server-based computing Snow Readiness reporting Globe District snowplows AVL Systems


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