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Staff Beliefs Vista Grande High School Casa Grande, AZ.

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1 Staff Beliefs Vista Grande High School Casa Grande, AZ.

2 Beliefs Survey Positive Beliefs: Goal is 80-90% in the 4-5 Range Negative Beliefs: Goal is 80-90% in the 1-2 Range

3 Positive Beliefs: About Teaching Behavior I can prevent most behavior problems by posting expectations, teaching those expectations and rewarding students when they exhibit those expectations. 85% agreed with this statement

4 Positive Beliefs: Individualized Behavior Support If I use effective behavior support strategies at our school, I can get 80-90% of my students to achieve grade level behavioral expectations. The other 20% will likely need my careful attention to meet those behavioral expectations. 82% agreed with this statement.

5 Positive Beliefs: About LRE All students are entitled to our best problem solving efforts before alternative sites or more restrictive placements are considered. 100% agreed with this statement.

6 Positive Beliefs: Positive Interactions All my students are entitled to positive interactions with me, regardless of whether they have behavior problems or low achievement performance. 97% agreed with this statement.

7 Positive Beliefs: Positive Behavior Support Positive behavioral interventions and strategies produce lasting behavioral change; while aversive interventions or punishment does not produce the best results. 80% agreed with this statement.

8 Positive Beliefs: Teaching Behavior It is my responsibility to help my students learn to behave. 80% agreed with this statement.

9 Positive Beliefs: Office Discipline Suspension should be used as an intervention of last resort. 83% agreed with this statement.

10 Negative Beliefs: Relationships My students must respect me before I can show respect to them. 82% disagreed with this statement.

11 Negative Beliefs: Behavior Support and LRE If the student isn't succeeding, lack of motivation or laziness is likely to be the problem. Maybe they should be enrolled in other classes. 81% disagree with this statement.

12 Negative Beliefs: Positive Behavior Supports If a student has a behavior problem, I try punishment first before exploring other options. 84% disagree with this statement.

13 Negative Beliefs: Positive Supports If students behave they will academically and socially succeed, and they are entitled to my praise. I shouldn't praise students until they have succeeded in eliminating their behavior problem. 81% disagree witht his statement.

14 Negative Beliefs: Instruction and Positive Supports Only students with IEPs are entitled to differentiation of instruction or behavior support. 97% disagree with this statement.

15 Negative Belief: Fidelity If I implement only a few of the interventions from a team's recommended behavior plan, then I believe I am doing a good job of attempting to change the behavior. 80% disagree with this statement.

16 Positive Beliefs: Teaming I need the support of a team who helps me match my classroom environment and teaching methods to my current students so I can become even more effective. 65% agree with this statement (goal is 80-90%).

17 Positive Beliefs: Instructional Strategies Linked to Behavior How students perform behaviorally is directly related to the environmental structure I provide AND my instructional strategies. 75% agreed with this statement (goal is 80-90%).

18 Positive Beliefs: Fidelity When a team meets to identify behavior supports, I believe doing all the interventions exactly as described is important. 46% agree with this statement (goal is 80-90%).

19 Negative Beliefs: Teaching Behavior My main responsibility is to teach academics, not to teach how to behave. 56% disagree with this statement (goal is 80-90%).

20 Negative Beliefs: LRE If students can't or won't behave, we should provide other sites for those students as quickly as possible, such as expanding our opportunity or alternate schools for those that don't behave. 35% disagreed with this statement (goal 80-90%).

21 Negative Beliefs: Accountability for Problems Schools are responsible for academics; parents and the students themselves are responsible for their behaviors. 54% disagreed with this statement (goal 80-90%)

22 Negative Beliefs: Accountability Students should behave and study to learn the material. This is their responsibility, not mine. 46% disagreed with this statement (goal 80-90%)

23 Negative Beliefs: Office Discipline Office referral and suspension are effective at getting difficult students to behave better. 39% disagreed with this statement (80-90%)

24 Negative Beliefs: Individual Behavior Supports I do not have the time to implement individual behavior plans. All students should respond to my rules and procedures. 75% disagreed with this statement (goal 80-90%).

25 Negative Beliefs: Accountability The primary reason students misbehave in school is their lack of parental support. 39% disagreed with this statement (goal 80-90%)

26 Negative Belief: LRE Students with emotional and behavior disabilities should be educated outside of general education classes. 50% disagreed with this statement (80-90%).

27 Summaries Agreement 4-5 with Positive Belief (above 80%): 7 total above 80%, which is 65% of us. Disagreement 1-2 with Negative Belief (above 80%): 7 total above 80%, which is 47% of us.

28 Spartan Success Name: Date:____________ PeriodClass Stays on Task Not Disruptive Respectful Teacher Initials: Comments: 1/2 2 1 0 3/4 2 1 0 5/6 2 1 0 Acad.2 1 0 Total / 24/ 8 Please evaluate your student s progress for the day by circling one number in each category below Please note: 2 = Met goal 1 = Approaches goal (needs improvement) 0 = Goal not met Students comments: ______________________________________________ Parents comments: _______________________________________________

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