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Lesson 15 Presentation Programs.

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1 lesson 15 Presentation Programs

2 This lesson includes the following sections:
Presentation Program Basics Integrating Multiple Data Sources Presenting Slide Shows

3 Presentation Program Basics
Presentation Programs and Their Uses The Presentation Program's Interface Creating a Presentation Formatting Slides Special Features of Presentation Programs

4 Presentation Program Basics - Presentation Programs and Their Uses
Presentation programs are used to create slides–single-screen images that contain text, graphics, charts, and more. A collection of slides is called a presentation. A presentation program lets you create a set of slides and show (present) them to an audience.

5 Presentation Program Basics - The Presentation Program's Interface
Presentation programs provide many of the same editing and formatting tools found in word processors and other common applications.

6 Title bar Menu bar Tool bars Document area Drawing tools Status bar

7 Presentation Program Basics - Creating a Presentation
To create a presentation, you can select a predesigned template to create a common look for the slides. Individual slide elements appear inside text boxes and frames. You can easily add text or graphics to a box or frame, and move or resize it as needed. .

8 Presentation Program Basics - Formatting Slides
You can format a slide by choosing different: Fonts and font sizes Colors Backgrounds Borders To resize a frame or text box, click it, then drag one of its handles.

9 Gradient fill background

10 Presentation Program Basics - Special Features
Presentation programs provide several special features: Outlining—for contents, arrangement and order. Annotations—notes to individual slides. Animation—moving transitions to parts of a slide. Sound and video—audio or multimedia enhancement. Embedded objects—WWW links. HTML conversion—presentations on the Web.

11 Integrating Multiple Data Sources in a Presentation
You can add different media types, such as audio or video files, to a slide. If you present your slides from the PC's disk and have the appropriate output devices, you can present multimedia elements in a slide show.


13 Presenting Slide Shows
You can print slides and present them on a slide or overhead projector. You also can display slides directly from the PC's disk, with the following advantages: You can present them in any order you like. You can display slides on the PC's monitor, project them on a screen, or connect the PC to a TV or large monitor. You can move from slide to slide manually, or automate the presentation.

14 lesson 15 review Identify four interface elements found in most presentation programs. Describe the process of creating a presentation. Name three media sources that might be used in a multimedia presentation. List three ways that slides can be presented from a presentation program.

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