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Toward the Modern Consciousness

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1 Toward the Modern Consciousness

2 Modernity Rebellion against traditional

3 Literature Naturalist style Symbolist writers Realistic
Address social problems Henrik Ibsen and Emile Zola Symbolist writers External world = symbols of the human mind Not criticize or understand society


5 Painting Impressionism 1870s France
Reject traditional indoors  outside/nature Claude Monet Light, water, sky Pierre-Auguste Renoir Berthe Morisot

6 Monet Impression Sunrise

7 Pierre Auguste Renoir Porträt Claude Monet

8 Renoir The Theater Box

9 Renoir Dance in the City

10 Painting (con’t) Postimpressionism 1880s France Paul Cezanne
Vincent van Gogh Color and structure to express mood Paint feelings

11 Van Gogh Self Portrait with Straw Hat

12 Van Gogh Vase with 12 Sunflowers

13 Van Gogh, Starry Night

14 Van Gogh, The Church at Auvers-sur-Oise

15 Van Gogh, self portrait

16 Painting (con’t) Decline in realistic painting (1900s)
Photography (1830s) George Eastman—Kodak 1888 Individual expression Avoid “visual reality” Pablo Picasso (1905) Cubism Geometric designs Human form from many sides Einstein relativity

17 Picasso Portrait of Igor Stravinsky

18 Picasso, Dora Maar au Chat

19 Picasso, Massacre in Korea

20 Picasso, The Three Musicians

21 Picasso, Guernica

22 Painting (con’t) Abstract 1910 Wassily Kandinsky
Art should speak directly to soul Only line and color

23 Kandinsky, Munich-Schwabing with the Church of St. Ursula

24 Kandinsky, Landscape With Two Poplars

25 Kandinsky, Composition X

26 Architecture Functionalism Urban growth Louis H. Sullivan
Reinforced concrete, steel frames, electric elevators = skyscrapers Frank Lloyd Wright Geometric lines Overhanging roofs

27 Sullivan, Carson Prarie Scott Store (Chicago)

28 Sullivan, Prudential Building (NYC)

29 Wright, Nathan G. Moore House (Illinois)

30 Wright, Robbie House (University of Chicago)

31 Wright, Falling Water in West Orange (Pennsylvania)

32 Music Igor Stravinsky Expressive sounds Bold rhythms
The Rite of Spring Paris 1913 Near riot

33 Stravinsky

34 Stravinsky costume design for The Firebird

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