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St. Elizabeth Parish.

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1 St. Elizabeth Parish

2 St. Elisabeth Parish Fond Tortue, Haiti

3 Local shopping in Port-au-Prince

4 Homes are constructed with locally gathered materials wood, cinder blocks and stone with adobe walls and sheet metal roofs.

5 Bishop’s House in Miragoane

6 Local Floral

7 Two solar panels supply power to St. Elisabeth Rectory

8 Louis relaxing in the shade

9 Gates to the Church

10 View from the Rectory


12 St. Elisabeth

13 Parishioners of St. Elizabeth

14 After Mass

15 Celebration and Dancing after Mass

16 Parish Elders and Father Jean-Philippe

17 St. Elisabeth Parishioners

18 First Communicants

19 Livestock sharing the water source

20 Taking local produce to market

21 Road to St. Elisabeth

22 Deliveries come once a week

23 Laundry day down by the creek

24 Picking coconuts

25 St. Elisabeth Dispensary Four boys and two girls have been born in the dispensary.

26 The nurse examines a child

27 Outhouse for the clinic

28 Storage building at the dispensary

29 School Building at St. Elisabeth

30 Unfinished school building

31 Housing in Fond Tortue



34 Local Parish Family

35 Father Jean-Philippe

36 The Matthew 25 House is a house of hospitality for the Parish Twinning Program, Port-au-Prince

37 Please Give Generously!!!
Second collection during mass on the third Sunday of the month is designated for our sister parish in Haiti, St. Elisabeth. Please Give Generously!!!

38 Credits By Greg Titus Modified by Julian Lee-Sursin

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