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NASA, Space, and You.

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1 NASA, Space, and You

2 What’s in Space? The Universe contains Millions of Galaxies, containing millions of Stars, most of which have their own Solar System. Our Galaxy, The Milky Way Credit: NASA, R. Hurt, Glimpse Team

3 Our Solar System Can you name all 8 planets?

4 Our Solar System Solar System
Contains the Sun, Asteroids, the Eight Planets, and many moons Earth is 93 Million miles from the Sun!

5 What Is NASA? The National Aeronautics and Space Administration
Established July 29th 1958 Responsible for the Space Program and Aeronautical Research

6 The Apollo Program The Apollo mission was the first space program to leave Earth’s orbit. Apollo was the first to land humans on the Moon! The Apollo missions found the true origin of the moon. ( also didn’t find any man on the moon) These missions led to the Skylab program, the first program to experiment with prolonged human existence in space Credit: Earth and Space: Art, Architecture and Ritual

7 The Shuttle Program World’s first reusable spacecraft.
Launches like a rocket, orbits like a spaceship, and lands like an airplane. Over 600 crew members have flown on its missions for more than 20 years. Longest it has ever stayed in orbit: days. Shuttle Discovery carrying the Hubble Telescope Credit: NASA

8 The International Space Station
16 Different nations provide technical and logistical support. Upon completion the ISS will have a mass of almost 1,040,000 lbs and it will measure 356 feet across and 290 feet long Serves as an international hub for scientific research and discovery. Not actual size

9 The Constellation Program
The future of Space Exploration Will be capable of sending humans back to the Moon and beyond. First mission to the Moon will take place in 2018, will be the first since 1972!

10 Women in Space Sally Kristen Ride was the first American woman in space and has spent more than 343 hours orbiting Earth. Eileen Collins was the first female pilot of a Shuttle, first female commander of a Shuttle, and was part of the NASA return to flight mission.

11 Science, Math, and Technology in Space
Science and Math are the two most important academic backgrounds in the Space industry. Science and Math are used to develop new technologies that make our lives easier. The results of scientific and mathematical research exists all around you and is present in your every day life.

12 What Comes from NASA Research?
Transition Lenses Calculators Smoke Detectors Digital Watches Personal Computer Flat Panel Televisions

13 Careers in the Space Industry
Innovative and Creative people make the best astronauts. NASA employs Engineers, Doctors, Pilots, Geologists, Chemists, and Communications Experts just to name a few professions. If you love designing new things, discovering new technologies, or studying unknown phenomenon then you’re a good fit in the Space industry.

14 Rasc-al @Clarkson Our Project:
Lunar Outpost for Testing Sustainable Technologies Our outpost will be capable of keeping humans on the moon for years at a time. We plan on raising fish and growing plants on the Moon’s surface to find out if someday we can support a large colony of people on the moon. Our Goal: To one day make the Moon more fun to visit than Disney!

15 Questions?

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