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The Age of Napoleon 11-3.

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1 The Age of Napoleon 11-3

2 Early Life Born 1769 in Corsica (small island in Mediterranean)
Father = minor noble in Italy, but not rich Napoleon won a scholarship to a famous military school Lieutenant in French army Spoke w/ Italian accent Unpopular w/ fellow officers Read French Enlightenment philosophy Studied famous military campaigns

3 Military Successes Rose quickly through military
Age 24  Committee of Public Safety Brigadier general Won a series of battles Speed, surprise, decisive action Defeated armies of Papal States and Austria France controlled north Italy

4 Military Success (con’t)
During Italian campaigns Won devotion of troops W/ intelligence, his ease w/ words, supreme self-confidence 1797—Napoleon is a hero Given command of an army training to take Britain, but Napoleon knew they couldn’t do that. So, Napoleon decided to attack Egypt

5 Egypt Egypt—Brit colony on route to India. HUGE source of wealth for the Brits Brits—SEA POWER Controlled Mediterranean 1799—Brits defeated French navy trying to take Egypt Napoleon abandoned and went back to Paris

6 Consul and Emperor 1799—coup d'état overthrew Directory
New gov’t called the consulate “Republic” Absolute power Napoleon called first consul Appointed officials Controlled army Conducted foreign affairs Influenced legislature

7 Consul and Emperor (con’t)
1802—Named consul for life 1804—Crowned himself Emperor Napoleon I

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