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GCSE PE Year 10 The Participant as an Individual: Gender.

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1 GCSE PE Year 10 The Participant as an Individual: Gender

2 AIMS: Consider the differences that exist between males and females. Consider the physical, metabolic and hormonal differences that exist Consider the allowances that are made in view of these differences and because of the effects they can have.

3 KEY TERMS!! PHYSIQUE: The form, size and development of a persons body. METABOLIC: The whole range of biochemical processes that occur within us. POWER: The combination of speed and strength. MAXIMAL STRENGTH: The greatest amount of weight that can be lifted in one go

4 GENDER The particular sex of a participant is not something that is within their control, but it is a factor that has to be considered. It is not a sexist view to state that there are differences between males and females because this is a scientifically proven fact!!

5 PHYSICAL DIFFERENCES Body shape, size and physique are generally different in men and women. Women are smaller overall with a flatter, broader pelvis, smaller lungs and heart and a higher % of fat. This will also be affected by diet, which has an affect on metabolic rate. Because women have smaller hearts and lungs, they also have a lower O2-carrying capacity. Muscle strength and power can vary. In tests for maximal strength there was a difference of up to 40-50%, as women has less total muscle mass. Women are more flexible than males.

6 Rates of maturity differs. Girls mature faster than boys. Some competition can be fair. After age of 11 boys over take girls! Menstruation and hormone imbalance can disadvantage females if they are participating. Men tend to be less effected by chemical change.

7 The differences mentioned do not always mean that women are disadvantaged compared to men, as they are often able to compete on equal terms with men in many situations. Can you think of any of those situations?

8 EQUESTRIAN Equestrian events are one of the few events where women compete against men head to head and not in separate competitions.

9 There can be advantages, with less weight and greater flexibility in sports such as gymnastics. However, they may be seriously disadvantaged when it comes to competing in events dependant on strength and power. These differences are recognised and it is for this reason that competition between males and females is organised in single sexes at top level

10 PERCEIVED DIFFERENCES DISCRIMINATION!! – Women seen as the weaker sex and not allowed the same opportunities as men. They werent allowed to compete in distance races until the Olympics in 1960 – the 1500m was added in 1972. Traditional male sports – football!!!! Religion Historically there have been fewer opportunities for women!!

11 TASKS In groups of 3: 1.Write a list of why you think males and females should compete equally head to head in all sports. 2.Write a list of why you think males and females should not compete equally head to head 3.Class discussion with for and against equal opportunity in sport

12 HOMEWORK GET YOUR PLANNERS OUTS!!! Complete Sheet Due next WEEK!!!!!

13 FINALLY!!! From this lesson you should be: Able to identify some of the physiological differences between men and women and back this up with knowledge about why competition is usually single sexed.

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