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A Natural Production of Al Bustami Establishment.

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1 A Natural Production of Al Bustami Establishment

2 Claymix

3 Analysis AL2 O3 25% NA2O %0.27 SIO2 59.5 % CAO % 0.49 FE2O3 1.64 % MGO 0.11 % K2O 0.19% TIO2 1.7 % P2O5 0.1 % L.O.I %10.3

4 Characteristics: White greenish,odorless,free –flowing powder. Safe for use up to 2% on top of the feed as the certificate of FDA. Is very stable over a broad range of temperatures and PH – values. Has a low affinity for the vital elements in the feed (vitamins & minerals).

5 Benefits Pellet binder. Binds a wide range of mycotoxins. Anticaking agent. Growth,Productivity acceleration and FCR improvement. Eliminates the effect of mycotoxins on productivity, reproduction and animal health. Improves the absorption of dietary protein, energy and phosphate. Decreases the feed cost. Limits economical losses resulting from contaminated feed. Binds Ammonia in the intestines.

6 How Claymix works: It can absorb water to a greeter extent in intestine because it is a swelling clay. It rapidly swells open like a highly porous sponge. The feed in the intestine will be expanded and passed slowly so the ingredients will be highly absorbed. When it becomes hydrated in the intestine the electrical and molecular components of Claymix rapidly change and produce an electrical charge. Its highest power lies in the ability to absorb toxins impurities, heavy metals and other internal contaminates and eventually eliminated from the body.

7 Recommended Dosage: In feed Poultry5-10 kg/MT Dairy/beef5-10kg/MT Sheep5-10kg/MT Equine1-3kg/MT Fish2-5kg/MT

8 The Trial An experiment was made in one of the largest poultry farms in Jordan. In 2007 made comparison in using 10 kg/ton on top of the feed and control.Here are the results: AGE/ 714212834 Weight/ Gram Conversion ratio mortalit5 y Weight/ Gram Conversion ratio mortality 5 Weight / Gram Conversion ratio Mortality% Weight/ Gram Conversion ratio Mortality % Weight/ Gram Conversion ratio mortality % claymix 140 0.609 2.7 340 1.142 3.4 740 1.261 309 13721.565 5.2 1603 1.5807.4 control 137.5.596 2.5 330 1.185 3.5 730 1.308 5 13451.603 5.8 1565 1.6238.4

9 The Results of the Trial: The weight range of the broiler in the end of the experiment reached 1603 grams for broiler using Claymix while 1565 grams for control group. The conversion ratio was 1.580 while using Claymix and 1.623 in control. The mortality was 7.4% while using Claymix and 8.4 % in control. The cost of the feed using Claymix was less than the control. The moisture of the floor in the Claymix trial was less than 25% of control. The billet strength using Claymix was more than 5% of the control.

10 The effects of Anti-toxin binder on aflatoxin level in highly contaminated corn Aflatoxin (ppb) Control105.1±6.6 Commercial Toxin binder 1 99.2±2.7 Zeolite83.7±6.5 Claymix54.7±19.4 Commercial Toxin binder 2 94.9±5.6 Commercial Toxin binder 3 77.5±2.3

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