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Prepared by Basim Mohammad Faris

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1 Prepared by Basim Mohammad Faris
School Libraries Reform Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) for each library Prepared by Basim Mohammad Faris

2 Objectives Identify the current situation of school libraries
School Libraries Reform Big goals Introduce the new perspectives of library and information Science and the Academic institutions. Open-source Library Management System (OPALS): The benefits for end-users and librarians E-Library. The Future view of the academic libraries in Jordan Field

3 Current Situation of School Libraries
Severe shortage of information resources  Outdated Collections. Huge gap between the available information resources and the reading levels of students. No Catalogues, No Library Management System. Libraries without Information Literacy Program. Plagiarism from the Internet is the students’ research strategy.

4 School Libraries Reform Big Goals:
Classify holdings according to the DDC system. Weed the outdated books. Start delivering information instruction to students based on the available suitable holdings and the online resources. Automate library catalogues using OPALS Use the KWHL strategy as a guide tool on how to use the school library by teachers. Provide teacher librarians with outlines of the Training Program to qualify them to be librarians which we will use the distance learning system MOODLE in delivering this training through the following learning environment (

5 New Academic Library’s Perspective Library 2.0

6 Open-source Library Management System (OPALS):
Provide users with an interactive environment, where they can interact and manage library holdings through this web 2.0 applications and cutting-edge technology (Efficiently & Effectively) Enable library users to search their library and other UNRWA libraries through union catalogue remotely. Enable users to login by using their user names and passwords, to interact with holdings by submitting their comments. Provide Librarians with a strong circulation system, which enables them to manage the loans, renewals, returns, reserves, issue and send notices.

7 Open-source Library Management System (OPALS) - Continued
Provide libraries with an electronic tool to manage the textbooks.. Provide librarians with an electronic tool to manage library collection by cataloging library items according to the American Cataloging Rules and MARC21 format. Enable librarian to import MARC records from other libraries. Enable Librarians to manage E-Books, and other online materials. Enable teachers and librarians to work cooperatively to create and edit pathfinders and web links, which will let students have a meaningful learning experience.

8 Full Membership with ARUC
Arabic Union Catalogue. Import MARC records Cataloguing holding according to unfied standards in the Arab world

9 Future View of Academic Libraries
Establish Academic Libraries Association for UNRWA’s Department of Education. UNRWA’s Academic Libraries Union Interlibrary loan system. The 8 full time librarians Librarians write together the policies and procedures of the libraries. JointInformation literacy Program (ILP)

10 OPAC - Public Access Catalogue
Rye Neck OPAC screen… custom picture, links, “My File”, Search interface options, custom news/events/weblinks

11 Standard Search Standard search appears on every OPALS screen; Focus searches on any indexed field

12 OPAC Advanced Search Advanced search: Drop-down boxes to select fields, use Boolean operators between fields, use Boolean operators between keywords within fields (AND, OR, NOT), left & right truncation, embedded wildcard, federated searching of subscription and other databases (Web or Z39.50) Field selection pick-lists, keyword & Boolean search

13 OPAC – Search Results List
OPAC search results list, mark items for bibliography, sort call # - author – title, circ status, expand records Circ status, expand records, “Call#-Title-Author-Date” Sort, bibliographies

14 OPAC – Expanded Record OPAC Expanded Record: Hyperlinked series, subjects, authors, etc., media icons, mark for bibliography, navigate to next or previous expanded record or back to list, item status, authorized staff can click on barcode to view circ details & stats

15 OPAC – Display - Hyperlinks
Expanded record display: Hyperlinked fields, URI’s and links to descriptive information15

16 OPAC - Bibliographies Bibliographies: MLA, APA, List, Add descriptions, Print, Title, date, format options, add note, add/exclude summary, print,

17 Bibliography – Format Output
Print Preview / Summary Option Selected

18 Bibliography – Email Option

19 OPAC – My File – Display Login to check transactions, self-service reservations

20 OPAC New Items List OPAC – New Items List New acquisitions lists, sort call#, title author, date filter: 30, 60, 90 days

21 OPAC Weblinks Editor / Display
OPAC: Add favourite Weblinks Add, edit useful Weblinks: Directories, weather, local services, etc.

22 Weblinks List Editor Add Weblinks template: interest level, subject area, etc.

23 OPAC – News Editor / Display
Edit & Display News Events… includes expiry date for each news item. Edit & display local news & events

24 OPAC – Library Opening Hours

25 OPAC Library Schedule Edit opening hours & days closed

26 OPAC – Beginner’s Search
OPAC – Beginner’s Search – Click on icons, search keywords, author, title, subjects

27 OPAC – Beginners Search Scope
OPAC – Beginner’s Search… Icons scope to more detail

28 OPALS Circulation - Loans
OPALS – Loan transactions… scan barcode or partial entry of borrower name, and selection from pick-list Scan barcode, or enter name and select from pick-list

29 OPALS – Circ – Loans – Member Display
OPALS – Circ: Member display… scan item barcode, modify due date, renew-lost-return items here, identify items on reserve or held for borrower, view overdue items. Note that the catalog keyword search box access on all screens… top and bottom Scanned borrower transaction details – note item on hold

30 OPALS – Circulation Functions
Loans Returns Renewals Reserves & holds Status check In-Library Use Loan categories Borrower categories Overdue notices Overdue lists Reserve lists Loans lists Lost items lists Circulation statistics School / Calendar year

31 OPALS – Circ – Borrower Data
OPALS – Circ – Borrower data – Assign borrower rights… can be imported Data entry & rights assignment… Data can be imported

32 OPALS – Circ – Borrower Group Editor
Search, sort, users & groups to edit them, print lists & barcodes

33 OPALS – Circ – Borrower Data Import Utility
Map data, import records, overlay changed data

34 OPALS – Circ – Stats by Dewey
Select date range, reporting period, Call# group, borrower type

35 OPALS – Circ – Summary Stats
Circulation & database management summary statistics

36 OPALS – Circ – “Items on loan list”
Select date range & sort formula to create these reports

37 OPALS – Circ – Lost Items List
Similar report setup for reserved items & records deleted

38 OPALS – Cataloguing – 852 Subfield Search
Above search produces list below Sort, view, edit groups of records… click “titles” to edit records

39 Import MARC Bibliographic Records
Cataloguing – Z39.50 Import Import MARC Bibliographic Records

40 Z39.50 Server Configuration
Add any Z39.50 MARC database… Search & Import records

41 Display, Edit, Save Records

42 Edit 852 Local Holding Auto adds regional & building codes, Dewey numbers from MARC when present… edit single & auto add multiple barcodes and holdings.

43 Batch Import MARC Records
Upload vendor records, auto-add information to selected 852 subfield, set duplicate checking & merge strategies

44 Locate, Review, Merge Duplicate Records

45 MARC Editor - Templates
Pre-defined & definable templates for original MARC editing

46 Export selected or all XML-MARC records in MARC 21 format
MARC Record Export Export selected or all XML-MARC records in MARC 21 format

47 Item Acquisitions List & Utilities
Edit records, build/print new items list & label sets, delete, check/change status

48 Select, Print Label Sets

49 Item Type Parameters Set & modify item circulation limits

50 Item Type Reassignment Utility
Reassign groups of item circulation categories

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