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Organic Black Lentils l Vegan l Kosher No Dairy l No Gluten l No MSG l No Added Sugar.

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1 Organic Black Lentils l Vegan l Kosher No Dairy l No Gluten l No MSG l No Added Sugar

2 Ah!Zeefa® is the ready-to-eat lentil dip (or spread) made from simple, natural ingredients: Organic Black Lentils Olive Oil Lime Juice Peppers Onions Sea Salt

3 Ah!Zeefa ® is available in 7 delicious flavors: Hot MediumMild Garlic Curry No Salt AddedLow Fat

4 Ah!Zeefa ® is a premium product. Heres what you wont find in it: Added Water – many hummus makers add water to their product to bring down cost, diluting their product Lesser Oils – soybean oil, canola oil, vegetable oil… again, to cut costs (and corners) other manufacturers use cheaper oils in their dips. Berhanu uses only pure olive oil. Added Sugar – this flavor crutch is not needed in Ah!Zeefa; our simple, tasty ingredients stand on their own MSG – a widely-used flavor enhancer, to which many people are allergic, is no where to be found in Ah!Zeefa Gluten – another common allergen (found in wheat and other grains) is not used Cholesterol – enjoy Ah!Zeefa knowing it is a cholesterol free food

5 Many Different, Delicious Ways to Enjoy Ah!Zeefa ® Dip for vegetables and crackers Sandwich spread – instead of mayo! On tacos, gyros, rice cakes and much, much more! On baked potatoes, stuffed mushrooms, avocados, and cherry tomatoes On grilled cheese sandwiches On salads – just thin down Ah!Zeefa with lime juice and olive oil – a healthy replacement for heavy dressings! On pasta with vegetables – gives your dish a boost of protein without the meat With apple slices – surprisingly delicious!

6 Organic Black Lentils The main ingredient in Ah!Zeefa® is certified organic black lentils, sometimes referred to as Beluga lentils for their resemblance to the exclusive caviar. They are smaller than most other varieties of lentils and hold their shape better when cooked. The Palouse Region of Idaho and Washington state These special lentils are grown in regions of the world where nutrient rich volcanic soil and plentiful rainfall combine for the optimal environment. In North America it is the northwestern U.S. and southwestern Canada where these conditions abound.

7 Protein Iron Fiber Potassium Magnesium Phosphorus Calcium Selenium Zinc Lentils pack a powerful nutritional punch! Vitamin A Thiamine – B1 Riboflavin – B2 Niacin – B3 Vitamin B6 Vitamin C Vitamin E Folate Vitamin K Known as the poor mans meat because they contain high levels of protein and iron Black lentils have the added benefit of naturally occurring antioxidants in their skin, similar to those found in darker colored berries and grapes. Low Fat and Low Sodium

8 Company Overview Berhanu Enterprises, LLC St. Louis, MO Established 2006 by Sine Berhanu Minority/Woman Owned Business Backed by the St. Louis Economic Council Produces a range of Ethiopian dishes available in better food stores At Berhanu we create Ethiopian inspired foods that are delicious, healthy and made from quality ingredients. BERHANU - Sine Berhanu

9 Sine Berhanu, President and CEO Born and raised in Ethiopia Moved to U.S. in 1966 and to St. Louis in 1971 Opened St. Louis 1 st Ethiopian restaurant in 1980 Established Berhanu International to sell her lentil soup mixes, Lentils Divine, which were available in local St. Louis chains and independent health food stores - 1987 Retired from the food industry and taught art in public middle schools for six years Established Berhanu Enterprises, reintroduced Lentils Divine and introduced Ah!Zeefa Lentil Dip in 2006.

10 Many Reasons Why People Love Ah!Zeefa ® Rich Flavor Unique Item Quality Ingredients Health Benefits Many Varieties Many Ways to Enjoy Vegan Gluten Free Kosher No MSG No Added Sugar No Cholesterol

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