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Interviewing Etiquette. Do you want a job one day? js&feature=related

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1 Interviewing Etiquette

2 Do you want a job one day? js&feature=related js&feature=related us/career-cert-benefits.aspx us/career-cert-benefits.aspx

3 Objectives for this lesson: Determine Pre-interview courtesies. Discover the aspects of a good First Impression Discuss introductions Practice answering interview questions Determine Post-interview courtesies.

4 Pre-Interview Do your homework/research on the company. Prepare your questions. Make sure you know how to get to the interview location Coordinate your wardrobe. Look your best. Be 10 minutes early.

5 Why Prepare? Its a jungle out there….. Competition is strong, and the way we present ourselves is key to success!

6 First Impression The way you dress is the single biggest nonverbal communication you make about yourself. Your dress conveys success, trustworthiness, intelligence and suitability.

7 First Impression Grooming: 40% of unemployment is due to appearance: messy hair, dirty hair, body odor, dirty teeth, bad breath, dirty fingernails, too much make-up, unshaven, chipped polish, too much cologne, untrimmed nails, lipstick on teeth, gum, earrings, smoke smell, etc.

8 Dress Appearance - What is appropriate to wear?

9 Male Attire Suit/slacks Button down shirt Tie Dress Shoes Socks to match

10 Female Attire No distracting make up or jewelry Suit/slacks/dress/skirt Depends on the job Hosiery Dress shoes

11 During introductions and interview - Proper handshake - Posture - Eye contact, appropriate facial expressions - Tone and volume - Body Language (show interest!) - Confidence! Key Components

12 Communication Always use effective and professional communication Hey, how ya doin? Nah Im good. Well uhhh I like talking to people. Take it easy man.

13 Mastering the Handshake The Pull in The Two hands The Finger crush

14 The Dead fish The Finger tip The Bone crusher

15 Proper Handshake Can make or break you Shake hands at the beginning and end Thumb web to thumb web Apply equal amounts of motion and pressure Firm, but not bone-crushing Lasts about 3 seconds. Includes good eye contact with the other person

16 Show what you know With the person next to you… Construct a mock interview Practice answering common questions Use the key components Take turns being the interviewer and interviewee Can you master the handshake??

17 Post Interview Ask for their Business Card. Reflect on how your interview went. Write down important discussion points. Write a thank you letter. Follow up with phone call.

18 Summary Pre and post interview courtesies. Key components to introductions and interviewing Effectively give a proper handshake Knowledge of proper interview etiquette is essential for success.

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