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May 17, 2010 First known system of written law? Code of Hammurabi.

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1 May 17, 2010 First known system of written law? Code of Hammurabi

2 Current events

3 Ch. 15 Crossword Puzzle Bail Prohibitions Common Precedent Traditions Justinian Hammurabi Plaintiff Warrant Lawsuit Torts Defendant Jeopardy

4 Ch. 15 Anticipation Guide 1. The Justinian Code was updated by
A. Roman Law B. English Common Law C. Napoleon D. Louisiana

5 2. Most criminal trials in the USA involve
A. State laws B. Federal laws C. Civil laws D. Public laws

6 3. Good laws must A. Be based on ancient laws B. Be reasonable C. Be harsh D. Last for generations

7 4. In contrast with today’s laws, the code of Hammurabi
A. Was written by the people themselves B. Originated in England C. Was passed orally from one generation to the next D. Set harsh penalties for crimes

8 5. Jury members must be A. Impartial B. 30 years or older C. From a different area than the one in which the crime was committed D. Represented by a lawyer

9 6. When determining the amount of bail, the judge considers the seriousness of the case, the criminal record of the accused, and the ability of the accused to post bail. 7. A statute is a law written by the legislative branch of government. 8. The common law tradition of following precedents still survives in our U.S. courts. 9. The Title of Chapter 16 is Legal Rights and Responsibilities 10. The Code of Hammurabi is the first known system of written law.

10 10 = 3 bonus pts. 9 = 2 bonus pts. 8 = 1 bonus pt.

11 Guided Reading 15-1 1. What are four things that laws do?
They keep the peace and prevent violent acts, set punishments, include the administration of justice, and set rules for resolving disagreements. 2. What makes a law a good law? A good law must treat people equally, be reasonable, be understandable by ordinary people, and be enforceable by the government.

12 3. What is the name of the first system of written laws?
Code of Hammurabi 4. How did Roman law spread around the world? As Roman Empire grew, it brought Roman law with them when they took over Europe and parts of Africa and Asia. 5. What effect did French emperor Napoleon Bonaparte have on the Justinian Code He updated it and called it the Napoleonic Code

13 6. What was the most important source of American law?
English Law 7. What is common law? Law based on court decisions rather than on a legal code

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