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Choosing the Right Turf

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1 Choosing the Right Turf
Insert an appropriate graphic here. A WebQuest for 10th -12th grade (Landscaping and Turf Management) Designed by: Nick Eledge Introduction |Task | Process | Resources | Evaluation | Conclusion | Credits | Learning Objectives | Curriculum Standards

2 The Nashville Squirrels
Introduction Mayor Karl Dean of Nashville, TN has just called you for a once in a lifetime job interview. The city of Nashville is going to be the new home of a Major League Baseball Team, The Nashville Squirrels! Mayor Dean is looking for a grounds crew to manage the field and you're crew is about to interview for the job! The Nashville Squirrels Task | Process | Resources | Evaluation | Conclusion | Credits | Learning Objectives | Curriculum Standards

3 Task Prepare for the interview – Mayor Dean is looking for a crew that knows their grasses. Your crew must make a persuading case as to what the best turf will be for this new baseball stadium. Each of you will be assigned to a grounds crew consisting of 3 members. All of you are equal in your expertise in the field. In order to get the job you have to be knowledgeable of grasses and especially knowledgeable of the grass you believe is best. There are detailed instructions given to each group that will help you on your way (Webquest Student Notes). You will use the internet and personal experiences to make your case. You will interview for a minimum of 6 minutes and Mayor Dean will want to hear from all three members on the crew for an equal amount of time. Introduction | Process | Resources | Evaluation | Conclusion | Credits | Learning Objectives | Curriculum Standards

4 The Process Individual Fact Finding – The research for this project will provide you with the foundation for a great interview and a very persuading case. Each member of the grounds crew should research for themselves to get started. Below are some questions to help guide your search. What are you trying to find? What information will you need to get this job? What key terms will help you find what you are looking for when searching the web. Group Fact Finding Do you have enough information? What can you look for as a group that you might have missed? Fact Selection Compare notes to determine if your information is valid. Just because the internet said it doesn’t mean its true. Prepare For the Interview Gather all of you resources and compile them for in manner that will be useful during the interview. Introduction |Task | Resources | Evaluation | Conclusion | Credits | Learning Objectives | Curriculum Standards

5 Resources (Let’s Go!) There are many resources that are available on the internet. I have recommended the following links below. Remember that if you search yourself you should only be viewing material appropriate to the Webquest! To search for yourself – Introduction |Task | Process | Evaluation | Conclusion | Credits | Learning Objectives | Curriculum Standards

6 Sports Turf Manager for the Nashville Squirrels
Evaluation Rubric Web Quest Rubric Selecting Turf Homeowner 1 Owner of a Lawn Company 3 Sports Turf Manager for the Nashville Squirrels 5 Collaboration (How well did you work with your partner?) (See Student Note Behavior Checklist for Detailed Information.) Did not work together well at all on the project. There was no cooperation between partners. Got along well throughout the project but one student did most all of the work. All students equally participated and worked equally hard to finish the task. Analysis (How well did you investigate what issues you must consider when choosing the right grass.) Did not research much at all. Weeds are fine with you. Did not show an understanding of the importance of the proper grass selection. Researched some but did not choose the right grass for the job. In depth research and chose the right turf for the job. Organization of Materials Decide that your crew could just remember information. Did not record or organize any information. Organized and Prepared but just not quiet a professional. Organized and prepared with materials to help state your case. Oral Presentation and Persuasion Would not get in front of the class and present the material, or one person did all the talking. Got up in front of the class but mostly read their paper and did not persuade their audience. Presented their choice of turf with confidence and persuaded the audience why their turf was best. All members participated. Introduction |Task | Process | Resources | Conclusion | Credits | Learning Objectives | Curriculum Standards

7 Conclusion You have learned the importance of choosing the right grass by using technology as your resource for finding answers. You may never manage the grass at a professional baseball field, but the same principals apply to any situation where you want to establish grass. Homeowners waste thousands of dollars each year by planting the wrong grasses just because it is on the shelf at the garden center. They won’t get you because you know how to Choose the Right Turf! You also have prepared and spoken to a group of individuals to convince them of your position. Way To Go! Suggest related area/areas for additional research. A great experiment would be to buy samples of grass seed from different retail chains (Home Depot, Lowes, Wal-Mart) and test the different varieties to see which is the best. Introduction |Task | Process | Resources | Evaluation | Credits | Learning Objectives | Curriculum Standards

8 Credits List Web Resources here.
Introduction |Task | Process | Resources | Evaluation | Conclusion | Learning Objectives | Curriculum Standards

9 Learning Objectives This Webquest is designed for the 10th-12th grade turf and landscape student. Students are expected to display a positive working attitude to complete the task. Students are also expected to work with one another in a respectable manner, allowing for participation by all members. Students should feel free to ask questions and discuss different aspects of turf with the instructor and other students. This persuasion task mirrors real life scenarios that students will experience regardless of their career choice. To understand the appropriate behaviors view the checklist located in your student note handout. Students will use the L.C.H.S. computer lab to complete their Webquest. Students are responsible for complying with all school internet and computer use policies. No student should be using any computer other than the purpose of the assigned Webquest. Upon completion of the Webquest students will present their persuading case to their other classmates and instructor in the general education classroom. Students will have 2 class periods (240 minutes) to complete their Webquest assignment and 1 class period (120 minutes) for all groups to present their information. Day 1 - Students should do (step -1 individual fact finding) all their research and take notes. Students are expected to document each site that is visited and report their findings in the appropriate form provided for them. Day 2 - students should work with their group to determine the selection of material, if any additional material is needed, compile their material into an organized format, and assign what parts of the persuasion that each student will present. Day 3 - students will present their recommendation to the instructor and the other classmates. Students should expect to provide the class with a professional recommendation on the turf variety that they have chosen. Students should be prepared to ask and be asked any questions that are related to the content. Introduction |Task | Process | Resources | Evaluation | Conclusion | Credits | Curriculum Standards

10 Tennessee Curriculum Standards
Standard 6.0 – Investigate different aspects of management of turf grasses Competency – 6.2 – Evaluate different turf grasses as they are adapted to particular hardiness zones. Competency – 6.3 – Determine site selection and preparation for turf grass establishment Competency – 6.9 – Evaluate special needs in the management of residential, commercial, and sports turf Standard 2.0 – Analyze the meaning and purpose of landscaping, the skill required for construction and maintenance of a landscape. Assess interpersonal, business, and technical skills needed in landscaping Quit Introduction |Task | Process | Resources | Evaluation | Conclusion | Credits | Learning Objectives

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