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Small Woodland Management

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1 Small Woodland Management
By Angela Gupta, U of MN Extension Barb Spears, TWF Consulting, LLC Art Widerstrom, MN DNR

2 Resources Resource List
Both booklets are available for downloading on-line: Backyard Woods: Beyond the Suburbs:

3 Overview What is Small Woodland Management Your Goals
Assessing & Inventory Your Plan Management Options “Approximately 800,000 acres of non-industrial private forest (NIPF) land is in parcels of less than 20 acres – and the number of these smaller parcels is quickly growing.” (2001, Beyond the Suburbs) Larry Lefever/Grant Heilman Photography

4 Goal Setting This guys cute but I think the binoculars imply looking forward better… Can you get the other pic? Barb cute pic of boy and binoculars on pg 4 Get family involved, owners (parents?), kids, grandparents, anyone that will use, appreciate, and be involved with management. At the end of almost every chapter in the Backyard Woods book there’s a Family Activity for kids and family!!!! Discuss constraints (land/financial/family) anything that might impact your ability to manage the land. Use part of the worksheet in BS pg 9 as homework? In class worksheet? Dennis Haugen

5 Goal Setting General Guidelines to Consider: Encourage native species
Discourage invasive species Minimize runoff Avoid construction damage Remember your neighbors From Beyond the Suburbs, pg 9 Dennis Haugen

6 Goal Setting - Homework
Insert homework page for discussion…Barb you’re working on that right?

7 Connectivity Assessing & Inventory
Their property in the large landscape Working as a group ie: neighbors, home own associations, neighborhood associations, wood coops, etc… to work together and create more opportunities Photo: random MapQuest Arial photo of N. Rochester. Point – It’s easy to find on-line resources that show your property and can help you and your neighbors get a better idea of the RESOURCE as a whole, not just YOUR property. May open-up management options. Connectivity – Beyond the Suburbs, pg 4, “the extent and means by which various resources connect.” Examples: migratory songbirds & red-shoulder hawk

8 Assessing & Inventory USDA’s Plant Hardiness Zones
Photo by Landscape inventory: Soil test Vegetation, trees, flowers, plants Plant hardiness zone

9 Assessing & Inventory Must also get a good assessment of the vegetative cover. This to consider: Forest types – tree cover Water features/hydrology Wildlife needs – Food, shelter, water, space Special places, features that are important to you Access – roads, management, recreation, etc

10 Assessing & Inventory Special Forest Products
Bill Beatty, Wild and Natural Can you include the maple syrup picture from page 35? Something to diversify from mushrooms…

11 Your Plan Develop your own land management plan! Include: Your goals
Your inventory Your management objectives Make sure your plan is in writing! Review it at least every 10 years Include your family in your plan writing (goal setting, management activities, etc) Consider how the land will be passed on from generation to generation if that is a concern for you

12 Your Plan I’d like to put several images of these various plans. I realize they likely won’t look like much, just paper and words, but I’d like to stack them so folks realize there are some options. Do either of you have plan covers you can scan in? Examples of plan writing resources that might be available to these landowners: DNR Project Plan DNR Comprehensive Plan DNR Stewardship Plan (great than 20 acres) SWCD Plan NRCS EQUIP plan BW Ten-Year Activity Plan Covenant Farms

13 Develop a Plan I don’t know the plans well enough – but should we recommend one of the plans mentioned on the previous slide and talk about it in more detail? Or we could have a plan as an example and talk through it to review imporant sections…

14 Management Options Improving wildlife habitat and viewing

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