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Annual Meeting November 13,2012

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1 Annual Meeting November 13,2012

2 Tonight’s Agenda Introduce Steering Committee New Apparel
2013 Workout Schedule Sponsored Athlete Program Full Iron and Half Iron Teams Race Series & Race Captains Upcoming Social Events

3 2013 Steering Committee President: Mike Erstad
Membership: Meaghan Gilfeather Triathlon Club Manager: Mary Arnold Sponsored Athletes: Deb Meyer Apparel Director: Megan Clarke Social Director: Laura Moretti Race Director: Dan Schiemel Members at Large: Julie Golden

4 New Apparel Megan Clarke Champion Systems Get gear anytime
A cleaner design Can order hundreds of items

5 2013 Workout Schedule Mary Arnold 13+ workouts per week
New Schedule in December Workouts on UES and UWS

6 Sponsored Athlete Program
Application Opens Jan 1, 2013 12 to 15 will be selected Roster Announced Feb 1, 2013 Must attend SA training clinics Ready for Outdoor workouts SA Qualities Experienced Friendly Excited to help others 9W Ready Benefits Rewarding to help team Unique Apparel

7 Mentor/Mentee Program
Why be a Mentor Why be a Mentee Great way to meet members of the club Learn from athletes who have been in your shoes Give back to new members of the club by sharing race experiences and love of the sport Provide helpful insight to new triathletes

8 Full Iron Team Josh Gold Begins in December
Targets races in July and August of 2013 Special Workouts Training Camp

9 Half Iron Team Mike Galvan Begins in February
Detailed weekly training program 24 – 7 access to Coach Mike Galvan Special Workouts Triathlon Swim Skills Clinic Coached Long Rides

10 2013 Club Series Sprint Distance Olympic Distance Half / 70.3 Distance
Compete all summer long and snag great prizes! Points will be awarded for participation and placement. Sprint Distance LI-GoldCoast by TriOneOn Riverhead Rocks Mighty Montauk Tri Rock New York Olympic Distance Genesis Adventure Rev3 Quassy Aquaphor NYC Tri Might Montauk Half / 70.3 Distance Rev3 Quassy Half Toughman Tri

11 Contact Dan Schiemel for more details!
We need Race Captains Enthusiastic Helpful Leaders Organized Race Knowledge Contact Dan Schiemel for more details!

12 Upcoming Social Events
Annual Holiday Party – Dec 2012 AGTC Annual Awards Gala – February 2013 AGTC Kick Off End of Season Parties Happy Hours Post race celebrations (IM, NYC Tri etc…)

13 Any questions? Email or call 646-981-2272
Reach out to the Steering Committee at

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