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Search Engine Marketing May 2005

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1 Search Engine Marketing May 2005

2 :: today’s overview :: :Company Profile/Process Snapshot
:Market Research Insights with HitWise :Comprehensive Search Engine Marketing :Algorithmic Search :Discussion/ Next Steps Appendix: Search Market Opportunity and Growth

3 :: overview of 360i :: :Google Advertising Research Council (Beta Programs) (50 in US) :50+ Search Engine Marketing Agency, Since 1998 :Specialty Retail Practice & Partner :Speakers at Search Engine Strategies and AD TECH Conferences :Board Members, Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), SEMPO :Own Proprietary Bid Managements Software

4 :: success stories: partial client list ::

5 :: Full Service Search Marketing Services Overview ::
Our Full Circle Search® approach leads to improved integrated strategy and results through your one integrated search team.

6 :: 360i’s marketing campaign lifecycle ::

7 :: 360i account team + supporting resources ::
:Integrated Account Team “owns” the Campaign :: Senior Account Manager :: Media Manager :: Technical Manager :: Search Analyst :: Reporting Analyst :Account Team is supported by: :: VP Client Services :: Media Director :: Client Service Director :: Chief Technologist :: Chief Strategist :Tenure/Experience of Staff :: 360i staff assigned to the campaign have tenure, advanced technical abilities and extensive previous search experience. :: Prior retail experience - expedites results! :: No contractors – all in house staff

8 :: campaign strategy overview ::
:Strategy/Goal Assessment :Competitive Research :Hitwise (examples) :Algorithmic Search :Strategy :Execution :Measurement

9 :: 2005 Campaign Opportunities ::
There is an opportunity to dominate search through the integration of natural and paid search campaign. GOAL: Target online consumers with low-cost natural search strategies. Most companies default to the paid listings for traffic… Natural search will provide a large advantage when coupled with paid.

10 Algorithmic Search Captures First Look
“New EyeTracking Study verifies the importance of page position and rank in both Algorithmic and PPC search results for visibility and click through. Clicks happen pretty quickly. It just shows that search marketing is a real estate game. It’s all about location, location, location.” -

11 2005 Campaign Objectives Primary:
Capture large population of related searches Generate sales leads as measured by completion of online applications and/or direct contact Measure cost of traffic and conversions (sales leads) Secondary: Drive high volume of traffic to the site through search engines. Gain maximum search visibility as measured by rankings. Enhance reporting and analytics by tracking against key performance indicators.

12 2005 Algorithmic Search Strategy
General Challenges: Existing site is unfriendly to the search engines Limited content, poor use of URLs and general architecture does not comply with search optimization strategies Strengths to Leverage: Reasonable Google page rank showing maturity that can be leveraged Use of Landing Pages? General strategy would apply to existing site to take advantage of strong page rank New pages with content specific to each search phrase will be effective

13 Algorithmic Search Strategy
Content Use: Keyword Development Build keyword lists for new programs. Revise and expand keyword lists for current search programs. Creation of Content Pages Create new keyword-based glossary of Content pages that are conversion driven with unique content. Integrate key learnings from paid media performance. Internal Linking Develop internal linking strategy among all pages Link Appendix and Content pages from homepage.

14 Algorithmic Search Strategy
Site Optimization as applicable/possible: Site assessment and recommendations for improvements Revise title and meta tags to incorporate target keywords. Review site architecture for technical issues that could hinder spiderability. Submissions Submit site to major and mid-tier search engines and directories. External linking: Assess all opportunities to create valuable inbound links to the site Other Set performance benchmarks to measure progress (click, page views, site activity, etc.) Guidance of search friendly press releases

15 Process sample – use of content ::
Unique content that corresponds to the most important search phrases creates better ‘search visibility’ Content can be added To existing pages, or By using new pages (useful for database driven sites) New content page creation adheres to the following Site pages hosted off main domain with unique content that is useful to the user and to the search engine spiders Content pages create a ‘glossary’ section of material that augments the ‘footprint’ of the site and broadens visibility and relevance to key search phrases See examples…

16 Process sample – use of content ::
Typical retail site – lots of images, little text content

17 Process sample – use of content ::
360i’s creation of a new glossary section for categories of search phrases

18 Process sample – use of content ::
Individual content pages – note use of URL, unique offers, uniform site navigation…

19 2005 – Expect Change

20 :: Appendices :: --Search Opportunity --Reporting Overview

21 :: why search engine marketing? ::
“The secret of search marketing is that it delivers on the core goal of advertising. If you spend ad dollars, you should get back more customers, more revenue and more information. Search takes a step beyond brand or even direct response advertising and does what advertising is ultimately supposed to do: Find out where is the demand for a product or service and put a relevant message in front of that demand.” Tim Armstrong VP Advertising Sales, Google

22 :: internet dominates daytime reach ::
Exclusive Media Audience By Daypart At Work Users Marketing Opportunity Exclusive consumption is the ONLY media consumed within a particular daypart. The Internet is THE ONLY way to reach around a quarter of the At Work population during the day. The only means of reaching over 12 million of these highly desirable consumers during day light hours is by capturing their attention online. Source: OPA, Millward Brown Intelliquest Workplace Usage Study

23 :: 117 million consumers use search ::

24 :: search trend: older, affluent, and educated ::

25 :: relationship between research and purchase ::

26 Search Budgets are Growing…
Search works… Marketers are voting with their dollars Online Advertising Revenue, % by vehicle 1999 Banners and sponsorships comprise 83% of market , referrals, interstitials, slotting fees, other Today 40% Search 8% Rich media 17% Classifieds 9% Sponsorships 20% Banners Source: Interactive Advertising Bureau, PricewaterhouseCoopers (September 2004) Search is now the most dominant form of online advertising Emerging from nearly nothing just 5 years ago Sources – Advertising Revenue Report, PriceWaterhouseCoopers/Interactive Advertising Bureau / April 2004

27 :: users relying heavily on search to find sites ::

28 :: search increases importance based on yrs. online ::

29 :: active reach (%) market share – importance of big 4 ::

30 :: recent trend: integrated search marketing ::
Search Engine and Number of Listings Per Page Type of Placements Yahoo! AOL Google MSN # of Paid Advertisement Listings 13 5 10 8 # of Algorithmic Listings 15 Total Listings Per Page 23 20 16 % Paid Advertisements 56% 33% 50% 34% % Algorithmic 44% 66% 65%

31 :: multiple placements maximize results ::
Own More Shelf Space! - PPC AdWords (PPC) algorithmic SEO algorithmic SEO AdWords (PPC)

32 :: Competitive Research ::

33 :: competitive hitwise reports ::
Real time competitive intelligence 25 million Internet users (10MM in the US) the largest sample monitored every day 450,000+ online businesses 160+ industry categories Drive better business decisions

34 :: Office Depot – rank by visits ::

35 :: market share competition vs. industry average ::

36 :: clickstream - top 10 search engine referrers ::
Most of the traffic is driven by Yahoo! and Google….How does this compare to other competitors?

37 :: search engine referrers comparison data ::
The chart below indicates the percentage of traffic driven by search engines to each of the sites.

38 :: clickstream – industry report ::
Sites within the Shopping/Classifieds, Computers/Internet and Business/Finance deliver majority of the traffic to

39 :: industry comparison data ::
The chart below indicates the percentage of traffic driven by different industry categories to each of the sites.

40 :: clickstream top 20 competitive sites ::
The chart above indicates the top 5 sites visited before and after visiting This helps us understand the user behavior and the user tendency to shop and research for products on similar sites. Approximately 16% of the visitors tend to visit the two primary competitors of Office Depot after visiting

41 :: clickstream top 20 referring sites – Office Depot ::

42 :: clickstream top 20 referring sites – Staples ::

43 :: clickstream top 20 referring sites – OfficeMax ::

44 :: search terms suggestion tool ::
Search term phrases identify the most popular brands and types of products searched for successfully Here 269 different variations of Backpack were identified Use distribution data to select key types, brands and models of backpacks to include in your search marketing campaign

45 :: search terms report – Office Depot ::
Office Depot received 23.07% traffic from search engine related search terms. This was 1.47 above the industry average. Analyze most popular search terms within 160 industries Analyze most popular and successful keywords that drive traffic Analyze keywords that are generating traffic to competitor sites Site gets traffic mainly from “branded” terms and opportunity to optimize to non-branded terms and get qualified traffic to the site

46 :: search terms report – Staples ::

47 :: search terms report – OfficeMax ::

48 :: demographics – Office Depot ::

49 :: Site Side Tracking ::

50 :: ClickTracks – benefits ::
All search traffic managed in one tool One customized and detailed report for both SEO and PPC Critical information – this tool can track: Inbound referral information Where visitor goes on site How long they spend on average Revenue per visitor All data comparing algorithmic vs. Paid visitors Allows for quick optimization and learning ClientExpo Online archive for all reports and data. Showcasing the site’s current standings and rankings within the Top 4 Search Engines in relation to the targeted key-term list.

51 :: reporting at a glance - “Dashboard” ::

52 :: ClickTracks™ - id visitors on site ::

53 :: ClickTracks™ - path view ::
Traffic flow to and from each page Exit rate All divided by traffic/visitor category

54 :: ClickTracks™ - revenue measurement ::
Total revenue per phrase Revenue per visitor

55 :: ClickTracks™ - keyword performance ::
Keyword performance across multiple search engines (paid vs. non-paid) # of visitors % of visitors

56 :: ClickTracks™ - time on site – by type of visitor ::
Time on site, Short visits By category or site

57 Tracking & Reporting : Client Expo Reporting –Snapshot

58 Discussion/ Next Steps
Bryan Kujawski, Co-Founder, 360i Blake Roberts

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