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Ad Deconstruction.

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1 Ad Deconstruction

2 Testimonial Celebrity endorses product

3 Snob Appeal Consumer will join the ranks of the elite by using their product

4 Plain Folks Appeal Appeals to the average person
Opposite of Snob Appeal

5 Bandwagon Appeal Suggestion that “everyone” is doing it

6 Fear Appeal Exploitation of fears and insecurities

7 Sex Appeal Emphasis on model’s attractiveness

8 Science/Statistical Claim
Refers to some sort of scientific proof or experiment, or to an impressive mystery ingredient “Four out of five dentists choose Crest”

9 Leaves dishes virtually spotless
Weasel Words Claim Use of vague words to make the product seem better than it really is Virtually More Better Fights Up to Leaves dishes virtually spotless

10 Your Turn!

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