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ECO²? ECO² = The exponential benefits of economic development + ecological preservation.

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2 ECO²? ECO² = The exponential benefits of economic development + ecological preservation

3 ECO² Commissioners Trudy Rice, Chair Larry McElwain, Vice Chair Bruce Liese Rex Buchanan Bob Rhoton John Pendleton RoxAnne Miller Roger Boyd Past Members: Jim Roberts Mark Gonzales Leo Lauber Sandra Shaw

4 Community Participants Over 100 community members actively participated in the first phase of the process through the workgroups

5 Purpose Develop a long-term plan for the advancement of industrial/business parks and open space preservation in Douglas County

6 Primary Focus Areas Completion of a long term plan Process for implementation of the plan Consensus building to insure success

7 ECO² History 2000-Chamber of Commerce initiated 2002-Douglas County Commission 2003-Lawrence City Commission 2004-Community Work Groups 2005-Draft Plan Proposed 2006-Public Education and Outreach 2007-Adoption of Plan/Implementation of Plan

8 Guiding Principle Landowner participation in the industrial/business park and open space development programs will be voluntary.

9 Guiding Principle Partnerships with developers, land trusts, and other entities will be emphasized.

10 Guiding Principle Both open space preservation and industrial/business park development should be pursued concurrently and without favoring one over the other.

11 What are the basics of the plan? Evaluation criteria for business/industrial parks Evaluation criteria for open space Implementation process Public education and outreach plan Funding options Bylaws

12 Industrial/Business Site Evaluation Criteria…. Transportation access to interstate, U.S. or state highway or railway Sites larger than 100 useable acres located outside the 100 year floodplain Average slope of useable acres is less than 8% based on physical surveys and/or topographic maps Intent of landowners to voluntarily participate Preferred criteria……………………………………………….

13 Open Space Site Evaluation Criteria… Intent of landowners to voluntarily participate The land or conservation easement can be acquired with reasonable effort and cost in relation to value Must be eligible land under one of the open land categories Proposal promotes the overall goals and objectives of the ECO² Open Space Preservation Program. Preferred criteria……………………………………..

14 Implementation A flow chart demonstrates how a project would move through the selection process if public funds are involved

15 Public Education and Outreach Baldwin Eudora Lecompton Lawrence

16 Next Steps 2007 and Beyond Implementation of the ECO² Plan Funding Mechanisms Public Education and Outreach


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