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Play the slide show And be sure to look at all links (underlined text) as you go along.

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1 Play the slide show And be sure to look at all links (underlined text) as you go along.

2 Project Teaching Portfolio Instructions

3 Portfolio Log in, using the paper directions provided at your first class session Read through the To Do items & do steps 1-8, especially noting steps 4-8 To Do4-8 Use the tutorial videos - they re short and pretty clear Refer to the sample portfolio for additional infoportfolio Next

4 The name you give an artifact appears as its title in your portfolio on each new page Cover page - use a basic template and write a brief intro for the standard For papers Either cut and paste into a basic template [use the full text box] basic Or upload a.pdf fileupload For degrees - create a credential template for each degree you ve earned, listing degree, major & dates credential For test scores - use a basic template and report your passing and the name(s) of the Praxis test(s) you took Next Add your content

5 Repeat the previous steps for each assignment (remove the grading rubric!) or artifact! Next

6 Putting it together Select one of the standards in the right bar Make sure you re in the build screen build Open My content and drag the content artifact to the center column of the screenscreen Drop it in place Go on to the next standard Click the box to make your portfolio public!public Next

7 Finishing touches Use the tabs along the top of the page to personalize the format, if you wish Go to Accounts and add Margaret Foss ( and Karen Zenkowich ( as visitors Accounts Click on the email box. Invite Karen & me to look at your portfolio when it s done. [Be sure to add your name in the subject line].emailme

8 And you re done! you just need to do it!

9 Next

10 Standards... Be sure to set up your standards so that they look like this. (It s a drag and drop procedure) Next


12 Uploading a.pdf Next

13 Use a credential template for: Each college you ve graduated from Praxis reporting Name of college (or Praxis goes in QCL -then in the full text area, identify degree/major/minor/etc -for Praxis, list by name the tests you took and the dates, listing only passed after each ( one for which that s true! ) Next


15 NexNext Nex

16 Next Just fill in first and last names, with email addresses for the people you want to invite

17 Make sure you check the box by your portfolio, if you have not switched to public. NexNext

18 Add your name to the subject line, so I know whose efolio I will see! NexNext

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