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Chapter 18 Section 4 Suffrage at Last.

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1 Chapter 18 Section 4 Suffrage at Last

2 Civil Disobedience A nonviolent refusal to obey the law in order to change it

3 National American Woman Suffrage Association (NAWSA)
Organization formed in 1890 to continue the pursuit of women’s rights, especially the right to vote

4 Congressional Union Radical organization formed in 1913 and led by Alice Paul that campaigned for a constitutional amendment guaranteeing women’s suffrage

5 How did the NAWSA and the Congressional Union differ in their tactics?
The CU was aggressive and militant and wanted new state suffrage organizations The NAWSA opposed the CU, fearing the CU would alienate moderate supporters The NAWSA worked with old state organizations toward a federal suffrage amendment

6 Describe how Anthony and Stanton worked together to lead the suffrage movement.
They founded the American Equal Rights Association; published The Revolution; worked for a voting rights constitutional amendment; formed the NAWSA

7 Why was the suffrage movement in need of new leadership after the turn of the century?
Suffrage efforts were failing Stanton and Anthony died New momentum had to be created

8 How did the passage of the 19th Amendment come about?
Women in voluntary organizations and unions began to demand the right to vote They pressed for a constitutional amendment and for individual states to allow women to vote Ratification came in 1920

9 Why did the passage of the 19th Amendment take so long?
Widely help attitudes about the role of women Loss of momentum in the suffrage movement The amendment bill was stalled in Congress

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