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A member of Brief Introduction AD Europe. A Member of Introduction AD Europe Why AD Europe? Case Studies.

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1 a member of Brief Introduction AD Europe

2 A Member of Introduction AD Europe Why AD Europe? Case Studies

3 A Member of What is AD Europe? AD Europe is the internationally leading Global Online Marketing Network with more than 200 popular partner portals and national market leaders on all five continents Star Alliance of premium local websites – the leading destinations on the web With just one single local partner to contact you can reach more than 610 million unique users, which means actual potential customers and not just abstract page impressions! In Europe alone, its coverage reaches almost 70% of all internet users. In concrete terms, this is 230 million Europeans in 31 countries, which makes AD Europe the absolute No. 1 in Europe for you and your advertising goals - far ahead of MSN and Yahoo.

4 A Member of Our European partners Largest online publisher 1 st ISP and portal 1 st ISP and market leader 2 nd largest portal CountryPartnerMarket position PortugalTurkeyGreeceIrelandSwedenNorwayDenmarkRussiaFinland CzechCroatiaSlowakiaSloveniaHungary Ukraine BulgariaBosniaLatviaEstoniaLithuania And major players in 1 st ISP and 2 nd largest portal Largest online sales marketer and 2 nd largest portal 4 th portal 6 th ISP and 6 th largest portal 3 rd ISP and portal Market position Partner Country

5 A Member of Highest reach in Europe

6 A Member of AD Europe Global, your partner to advertise outside Europe South Africa USA Costa Rica Dominican Republic Ecuador El Salvador Guatemala México Nicaragua Panamá Puerto Rico Argentina Bolivia Brazil Chile Colombia Paraguay Perú Uruguay Venezuela 5 continents - 60 countries - 26 languages - 610 million users Australia India South Korea Japan China Canada

7 a member of Mobile Advertising with AD Europe Reach over 33 million mobile users worldwide We offer premium mobile portals in 15 countries Austria 4.3 million ad impressions Belgium 4.7 million ad impressions China 310 million ad impressions Denmark 12 million ad impressions Finland 1million ad impressions France 90 million ad impressions Germany 44.5 million ad impressions Netherlands 58.8 million ad impressions Norway 16.3million ad impressions Poland 5.5 million ad impressions Russia 40 million ad impressions Spain 10 million ad impressions Sweden 38.8 million ad impressions Switzerland 2 million ad impressions UK 195 million ad impressions

8 A Member of Introduction AD Europe Why AD Europe? Case Studies

9 A Member of Strong reach on special interests Movie channel* 0,50,20,13 3,23,05,3 0,43NA1,3 0,81NA0,95 0,7NA 7,7 Total 0,23 1,18 0,94 NA * Monthly unique users. Sources: DE: AGOF internet facts 2008-III, UK: comScore 09/08, FR, ES, IT: Nielsen Netview 09/2008, NA = Not Available 3,25,62,4 Motor channel* 0,441,00NA 0,480,682.4 0,660,762,9 0,140,250,9 0,190,13NA Total 0,46 0,68 3,1 0,1 NA 6,22,81,94,3 1,50,260,1 0,760,821,2 0,92,3 0,70,40,7 1,130,33NA Total 0,45 0,63 2,3 NA Sport channel* 4,32,75,33,4 0,440,46NA 0,21 2,3 0,610,045,46 0,290,080,5 0,290,09NA Total 0,51 0,43 0,33 NA Travel channel* 8,30,91,81,3 More reach with behavioural targeting example for Germany site sectionshow interest in* Sport 1.2 million UU4.5 million UU Motor2.4 million UU3.9 million UU Travel2.3 million UU5.8 million UU * through Run of Sites campaign targeted on specific behavioural interest

10 A Member of Guarantee of premium sites The majority of our partners are local ISPs or email specialists committed to providing quality contents and services Other partners are top media brands on/off-line with added value contents This ensures advertisers qualitative environments and full transparency on sites their ads are running on

11 A Member of Local know how & customers knowledge Europe is diverse and complex: –31+ different cultural backgrounds and languages –different attitudes, needs and communication styles AD Europe can handle bespoke research to measure your campaign brand effectiveness on different countries: –Pre/post methodology –Items measured: uplift in brand awarness/recognition, changes in claimed behaviour (recommendation, intent to purchase/trial, etc.) AD Europe partners are strongly connected to their national market and have local research at hand to help you make the best decision

12 A Member of Easy buying One face to the customer – Client has one point of contact with a local sales representative 48 hours response time commitment …resulting in higher cost efficiency and ease of campaign management process for the client! Together with our foreign counterparts we will put together the best proposal, taking into account both your needs and local conditions Agency/Client Brief Request Feedback Proposal local partner

13 A Member of Out of the box formats Covering all worldwide IAB standard formats and greatly performing individual online solutions such as Customised header Microsite Push down « Movie Trailer » format Roadblock Buster

14 A Member of Multi-platform advertising products banner text link video advertorial 11 countries - 11 million unique users - 157 million ad impressions

15 A Member of AD Europe USPs US Portals Int. Premium Networks Local Players Country Coverage Easy Buying Global Reach Content Integration Capabilities Int. Blind Networks Multi-Platform Advertising Products Special Interest Reach Homogenous Formats Premium Sites Local Know How User Knowledge & Profiling

16 A Member of Conclusion: What AD Europe can offer to advertisers? Highest reach in Europe with 230 million online users: ¾ of all European onliners In depth country coverage with strong position in each country: 14 European partners are No.1 local players Easy booking and campaign management process with 1 single point of contact in your country Individually customised mediaplanning including out of the box formats, special integrations and multi-platform advertising products (mobile, IP TV) Local consulting and know how to respect local habits

17 A Member of They trust us

18 A Member of Introduction AD Europe Why AD Europe? Case Studies

19 A Member of HSM3 movie release: branding campaign Campaign objective: Raise awareness for the High School Musical 3 release, among: –Girls aged 7 – 12 –Teenagers –Parents with children aged 5 - 18 AD Europes solution: –Branding formats to catch users attention (customized background, takeover, pushdown…) –Instant reach through HP placements –Movie affinity with entertainment section/targeted placements Key figures: –Period: 17/10 to 07/11/2008 –Countries: UK, FR, DE, ES, IT –98 000 visits generated

20 A Member of TurEspaña: branding campaign Campaign objective: Target various European travelers to come to Spain on their summer holidays. 3 communication axis: –Sunny Beaches –Nautical Destinations –Historic and Cultural Cities Key figures: –Period: April – July 2008 –14.000.000 ad impressions delivered –Countries: Germany Ireland Belgium Netherlands France

21 A Member of Turespana: branding campaign France - Formats: MPU and MPU+ layer Placement: HP & Travel Section Ad impressions: + 2.500.000 CTR: 0.30% Netherlands - Ilse Media Network Formats: Small Banner and Layer Placement: Feminine sites Ad impressions: + 300.000 CTR: 0.42% Belgium - Formats: Skyscraper Placement: Travel Section Ad impressions: + 1.500.000 CTR: 0.20% Germany - & Format: MaxiAd Placement: Logout Pages Impressions: 8.000.000 CTR: 0.80% Ireland - The Formats: Layer and Expand Placement: HP, Travel Section Impressions: + 2.000.000 CTR: 0.30%

22 A Member of Continental: sponsorship campaign Campaign objective: Promote Continental as the Official Sponsor of the UEFA EURO 2008 AD Europes solution: –Integrated Competition for EURO 2008 tickets –Campaign running in 5 European countries for 1 year

23 A Member of IP TV integrations Teaser and trailer Exclusive interviews with film director and crew TV interactive quiz available through the TV menu Interactive game Arthur movie release: 3 screen campaign (France) Dedicated web microsite Teaser, trailer, synopsis Exclusive video contents Exclusive interviews with film director and crew Exclusive « making of » Video-messaging service between film director and Oranges users Street marketing outside of 30 large cinema centers in Paris and around France Dedicated WAP microsite Editorial contents Videos Ringtones Music Download Java game

24 A Member of Contact us Eric Urdahl Head of International Business United Internet Media AG Ernst-Frey-Straße 10 76135 Karlsruhe Germany Tel.: +49 (0)721-91374-1765 Fax: +49 (0)721-91374-2751

25 A Member of Appendix : sources Europe AustriaÖWA plus 2008-IILithuaniaGemius Audience 10/2008 BelgiumMetriWeb Ranking CIM 09/2007NetherlandsSTIR 09/2008 BulgariaGemius Audience 10/2008NorwayTNS Metrix 10/2008 Czech RepublicNetmonitor 10/2008PolandPBI Gemius 08/2008 CroatiaGemius Audience 01/2008PortugalNetPanel Marktest 10/2008 DenmarkGemius 08/2008RomaniaSATI 09/2008 EstoniaGemius Audience 10/2008RussiaTNS Liveinternet 09/2008 FinlandTNS Gallup 10/2008SlovakiaAIM Monitor 09/2008 FranceNielsen Netview 09/2008SloveniaMOSS 04/2008 GermanyAGOF internet facts 2010-ISpainNielsen Netview 09/2008 GreeceInternal data 2008SwedenKIA-Index 10/2008 HungaryWeb Audit 09/2008SwitzerlandNielsen Netview 10/2008 IrelandNet Behaviour Report 2008TurkeyInternal data 2008 ItalyNielsen Netview 10/2008UkraineGemius Audience 09/2008 LatviaGemius Audience 10/2008United KingdomcomScore 09/2008 Rest of world AustraliaNielsen NetView 10/2008JapanNielsen NetRatings 08/2008 BrazilNielsen NetView 09/2008South KoreaKoreanclick 10/2008 ChinaCR Nielsen 09/2008South AfricaNielsen OPA 09/2008 IndiacomScore 08/2008

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