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Stress Management New Light on Dr. PRANAV PANDYA

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1 Stress Management New Light on Dr. PRANAV PANDYA
Head : All World Gayatri Pariwar Director : Brahamvarchas Research Institute, Chancellor : Dev Sanskriti University Shantikunj, Haridwar, Himalayas

2 Stress in the Corporate World
Why is it an important subject to talk about? – Stress is a major part of our lives – Stress in work place, reduces production, increases management pressure, affects the work performance, memory, concentration and learning. – Coping improves our overall lifestyle both at work and home

3 Stress in the Corporate World
According to the Occupational Safety and Health News and the National Council of Compensation Insurance: Stress is the cause of : – $30 billion in medical and disability payments – over $99 billion in productivity loss. – Keeps ~ one million people a day from going to work. – causes 1/3 of American workers to seriously consider quitting their jobs. – has been linked to the six leading causes of death: heart disease, cancer, lung ailments, accidents, cirrhosis of the liver and suicide.

4 You will learn: Coping with Stress: Seminar
– What is Stress and how does it originates – Types of Stress – Signal and Symptoms of stress – Stress Self Analysis – Strategies and practical tips to avoid stress – Living a more balanced lifestyle

5 Coping with Stress: Seminar
Emotionally disruptive or upsetting condition of the mind – external response Raises the level of adrenaline and corticosterone hormones in the body – High blood pressure, respiration, heart rate – Tense muscles – Digestive problems – Increased susceptibility to colds or flu – Emotional Problems

6 Stress “when the problems presented by everyday life exceed our resources for coping with them, we feel stressed”. Can also be generated from within by hopes, fears, expectations and beliefs

7 Complete Freedom from Stress is : DEATH
Is natural but becomes a problem only when it exceeds the individual’s capacity to cope. Stress is important to the very survival of the individual. Complete Freedom from Stress is : DEATH

8 How Stress Originates …
Body (Branches) Mind (Trunk) Moral Values (Root)

9 Types of Stress Constructive Stress and Destructive Stress
Short Term (Acute) and Long Term (Chronic)


11 Improperly coped stress Leading to Catastrophes

12 Involves integrated activity of :
Cortex , Hypothalamus, ANS, Neuromuscular and Hormonal system.

13 Role of Neurotransmitters
Imbalances in brain chemistry, particularly neurotransmitter levels, have a large range of effects on: emotions, behavior, and brain circulation Serotonin and Nor epinephrine

14 causes a reaction within the nervous system :
Stress hormone Cortisol is overproduced

15 Effect of Stress Hormones
weakening and decreasing the production of the calming hormones melatonin and serotonin.

16 The Pituitary-Adernal Axis

17 Latest Research on Stress
Stress hormones may actually damage the brain when stress is sustained, due to production of free radicals.

18 Oxidative Stress Toxins and free radicals kill cells in every organ of the body. Organs that suffer the most initial cell damage are the brain, liver, pancreas, adrenals, stomach and GI tract.

19 Vitamins of the Air? Generally speaking, negative ions increase the flow of oxygen to the brain; resulting in higher alertness, decreased drowsiness, and more mental energy," says Pierce J. Howard, PhD

20 Burn Out Stress Syndrome (BOSS)
A Debilitating Psychological Condition Brought About By Unrelieved Work Stress FIVE STAGES OF BOSS 1. Honeymoon 2. Fuel Shortage 3. Chronic Symptoms 4. Crisis 5. Losing the Marathon

21 Burn Out Stress Syndrome (BOSS)
1. Honeymoon : Initial euphoria, habits are spoiled. 2. Fuel Shortage: Depletion of energy, Fatigue, Insomnia, Escape activities. 3. Chronic Symptoms: More fatigue, Aailments like IHD, Irritable bowel, Myalgia, Bronchial asthma, Peptic ulcer & Depression.

22 Burn Out Stress Syndrome (BOSS)
4. Crisis: Pessimistic outlook, Enhanced anxiety, Doubts about own capabilities, Escape mentality - Tension headache, Chronic backache, Hypertension, Sleep disturbances. 5. Hitting The Wall: Losing The Marathon. Collapse.

23 Stress Signals Early Symptoms Nervous Reflexes Illnesses
Stomach upsets Biting nails Asthma Headaches Clenching fist Migraine Rashes Grinding teeth Digestive disorders Backpain Picking at skin Skin disorders Insomnia Hunching shoulders Sexual disorders

24 Signals of Stress MOOD SIGNALS • Anxiety • Depression • Frustration
• Habitual Anger or Hostility • Helplessness • Hopelessness • Irritability • Restlessness

25 Signals of Stress BEHAVIOURAL SIGNS • Aggression • Disturbed Sleep • Emotional Out Bursts • Leaving Jobs Undone • Over Reactive

26 Psycho Neuro Immunology, PNI
Psyche affects neuronal system which in turn influences immune system. Immunity goes down, hence one succumbs to illness, due to stress

27 Evaluate your level of stress
Self Analysis on Stress Evaluate your level of stress – Volunteers and Self analysis Worksheet – Identify the sources of stress – Identify the responses to these stresses: • Physical • Mental •Emotional • Social

28 Responding to Stress Signals
General Tips • Take prescribed medication as directed by your health care professional. • Get enough sleep and rest • Drink enough water • Avoid smoking or relying on alcohol or drugs to feel better • Build a support system – People who listen – Journal to Express yourself. – Think and speak positively – Keep your sense of humour.

29 Stress Proofing Your Lifestyle
• Change in dietary pattern: Tryptophan Rich Food, Vegetarian Diet • Subtler exercises - ASANS (Postures) & PRAGYA YOG • Breathing Exercises PRANAYAM • Proper reading habits / Self- Introspection • Proper meditation upon flame, ocean, colors, ragas • Music Therapy - “Mantra Chikitsa” • Avoid isolation, become part of society and devote time for social & selfless service .

30 Tool and Techniques • Pranayam (Prana and Qi) –Breathe • Meditation
Awaken Inner Strength and Reduce Stress • Pranayam (Prana and Qi) –Breathe • Meditation • Exercise (Yoga)

31 Pranayam: Breathing exercise
Importance of Breath Key Factor in determining lifespan Can regulate balance between both hemispheres of the brain Proper Oxygenation of the blood

32 Importance of Breathing -1
Long Life As per Scientist Jacktluva, the more an organism breathes per minute, the shorter the lifespan. Lives Breaths per Minute Lifespan (years) Pigeon Dog Horse Elephant Human Being Snake Turtle

33 Importance of Breathing -2
Balance between the right and left hemispheres in the brain. • Left Nostril is connected with the Right Brain (Creativity, Emotions) • Right Nostril is connected with the Left Brain (Logical, Critical Reasoning) • Balanced breath nourishes both sides of the brain • An imbalance typically takes away from optimal functioning of the brain

34 Importance of Breathing -3
Oxygenation Oxygen Deficiency and Disease “The link between insufficient oxygen and disease has now been firmly established.” Dr. W, Spencer Way, Journal of the American Association of Physicians “Cancer has only one prime cause. It is the replacement of normal oxygen in the body’s cells by cell respiration (i.e., oxygen deficient).” Dr. Otto Warburg, Two-time Nobel Laureate Winner of the Nobel Prize for Cancer Research

35 Practical Tips – Pranayam
Relaxation Breathing Exercise “SoHum” Technique: Demonstration • The sound of breath is similar to that of So-Hum, ‘Soo’ on the inhale, and ‘Humm’ on the exhale. Benefits of this breathing technique: • Slows down the breath • Removes negative or unnecessary chatter in the mind • Relaxes any nervous energy

36 Practical Tips – Pranayam
Calming the mind “OM” Breathing Exercise: Demonstration Benefits of this technique: • Quiets and calms the mind • Develops the ability to concentrate and focus • Drives energy to the body as well as the mind (removes sluggishness)

37 Importance of Yoga A system for healthy living through body and
breath movement According to Medical studies on yoga practice: – JAMA Lifestyle Heart Trial - “ [yoga] may lead to regression of coronary atherosclerosis” (Ornish). –Beneficial in alleviating the symptoms of, or reducing the risk factors for arthritis, asthma, carpal tunnel syndrome, and heart disease (Lipson).

38 Practical Tips Yoga to rejuvenate the face. (Demonstration)
• Circulation of blood throughout the head and face Benefits of this technique: Relieve tension in the face Increases Alertness

39 Yoga stretches for Arms and Hands
Practical Tips Yoga stretches for Arms and Hands Benefits of this technique: • Relieves tension and stress in fingers • Alleviates muscles in the hands from keyboard usage

40 Yoga stretches for Upper and Lower back
Practical Tips Yoga stretches for Upper and Lower back Benefits of this technique: • Provides comfort from sitting for long hours • Relaxes back muscles and provides increased circulation

41 Stress & Meditation One of the Major causes of Stress is : incoherency of thoughts mainly due to lack of noble aims and ideals in life Meditation takes us on an inward journey that bridge the gap between thoughts and Establishes a conscious contact with the creative energy of life itself.

42 Reversal of stress through Meditation
During meditation, the body gains a state of profound rest. At the same time, the brain and mind become more alert, indicating a state of restful alertness

43 Scientific Research Meditation creates a unique hypo metabolic state, in which the metabolism is in an even deeper state of rest than during sleep. During sleep, oxygen consumption drops by 8 percent, but during meditation, it drops by 10 to 20 percent. Meditation is the only activity that reduces blood lactate, a marker of stress and anxiety.

44 Meditation Meditation brings together all the energies of the mind and focuses them on a chosen point: Streams of thought, Deity, Flame, Fragrance

45 Achievements of Meditation
1• Enhanced memory 2• Muscular relaxation 3• Mental equipoise 4• Inner calmness 5• Increased awareness 6• Cheerfulness all the time 7• Disappearance of jealousy – lust and other vices 8• Behavioural modification 9• A cleanser of our mental garbage. It gives relief from mental constipation.

46 How to Meditate • Sit in a comfortable position.
• Classic posture is cross-legged on floor (sukhasana) or a big chair with soft cushion. • Straighten your spine. • Breathe deeply through your nose. • Inhale to fill up lungs and then exhale slowly to expel all the air, observing breath all the time.

47 How to Meditate Select something to focus upon: * Rising Sun
• A candle flame • Himalayas or ocean *Focus on your breath by counting each inhalation and exhalation.

48 Gayatri Mantra According to the science of acoustics, the patterns of sound waves produced by each of the twenty-four letters of the Gayatri Mantra are very special and their combined effect is a source of immense energy.

49 Gayatri Mantra The nerves connected with the components of vocal cord, tongue, palate and fingers used in the recitation of Mantra have more than 60 % representation in the cerebral cortex. The bioelectrical currents generated by the excitation of the nerve cells complete one “neuronal cycle” per recitation and activate the brain with fresh energy.

50 Four catagories of brain wave pattern

51 Four catagories of brain wave pattern

52 A Balance Life Vital Health, Peace of Mind, and
A Harmonious Work and Family Environment. Is it possible? – The answer: A resounding YES! • HOW? • Balance of Mind, Body and Spirit

53 Achievement of this Balance -1
Evaluate your Lifestyle: • Behavior and Lifestyle choices greatly affect whether your life is balanced. Examine your beliefs – • This will reduce conflict between the life you believe you live and the life you really live

54 Achievement of this Balance -2
Manage your time • Prioritize your time. • Tackle procrastination – short term deadlines, breaking large projects into smaller ones, use a planner, realistic goals. • Only commit to what you can handle.

55 Achievement of this Balance -3
Maintain Vital Health – Nutrition – Calories and Diet – Tryptophan-rich foods

56 Balanced Diet • New salad combinations • Fruit nuts and raw vegetables
• Raw or steamed/boiled vegetables • Fiber rich diets • Whole wheat flour • Boiled rice • Beans and pulses • Potatoes with skin • Fruits as alternatives to pies • Sprouted Pulses /wheat grass

57 Living with Healthy Diet
“Anno Vaih Manah”- Rigveda ( What we eat, makes our mind) Man being herbivorous, vegetarianism leads to right growth with no chances of any disorders

58 Achievement of this Balance -4
Be a Daily Visionary Visualize your goals daily – Take 5-10 minutes to create a mental picture of your goals, aspirations and how you would like you life to be . – Visualizations begin to put the notion into action.

59 Achievement of this Balance -5
Live in the Present Moment and Remove fear! – Practice the power of the present. – Being fully in the present will focus your energy at the task in hand. Develop confidence and live with integrity – Your Attitude – how you think, feel and act reflects how you feel about yourself.

60 Start Taking Charge Today
We hope that by the end of this seminar you will have learned: • How to recognize your stress signals and symptoms • How to use practical tools and techniques at home and at work to relieve stress • Practical tips to improve your overall lifestyle • Stress Log: Assess you levels of stress monthly and try use these techniques and tips to help you relieve stress.

61 An Institute dedicated for Inter-communion of Science and Spirituality
Brahmavarchas Research Institute An Institute dedicated for Inter-communion of Science and Spirituality

62 Dev Sanskriti Vishwavidhyalaya

63 All are invited to visit this serene and vibrant center of moral and spiritual awakening

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