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3 This is an average well used range ball. You made the right choice to save them. We now have the technology to refinish them.

4 Thats right, and refinish them with the same coatings we use to manufacture new golf balls. we can take your old range balls Click to Continue

5 We have been manufacturing Quality Golf Balls, Colored Balls and Range Balls for over 20 years. Refinishing Customers used balls is one of the many services we provide, saving them thousands, and helping them get the most out of each ball. We are pleased to announce that we now offer this refinishing service to New Customers as well. Its an easy 3 step process. Click to Continue

6 1. You send the balls to us. (We pay the freight in) 2. We refinish the balls for you. 3. We send them back to you. (and you save) Its as easy as 1- 2- 3 This is a brief description of how its done. (And the best part is) You have complete control of the ball design. We can customize the printing to meet your needs Logo-Stripes-Text-Color- Any combination Click to Continue

7 First we clean the balls

8 Then we remove the top coat.

9 Then we Polish the surface.

10 Then we apply a brilliant white base coat. This thin epoxy surface adds years of life.

11 Then we professionally re-print the stripes, text, and logos to order. This step allows you to create a new look.

12 Then we re-apply the Clear Top coat. This gives the ball lasting durability. It protects the printing, and helps keep the balls clean and stain free.

13 BeforeAfter

14 (compared to) The cost of New Range Balls* $4.25 a Doz. The cost to Refinish your Balls only $2.75 a Doz. This could save you is $1.50 a Doz. This Refinishing Process will save you 35% Larger Ranges can save thousands each year! This Refinishing Process can be done more than once depending on the original ball condition. SAVE * (Average 2-piece range ball price may vary, your savings could be even more) Click to Continue 250 Doz. 500 Doz. 750 Doz. 1000 Doz. $375. 00$750. 00$1,125. 00$1,500. 00

15 There are many advantages to Refinishing We can also manufacture new range balls to match, giving you a clean uniform mix. Using your old balls is Ecologically sound helping save the planets resources one golf ball at a time You can save 35% on replacement costs In some cases you can get a cash for your cut and worn out golf balls that can no longer be refinished. (depending on ball type and condition) 1. 2. 3. 4.

16 Here is how to order You can Contact customer Service at: 1-800-473-7432 1. Or you can order Online at: 2. You can E-mail Sales directly: at 3. Click to Replay

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