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LEVEL 2 HISTORY. AS 2.5 EXCELLENCE ONLY Comprehensively and accurately explain cause(s) and/or consequence(s) of action(s) and/or event(s) related to.

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2 AS 2.5 EXCELLENCE ONLY Comprehensively and accurately explain cause(s) and/or consequence(s) of action(s) and/or event(s) related to a force or movement in an historical setting Comprehensively explain the influence on peoples lives of the force or movement in the historical setting. Structure and organise information and ideas in an appropriate and effective essay format.

3 Examples of movements include: suffrage, temperance, Mau in Western Samoa, Muslim League, Viet Minh, Gandhis Satyagraha, Sons of Liberty, Kingitanga, Kohanganui, Kotahitanga, McCarthyism, pan slav movement, Young Italy. Examples of historical forces include: nationalism, imperialism, liberalism, colonisation, conservatism, religion, socialism, communism, feminism, totalitarianism, fascism, democracy, racism, industrialisation, revolution, war, authoritarianism, colonialism, sovereignty, tino rangatiratanga, enfranchisement.

4 The historical setting establishes the people(s), place(s) and period. Essay format requires: introduction, body, conclusion the use of structured paragraphs (paragraphs contain a generalisation and supporting evidence) a logical sequence of paragraphs, eg chronological, thematic, order of importance, developing argument, etc.

5 AS 2.5 Essay on a force or a movement Force = Movement = Watch for a reversal of the order in the question event – force or force – event Address relationship(s) for excellence eg impact of the force on people but be prepared for the people to be ordinary Give plenty of practice in structure and content

6 AS2.5 has two parts eg 1.Events – Background – outcomes 2.Force/Movement influence on people Break down questions and set up structure of essay. Define the question carefully, structure carefully, prioritise evidence Leave out historiography Make your choice of force/movement and write it on exam papers question to stay focused Break AS2.5 down into two parts. Emphasize clear structure in the writing Be specific about what you are talking about. KEY POINTS RE AS 2.5

7 Learn more about the effects of the force or movement on people. Read widely or access the web for these effects. Texts are not good enough. Look at the standard alongside the question. You will need to manipulate the people part of the criteria to focus on what ever hook is being asked eg ordinary people Take care with the Event/force if that is the hook. Make sure that students use the stem …… the outcomes of ….. were…. Causes, Event, Consequence seems to be what the essay is about. Sum up topic by reviewing iconic events with students. For conclusions, practise what is the most important aspect/influence and emphasize this. Topic choice is very important.

8 Question could involve actions as well as events. Could be a number of events that is asked for. Teaching programmes could change to teaching: FORCE/MOVEMENT + EVENTS ACROSS TOPICS GROUPS ACROSS TOPICS INDIVIDUALS ACROSS TOPICS The descriptors comprehensive can be used to refer to what has been omitted from a students answer. Focus on analytical skills – particularly for the second part. Use the replacement system ie replace the generic words with words from the topic selected. Practise this in class. Teach students to (structurally) write one specific paragraph that explains the force/movement and can then be used as a reference point for the impact, outcome on people component. Use sentence stems and complete the paragraph for homework exercises

9 AS 2.6 Examine individual or group identity in an historical setting, in an essay Explain a range of factors that have contributed to the formation of an individual or group identity in an historical setting. Convincingly explain ways individual(s) or group(s) identity has been expressed and/or asserted in an historical setting. Provide a comprehensive coverage of the topic that demonstrates a full understanding of the scope and focus of the essay. Structure and organise information and ideas in an effective essay format. Establish a coherent argument supported by relevant evidence. Demonstrate a clear understanding of historical relationships.

10 AS 2.6 Essay on an individual or group Watch for fishhooks in the question e.g death of 2 or more people, injustice, external influences Give practice in class

11 Some strategies to help prepare for AS 2.6 and AS2.5 Students need to know the content of the topic that they are going to prepare for both essays, therefore the first requirement is strategies to help them remember the content 100 Questions and Answers This strategy was developed by an ex-student of mine at Avondale College and involves breaking the whole of the topic into Qs and As, in order to make this a more focused activity. I am suggesting that students devise a KEY to Attach to each of the questions so that they can see Where each question fits into the requirements of the standard.


13 INDIVIDUAL/PAIR ACTIVITIES Learn and test yourself using the short answer questions and put the KEY alongside each Check your KEY with your teacher or a friend. Ask a friend to help you to put the questions on to audio- tape. Include on tape the discussion of the key.

14 GROUP ACTIVITIES Divide class into groups of 4 Give all groups the same question from the list of possible essay questions Number group members 1, 2, 3, 4 Give each member of the group one aspect of the standard to unpack eg 1.CHARACTERISTICS OF FORCE/MOVEMENT 2.CAUSES AND CONSEQUENCES of EVENTS/ACTIONS 3.CONTENT BRAINSTORM 4.RELATIONSHIPS Report back

15 PRACTICE IN CLASS There will be an AS2.5 or AS2.6 test where you give the students 3 questions from the list of possible questions and say that you will choose one of the 3 for an in-class test on a day later in the week. They are able to nominate On the day, choose one of the questions suggesting ths

16 VISUAL TESTING Create a Powerpoint that highlights important characteristics of AS2.5 or AS2.6 Print the slides and give each pair or group one slide They must describe and relate the slide to the class As a class use the slides to construct an essay using one of the possible questions

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