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Commercialization as Part of Mission Statement of UT System institutions & Recent Initiatives Bryan Allinson, Executive Director of Technology Commercialization.

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1 Commercialization as Part of Mission Statement of UT System institutions & Recent Initiatives Bryan Allinson, Executive Director of Technology Commercialization University of Texas System March 2013

2 Profile of the University of Texas System 2

3 Second largest university system in U. S. 3 Source: Preliminary AUTM STATT, THECB

4 4

5 5 Steady growth in R&D expenditures over 20 years

6 6 Source: Preliminary AUTM STATT, THECB Growth in license income over 20 years

7 Institutional size / breadth Flagship Developed Health Emerging Tier One Academic Developing 632624404 261179 126 93 7066 57 149842 2,546 (Total R&D Funding) Source: AUTM 2011 data 7

8 Tenure, Mission Statements including Commercialization 8

9 Summary Tenure –Generally speaking, part of the Cirriculum Vitae and/or Research component of holistic review –Benefit is recognizes technology commercialization achievements of faculty in consideration of tenure –Make sure not too broad, avoid unintended consequence of more but not necessarily better patents, i.e. vanity patents Mission statements –Technology commercialization is part of the mission statement of many UT System component institutions 9

10 UT Health Science Center San Antonio 10

11 11

12 UT Dallas 12

13 UT Dallas School of Engineering and Computer Science: To aid in determining the candidate's satisfaction of the previously stated principles, the following issues will be considered: Has the candidate demonstrated excellence, innovation and creativity in.. as evidenced by…. patents applied for and granted; software developed and utilized; and related evidences of originality? 13

14 UT Austin Source: valuation/tenure/ valuation/tenure/ C.1 Recommendations C.2 Cirriculum Vitae and Other Information –a. Cirriculum Vitae […8 prior items…] Patents Issued (as applicable) –b. Co-Authored Works 14 C.2 CV and Other Information (cont) –c. Works Forthcoming –d. Faculty Activity Reports C.3 Teaching C.4 Research Scholarship C.5 Academic Advisory C.6 Service C.7 Honors C.8 Letters of Recommendation C.9 Additional Statements C.10 Supplemental Materials

15 UT El Paso 15

16 UT Arlington 16

17 UT San Antonio 17

18 UT Pan American 18

19 UT Brownsville 19

20 UT Tyler 20

21 UT Medical Branch (Galveston TX) 21

22 Special Programs Aimed at Improving Commercialization 22

23 Summary The University of Texas System has launched several system-wide initiatives aimed at improving commercialization, entrepreneurship and innovation 23

24 The UT Horizon Fund Strategic Venture Fund of the University of Texas System –Focused on improving technology commercialization and return on investment from university startups –Capitalized by UT System Board of Regents in August 2011; Launched January 2012 –7 investments to date Two phases –Phase I: $10.0 million (2011) –Phase II: $50.0 million in four installments (2013 first installment) Requirement –Co-investment of at least 1:1 –UT intellectual property 24

25 Profile: University & health strategic venture funds 25 Univ. of WisconsinNew York University Partners Healthcare Cleveland ClinicKaiser Permanente Stanford Univ. of Michigan Univ. of Texas

26 Profile: Origination of university ventures 26 $2.5B research and development in FY11 9,975 active patents and patent applications (278 new applications; 156 new issued patents; $7.5M legal costs in FY11) 154 active startups* (20 new startups in FY11) 1,227 active licenses (126 new licenses; $65.3M royalties in FY11) 62 active invested startups* (19 new investments in FY11) * - Only startups having an active license agreement on file 3 exits in FY11 yielding $132M

27 Startups by Segment 27

28 UT Transform Funded by The University of Texas System with a $750,000 grant Translational Research Advancement Network to Support, Fund, Organize, Roll-Out and Motivate UT Innovations Seeks to further an entrepreneurial ecosystem at UT System institutions Designed to stimulate education in innovation, entrepreneurship, and commercialization; create new platforms; and provide inventors with a support network. Survey focused on measuring orientation, barriers and motivators. Provides entrepreneurial education through seminars, webinars, workshops and presentations at UT campuses, entrepreneurship boot camps aimed at increasing awareness for entrepreneurship and product development for faculty and students. Provides proof of principal sub-awards; tracking online content, downloads, patent applications, new startups, licenses, co-investments into startup companies by third parties, and results; and long-term measures of successful product launches into market, royalty fees, startups and matched funding. 28

29 Texas CTSA Collaborative Funded by The University of Texas System with a $750,000 grant Focuses on supporting the four National Institute of Health Clinical and Translational Science Awards (CTSAs) awarded to the University of Texas System, the most of any university system in the U.S. Seeks to address the lack of infrastructure for healthcare based entrepreneurship, lack of training and lack of early stage support for proof of concept Works closely with existing Offices of Technology Commercialization to establish: –Health-based training program for innovation & entrepreneurship –Entrepreneur-in-residence program –A business boostrap program focused on regulatory, legal and practical requirements 29

30 Texas FreshAIR An initiative of UT System, UT MD Anderson Cancer Center, UT Southwestern Medical Center, UT Health Science Center Houston, UT Health Science Center San Antonio, UT Medical Branch and UT Health Science Center Tyler Focused on increasing public-private-partnerships (PPPs) Evaluate improved science-based partnerships focused on drug development Support the delivery of advanced healthcare to Texans including a large, engrained Hispanic population base 30

31 Incubators at UT System 31

32 UT Austin Cockrell School of Engineering hires Robert Metcalfe, founder of ethernet and fmr. venture capitalist 32

33 UT Austins IC 2 institute and ATI Founded by Dr. George Kozmetsky in 1977 while he was Dean of College of Business –Former Executive of Teledyne –Awarded National Medical of Technology in 1993 Mentor for Michael Dell, founder of DELL Corporation and Jim Truchard, National Instruments The Austin Technology Incubator has worked with over 200 companies who have combined to raise over $1 billion in capital 33

34 Thank you Bryan Allinson Executive Director Office of Technology Commercialization Divisions of the Vice Chancellor and General Counsel; and Executive Vice Chancellor for Business Affairs The University of Texas System (512) 499-4495 34

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