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Conducting Business at Delegates Assembly Overview 47.

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1 Conducting Business at Delegates Assembly Overview 47


3 9. AUDIT REPORT (Mr. Mr. Walter Washington) 10. NATIONAL BOARD of DIRECTORS REPORT (Mr. David Groves) 11. ADOPTION OF CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENTS (Al Taylor) 12. REGIONAL CAUCUS - Nominations 12. NOMINATING COMMITTEE REPORT (Loretta Beavers) 13. NOMINATING COMMITTEE REPORT (Ms. Loretta Beavers) 14. NOMINATING PLATFORM – Meet the Candidates Forum 15. NATIONAL ELECTIONS INSTRUCTIONS (Honorable Thomas Walton/ Ms. Shirley Horton) Agenda (cont.) ASSEMBLY RECONVENE MONDAY, AUGUST 13, 2012 4:00P.M. 16. NATIONAL ELECTIONS (Monday-POLLS OPEN 8:00 A.M. TO 3:00 P.M.) 17. ELECTION COMMITTEE REPORT (Honorable Thomas Walton/Ms. Shirley Horton) 18. RESOLUTIONS COMMITTEE REPORT (Ms. Ethel Crisp) 19. FOR THE GOOD OF THE ORDER 20. ADJOURNMENT 49

4 Standing Rules of the Delegates Assembly 50

5 Standing Rules of the Delegates Assembly 1.The general authority controlling the Blacks In Government National Delegates Assembly shall be the BIG National Constitution, these Standing Rules of the Delegates Assembly, and Roberts Rules of Order Newly Revised Tenth Edition. 2. The presiding official shall be responsible for maintaining order and decorum at all times to assure that the business of the organization is transacted fairly and judiciously. The presiding official shall also select individuals to tabulate the vote of delegates on any issue before the Delegates Assembly, except for the election of officers, which shall be handled by the Election Committee, pursuant to the Constitution. Only certified voting delegates shall be allowed to make motions, speak in debate, or cast a vote. 3. The Credentials Committee shall report the total number of authorized and certified voting delegates at the opening of the Delegates Assembly. This committee shall also submit supplementary credentials reports at the beginning of each session when requested by either the presiding official or a delegate. 51

6 4.Delegates representing a simple majority of delegates or their alternates certified at the opening of the Delegates Assembly shall constitute a quorum. A majority of all certified delegates must be present to conduct business at any and all subsequent sessions. If, at any time after the assembly has been called to order and is in session, and less than a majority of the certified delegates are present, the Parliamentarian shall notify the presiding official that the body fails to have a quorum and any and all actions of the body are unofficial and non-binding on the assembly. 5. Delegates addressing the assembly after being recognized by the presiding official shall first state his or her name, chapter, and region. 6. Delegates who are sitting on the dais (excluding the Chair and Deputy Chair of the Delegates Assembly) and are not giving a report must come down to the Assembly floor to the nearest microphone to be recognized by the Assembly Chair in order to present matters he/she desires to discuss. Standing Rules of the Delegates Assembly (Cont.) 52

7 Standing Rules of the Delegates Assembly (Cont.) 7.Each delegate/speaker may speak up to two (2) minutes on any issue. No delegate shall speak more than twice on any issue. Discussion on any one issue shall not exceed thirty (30) minutes with the exception of the Treasurers Report and the auditors report. 8.Upon request of the presiding official, a motion shall be submitted in writing signed by the maker of the motion, and hand-carried to the Secretary of the Delegates Assembly. 9. The election of all National Officers shall be determined by a majority vote. If a majority is not obtained on the first ballot, the two candidates with the highest number of votes shall have a runoff election. The other candidates shall not appear on the ballot. 10. The election of the Nominating and Election Committees shall be determined by a plurality vote. The Nominating and Election Committees shall select their chairperson immediately following the adjournment of the Delegates Assembly. 53

8 Standing Rules of the Delegates Assembly (Cont.) 11.All candidates (2nd Vice-President, Corresponding Secretary, and Treasurer) for National office other than the National Executive Vice President shall present their platform to the Delegates Assembly within a two (2) minute time span. All candidates for the office of National Executive Vice President shall present their platform within a three (3) minute time span. 12. These rules require a two-thirds (2/3) affirmative vote by the certified delegates present and voting for adoption. These rules may also be suspended by a majority vote of the certified delegates present and voting. 13. Unless the Constitution provide otherwise, the assembly itself is the judge of all questions arising which are incidental to seating of Delegates or opening and closing the sites for Credentials and Elections. 54

9 Standing Rules of the Delegates Assembly (Cont.) 14. All electronic devices (Blackberries, Cellular Phones, Computers with Music or Chimes, and Pagers) shall be turned off or placed on vibrate or silent while the Delegates Assembly is in session. 15. Any copies of reports or informational materials that need to be distributed to the Delegates in session will be retrieved by each Regions Sergeant-at-Arms. 16. Delegates are requested to abide by all of the above for order and decorum. 55

10 Motion Form 56

11 2011 Delegates Assembly Minutes (Available on the website) 57

12 Reports to be Presented to the Delegates Assembly National Treasurer's Report- Financial Condition of the Big Organization Chair, Board of Directors Report- Results of the Annual Audit and National Board of Directors Activities National Presidents Report- National President and Executive Committee Activities 58

13 2012 BIG Elections Committee 59

14 2012 BIG Elections Committee RXI Dr. Hezekiah Braxton, III Vern Madden Sabrina Sowers 60

15 2012 BIG Nominations Committee 61

16 2012 BIG Nominations Committee RXI Edna Harvin Battle (Primary) (Vice Chair of the National Nominations Committee) Regina Nichols (Alternate) 62

17 2012 BIG Nominations Process 63

18 Nomination Submissions Conducted by the National Nominations Committee Submitted in two ways: –BY CHAPTERS, REGIONAL COUNCILS OR INDIVIDUALS AT LEAST 60 DAYS PRIOR TO THE ASSEMBLY –MADE FROM THE ASSEMBLY FLOOR National Nominating Committee presents the slate of nominees to the assembly after certifying the eligibility of the candidates. References: –BIG National Constitution –Rules of procedures as stated in the newly revised Roberts Rules of Order Other guidelines and instructions 64

19 Election Positions and Process 65

20 Elected Positions The following positions are to be filled: Caucus Chair Serves as the top delegate and presides over the assembly of the RXIC Delegates. Caucus Co-Chair Serves in the absence of or at the designation of the Caucus Chair. Head Teller Records nominations and tallies of votes during RXIC Delegates debates Parliamentarian Advises the Caucus Chair and/or delegates with regards to applicable parliamentary procedures. Sergeant-at-Arms Maintains decorum during delegates assembly and announces the final tally of RXIC Delegates to the National Delegates Assembly. Assistant Tellers (nominations not required - a minimum of ten (10) tellers are desirable) Tallies and reports to the Sergeant-at-Arms the votes of RXIC Delegates during the National Assembly. 66

21 Nominations The chair entertains nominations from the floor. Individuals nominated for positions must be physically present and verbally indicate their acceptance or declination for the position. The chair, upon consultation and at the direction of the parliamentarian, may entertain designating the second highest vote getter as an alternate to the nominated position. If this is not acceptable to the assembly, then nominations should be requested for individuals to serve as alternates. Positions requiring additional assistants would be Sergeant-at-Arms and Head Teller. 67

22 Delegates Assembly The Caucus Chair, Co-Caucus Chair and Parliamentarian should be seated together at or near the front of the RXIC Delegates whenever the National Delegates Assembly is in session. In the event of Ad hoc voting by the National Delegates Assembly, direction from the Caucus Chair to the delegates is done via instructions to the RXIC President and/or the Sergeant-at-Arms. Assistant Tellers should be designated a specific number or rows to count and be seated at the isle seat of the beginning of the first assigned row. In instances where the RXIC Delegates must gather at a venue other than the main assembly area, the procedures referenced in Division of Delegates are still applicable. As the largest region, it is essential for the Caucus Chair as well as other designated delegate leaders to maintain the majority of its assigned RXIC delegates during all sessions of the National Delegates Assembly. Delegates must understand the importance of remaining in the assembly until officially released by National Delegates Assembly Chair. 68

23 Ballots Previous caucuses have involved the use of preprinted ballots (see sample ballot) which is the responsibility of the RXIC President. In the interest of time, balloting may be done by a show of hands. The chair reserves the right to make the final determination. 69

24 Official Ballot 70

25 CANDIDATES FOR NATIONAL OFFICES REGION XI POSITION Current Nominees (Official) Incumbent Eligibility Board of DirectorHarold AtkinsIs eligible for re-nomination 2012 Nomination Committee Representatives (2) Edna Harvin Battle (Primary) Regina Nichols (Alternate) 2012 Election Committee Representatives (3) Dr. Hezekiah Braxton, III Sabrina Sowers Vern Madden PresidentMatthew F. Fogg Shirley A. Jones, ESQ Darlene Young Is Not eligible for re-nomination 1st Vice-PresidentDr. Theresa Bannister-ScottIs NOT eligible for re-nomination 3 rd Vice-PresidentNo nominees currentlyIs NOT eligible for re-nomination SecretaryFelicia ShinglerIs eligible for re-nomination Assistant TreasurerNo nominees currentlyIs eligible for re-nomination NATIONAL

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