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The struggle for power- The events

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1 The struggle for power- The events
BGS History AS Revision Tests The struggle for power- The events

2 1) Who didn’t attend Lenin’s funeral?

3 Stalin lied about the date, so Trotsky continued his holiday!
2) Why not? Stalin lied about the date, so Trotsky continued his holiday!

4 3) Why was the Triumvirate formed?
To keep Trotsky out of power

5 4) What threatened Stalin’s chances of victory?
Lenin’s Testament- it called for Stalin to be sacked.

6 5) And how could this affect the Triumvirate?
Without Stalin, they’d lose their majority and Trotsky could take over!

7 6) How did they prevent this? (2)
Persuaded Politburo that Stalin had changed, and that there was no need to remove him. Also persuaded them to keep Lenin’s Testament a secret.

8 7) How did the Triumvirate go about discrediting Trotsky?
They claimed he was disloyal, using his failure to attend the funeral as one example.

9 8) What happened to the Triumvirate next?
They lost their common enemy, and split over the issue of world revolution

10 9) Who went with who? Kamenev & Zinoviev paired up (the “New Opposition”, and Stalin partnered Bukharin (“The Duumvirate”)

11 Stalin & Bukharin- comprehensively!
10) Who won the debate on the economy and world revolution at the Fourteenth Party Congress, and what did it do the position of the losers? (2) Stalin & Bukharin- comprehensively! Severely weakened Zinoviev & Kamenev’s position

12 11) What also happened at the Fourteenth Party Congress?
Trotsky was forced to resign as Head of the Red Army- taking away his main powerbase.

13 12) What did these three do next?
They formed the “United Opposition” in an attempt to reject the moderate views of Stalin & Bukharin

14 13) What did Stalin do in return?
Used his loyal supporters to expel the three of them from the Party- sent Trotsky into exile.

15 14) How did Stalin end his relationship with Bukharin?
Dropped the policy he’d been supporting- the NEP

16 15) How did Stalin undermine Bukharin? (2)
Highlighted the failures of the NEP Brought up his disputes with Lenin

17 Talked about Lenin’s Testament-
16) How did Bukharin attempt to discredit Stalin, and why did it fail? (2) Talked about Lenin’s Testament- This was banned by the Party, and he was condemned for it.

18 17) What happened in 1929? Stalin was appointed leader of the Communist Party, whilst a discredited Bukharin was removed from all positions of power.

19 18) Why was Stalin successful? (3)
He was willing to switch sides to suit his own gain He had little integrity and was devious He held huge powerbases in the Party and Government, which he exploited to get what he wanted.

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