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Designing a Simulation Learning Lab to Enhance the Students Experience

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1 Designing a Simulation Learning Lab to Enhance the Students Experience
Wendy Ouellette MSNc RN CPON Josephine Atinaja-Faller RN MSN CNS

2 Objectives Through a needs assessment, identify strategies for faculty and administrative buy-in. Discuss various strategies in building a simulation lab.

3 Project Management A project manager was selected and worked in conjunction with other faculty and Deans of the College. An architect was hired to consult on the room planning as well as an audiovisual specialist team.

4 Acquisition of Equipment
Through a generous donor alumni Phyllis Nickerson Dotson class of ‘62 and George S Dotson, we were able to purchase…. 2 Laerdal Mannequins: Sim Man and Sim Baby Renovated an existing nursing skills lab State of the art Control Room Video camera Hospital beds and stretchers Zoll Defibrillator IV Pump rentals Two debriefing plasma monitors

5 Simulation in Numbers Spring and Summer 2009: Fall 2009: Staff:
Total Number of Students: 780 Cumulative Hours: 10,680 Fall 2009: Total Number of Students: 468 Cumulative Hours: 3, 128 Staff: One director/full time faculty 8 adjunct faculty 2 Simulation technologists Lab coordinator

6 Student Reflections “I was surprised to see the new set up, and was pleased with the changes made. I think the way the sim lab is now set up is more conducive to learning because it is more realistic.” “This was my first time using the new lab and it was absolutely amazing. I’m jealous of the underclassmen who have the privilege of using this lab from the beginning.”

7 Timeline Fall 2005- Vital SIM, task trainers
Fall Acquire Laerdal equipment (SIM MAN & Baby), Med/Surg II Spring Add Med/Surg I Summer Add Pedi, OB, & Fundamentals Fall Move into new LAB, Add Community & Psych Spring Add Family Nurse Practitioner Advanced Health Assessment To date: all elements of the Undergraduate Curriculum and one Graduate Course rotate through the simulation lab

8 Control Room Picture

9 SimMan

10 Debrief

11 SimBaby

12 Contact Information and Contributors Wendy Ouellette BSN RN CPON Josephine Atinaja-Faller Contributors: Victor Tsveybel, RN MS ANP Meghan Quigley, BA simulation technologist Jamie Traynor, media specialist

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