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5 th edition By Williams B. Teacher : Azhar Ali Shah 1.

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1 5 th edition By Williams B. Teacher : Azhar Ali Shah 1

2 Definition : The part of management in organization which study the employees activities is called HRM. Human resource management only works on the human assets because without human organization are nothing. 2

3 It’s purpose is to improve the productive contribution of people to the organization in ways that are strategically, ethically and socially responsible. This purpose guides the study and practice of HR management (personnel management). It helps us in showing that how professionals, operation managers contribute in organization productivity. 3

4 Organizational objectives: The HR department is created to help manager, manager’s remain responsible for employees performance. Therefore the HR department exist to help manager to achieve the objectives of organization. 4

5 Functional objective: When we need to maintain the department’s contribution at proper level in organization and to not waste these resources by the employees the HR department contribute here. Those organizations which have no or less sophisticated HR department may face these problems. 5

6 Societal objective: To be ethically and socially responsive to the needs & challenges of society while minimizing the negative impact of such demands on the organization. For example society may limit HR decisions through laws that address discrimination, safety etc. 6

7 Personal objective: The personal objective of employees must be met if workers are to be maintained, retained and motivated. Otherwise their performance will be decline and employees will leave the organization. The decision should be made in such a way that don’t harm the employees. By keeping these objectives in mind the HR specialist can see the reason behind many of the department’s activities. 7

8 Frameworks and challenges: The HR expert face many challenges in dealing with people. The main challenge is to assist the organization In improving its effectiveness and efficiency ethically and socially. Main challenges are changing demands of workers, international and domestic competitors, government policy and larger shares inside the organization by departments. 8

9 Preparation and selection: Data is gathered by the HRIS(human resource information system) about each job about the organization's future HR needs. These information is then processed by the specialist advise the manager about design of jobs. Estimates of future HR needs allow managers and department to become proactive in recruitment and selection process. 9

10 Development and evaluation: Under this function the employees are placed into training after hiring to make organization more productive. With the solid base of information, the HR specialist can determine needs for orientation, training and development. To evaluate employees, formal performance appraisal are conducted periodically. 10

11 Compensation and protection: For a productive organization an equitable compensation system is needed by the HR. The employee must be paid a fair wage /salary relative to their productive contribution. When compensation is too much low the turnover and other problems can founded in organizations on other side high compensation company lose their position in marketplace. Now a days the companies made such strategies which are beneficial for both employee and MGT. 11

12 Employee relations and assessment: Employees need to be motivated and satisfied with their jobs. Here again HR specialists can provide effective programs to operating managers. To increase employee satisfaction organizational productivity, communication are used to keep people informed. The research in HR department uncover future challenges and predict their impact on the organization. 12

13 Strategic approach: HR management must contribute to the strategic success of the organization. If they fail to achieve their strategic objectives, resources will be not use effectively. HR approach: According to this approach that the importance and dignity of human should not be ignored. Only through careful attention to the needs of employees can organization grow and proper. 13

14 Management approach: The HR department exists to serve managers and employees through its expertise. Management has dual responsibility for workers i.e. performance and well being. Proactive approach: HR can increase its contribution to the employees and the organization by anticipating challenges before they arise. If the efforts are reactive, the problems may be solved & opportunities may be availed. 14

15 THANKS… 15

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