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1 Services

2 Blackboard Consulting Blackboard Training Blackboard ASP Services
Agenda Overview Managing the Transitions of The Networked Learning Environment Blackboard Consulting Who We Are and What We Do Blackboard Training Blackboard ASP Services Why Choose Blackboard ASP Blackboard Client Support How Blackboard Provides Support Summary and Discussion Next Steps

3 …a networked learning environment.
What we are seeing… Leading institutions are harnessing the power of information networks to connect people and resources in new and powerful ways. In moving beyond Course Web Sites, these institutions are deploying their core technologies in an effort to establish a dynamic and cohesive learning network …a networked learning environment.

4 The Networked Learning Environment
A true networked learning environment exists when any student or teacher can: view instructional content collaborate with educators evaluate academic performance access any learning resources at any time to achieve their educational objectives.

5 The Path to the Networked Learning Environment
INSTITUTIONAL GROWTH EXPLORATORY SUPPORTED STRATEGIC MISSION CRITICAL TRANSFORMATIVE: THE NETWORKED LEARNING ENVIRONMENT Course web sites Commercial enterprise course management system Online courses, organizations, and institutional services integrated with back-office systems A full online campus with learning communities and shared digital content resources When any student or teacher can view instructional content, collaborate with educators, evaluate academic performance, and access learning resources at any time to achieve their educational objectives. Phase I Phase 2 Phase 3 Phase 4 Phase 5 TIME

6 Transitions to be Managed

7 Organic vs. Planned Adoption
Organic Adoption Organic / Exploratory Adoption Initially driven by End Users End User Plateau Strategic Phase Necessary for continued growth Planned Adoption Planned/Foundational Adoption Initially driven by Executive Sponsor Accelerated growth Strategic planning upfront Phase 2 Phase 3 Phase 4 MISSION CRITICAL FOUNDATIONAL SUPPORTED TRANSFORMATIVE Phase I Transition 1 Transition 2 Transition 3 MISSION CRITICAL EXPLORATORY SUPPORTED STRATEGIC TRANSFORMATIVE Phase I Phase 2 Phase 3 Phase 4 Phase 5 Transition 1 Transition 2 Transition 3 Transition 4 Transition Management is the key to successful adoption regardless of approach.

8 Managing the ETF Phase Transitions to Achieve Adoption
The Transitions represent specific steps that must be managed to mature along the technology framework Two components for successful transition management exist Implementation Approach: A specific process for managing the institution’s maturing technology environment and usage Implementation Activities: Those specific activities required for successful transition at each phase

9 Blackboard Services Blackboard Consulting Blackboard Training Blackboard ASP Blackboard Support

10 Blackboard Consulting: Who We Are
100+ consultants Experienced in leading and assisting with Bb Academic Suite implementations Consultant Profile Technical consultants experienced in core Blackboard languages (Java, Perl), databases, and operating systems Project managers experience in software requirements and project implementation Special skill sets in advanced database operations, backup and recovery, OS management, and network operations Experience since 1999 with 450+ client engagements

11 Blackboard Consulting: What We Do
Plan Design Implement & Maintain e-Education Planning: Blackboard System Planning Business Continuity and Recovery Systems Architecture Design: Application Load Balancing and Database Clustering High Availability Infrastructure Design  Performance Engineering Solution Implementation and Maintenance: Application Installation, Migration and Configuration Systems Integration Application Development and Building Blocks Business Intelligence Reporting Systems Maintenance Programs

12 Blackboard Academic Suite Planning
Client Objective Partner with Blackboard in the implementation and ongoing growth and management of Blackboard infrastructure Ensure that the joint Blackboard-Loyola team focuses on improving the Loyola student experience Blackboard Consulting Deliverables Design Loyola’s Blackboard system infrastructure, integrate it with the Datatel Colleague system and train staff on the intricacies of the new system. Jointly manage system upgrades with client Collaborate on implementation of the Blackboard Content System and the Blackboard Community System Outcomes Secure and reliable Blackboard environment and prepared support team Loyola well-positioned to take advantage of new features and functions within the Blackboard Academic Suite. Plan Design Implement & Maintain

13 Blackboard Learning System Planning
Client Objective A course management system to power online and web-enhanced learning for all Dallas ISD students, faculty, and staff. Need for planning assistance to prepare for the integration of data systems, the development of courses and the training of multiple groups of users Blackboard Consulting Deliverables Assisted Dallas ISD in identifying its goals for online learning, developing a strategy for achieving these goals, and creating an implementation plan Interviewed Dallas ISD personnel, analyzed strengths and weaknesses of current online education processes and technical support infrastructure. Delivered Blackboard system administration training and provided specific recommendations for achieving its online teaching and learning objectives. Outcomes Dallas ISD was prepared for the various challenges it would face and was able to budget its capital and resources expenditures appropriately in order to achieve stated goals. Plan Design Implement & Maintain

14 Blackboard Community System Planning
Client Objective Implement the Blackboard Community System to personalize Minnetonka Public School’s web site - creating a powerful and dynamic communication link between the district and the community. Blackboard Consulting Deliverables Working with key stakeholders, Blackboard Consulting developed a strategic framework for community building activities. This framework enabled Minnetonka to build and tailor its portal services to meet the ever changing needs of its user community. Client Outcomes Fully implemented Blackboard Community System that will eventually replace their existing public website Branded Blackboard application that maintains the school’s identity and marketing strategy Plan Design Implement & Maintain

15 Blackboard Content System Planning
Client Objective Need to provide content to the right people, in a timely fashion, and in the right format. The challenge was that enterprise content at BCUC spanned many different departments, and had a multitude of content providers and consumers Blackboard Consulting Deliverables Defined a strategic objective for the Blackboard Content System and audited BCUC’s current content management practices – including reviewing the content lifecycle to identify content providers, consumers, and reusable data elements, all of which were captured through use-cases. Designed a solution, leveraging the content lifecycle and required metadata to derive a structural permissions model Implemented the system for enterprise-wide usage Client Outcomes BCUC has streamlined many of its internal processes. For example, the process for validating new courses and building their syllabi is clearly defined and requires far less manual intervention. Plan Design Implement & Maintain

16 Business Continuity and Recovery
Insert Client logo Client Objective Need to provide advanced levels of system availability and immediate response times to system outages and/or failures Blackboard Consulting Deliverables Designed highly available infrastructure, minimizing single points of failure, as well as a robust backup solution Developed business continuity plan, outlining exhaustive list of potential system failure scenarios and their proper response activities Documented detailed steps for system recovery for every failure scenario Rehearsed recovery processes for every failure scenario Client Outcomes Pearson is able to deliver its Blackboard content through a highly-available environment and recover from system failures with minimal end user impact Plan Design Implement & Maintain

17 Application Load Balancing and Database Clustering
Client Objectives Implement a highly available, centralized system for all 19 CUNY member campuses and 200,000 users. Blackboard Consulting Deliverables Designed and developed an infrastructure capable of supporting over 200,000 users and reliable enough to minimize system outages. Built redundancy into each layer of the application, leveraging best of breed solutions. For example, collaborated with SUN on a clustered back-end solution which facilitates real-time failover of both the database and file system. Client Outcomes CUNY supports its user community on an infrastructure capable of sustaining expected load and scaling as the need arises. CUNY contracted a third-party load testing firm to push the limits of the system, which yielded highly positive results. Plan Design Implement & Maintain

18 High Availability Infrastructure Design
Client Objective A robust backup and recovery solution to increase overall system availability Blackboard Consulting Deliverables Designed a backup and recovery solution tailored to VSC’s specific recovery needs, documented its supporting processes and developed an implementation plan that minimized system downtime. Implemented, tested the solution thoroughly and trained VSC staff on various problem-solution scenarios within the system. Client Outcomes VSC has increased operational availability of their Blackboard system and alleviated administrations concerns around data security. In the event of failure, VSC can minimize the risk of data loss and downtime of the database and application servers to a number of hours until full recovery. Plan Design Implement & Maintain

19 Performance Engineering
Client Objective Surge in Blackboard system usage led to increased number of system errors and ultimately to degraded performance. Blackboard Consulting Deliverables Audited system infrastructure in order to diagnose the performance problem’s roots. Followed performance improvement methodology to optimize the environment, recommending configuration and infrastructure changes and developing a schedule for rapid implementation. Educated the management team on the routine maintenance needed to support the system and maintain performance levels. Client Outcome Cornell experienced increased operational availability of the Blackboard Learning System Plan Design Implement & Maintain

20 Application Installation, Migration and Configuration
Client Objectives Migration of existing data to a recently upgraded Blackboard Learning System (Release 6.2.) To allow Blackboard to perform real-time authentication against Susquehanna’s LDAP servers. Blackboard Consulting Deliverables Configured and executed a test migration to identify data and/or network-level errors as well as determine time and system requirements for production process. Updated Susquehanna on the implications of the new system, executed the production migration and prepared the system for enterprise-wise usage. Defined LDAP authentication workflow and security requirements and configured Blackboard to validate login credentials using Susquehanna’s LDAP servers Client Outcomes All Susquehanna’s users and courses were migrated to the upgraded system in a timely fashion with limited change management requirements. Blackboard users no longer have to remember an additional username and password, limiting administrator challenges Plan Design Implement & Maintain

21 Systems Integration Client Objective
Implement an integrated, enterprise scale e-Learning solution to enhance the technological and social development of Colombia’s educational system. Blackboard Consulting Deliverables Automated process for generating user accounts and courses as well as enrolling students. This eliminated a great deal of manual effort formerly associated with system administration. An infrastructure capable of supporting expected growth. Client Outcomes With a high-performance, scalable, and reliable solution, SENA is able to focus its efforts on the user outreach and improved teaching and learning. Plan Design Implement & Maintain

22 Application Development and Building Blocks
Client Objective Introduce parents to FCPS online community to facilitate greater participation in their students learning experiences. Blackboard Consulting Deliverables Developed an integrated calendar that displays a student’s multiple activities. This allows parents to see all of their children’s progress “at a glance”. Built a module that simplifies a parent’s ability to participate in their children’s educational experience. It lists each of their children and provides “observer” access to each of their classes. Client Outcomes FCPS achieved a fully implemented Blackboard Community System that brings parents, students and teachers together in the partnership for learning. Plan Design Implement & Maintain

23 Business Intelligence Reporting
Client Objective Gain insight into specific Blackboard course usage in order to measure outcomes and return on investment Blackboard Consulting Deliverables Defined reporting goals and developed a flexible Blackboard Building Block to meet goals Reporting interface made available through a portal module that allows an administrator to query active courses and/or active users (students or faculty) by timeframe Report generates a delimited file that allows for further analysis Client Outcomes South Carolina understands specific usage numbers and growth rates, which provides information for return on investment calculations and public funding needs Plan Design Implement & Maintain

24 Systems Maintenance Programs
Client Objective Assistance to manage, maintain and support Cincinnati’s advanced usage of the Blackboard Academic Suite. Blackboard Consulting Deliverables Ad-hoc consulting to assist with are non-software related issues, such a hardware and network engineering as well as Building Block development support Scheduled services including semi-annual “health checks” to evaluate system performance, capability and general health. This is followed by a performance assessment, whereby Cincinnati is able to assess system capability in conjunction with expected usage growth. Dedicated project manager and system architect manage the process and review and communicate all activities and plans Client Outcomes Cincinnati experienced increased operational effectiveness through a holistic approach and documentation that treats the system as one entity; rather than a group of disparate hardware and software systems Cincinnati is better able to plan for upgrades and identify and manage risks Plan Design Implement & Maintain

25 Blackboard Training: Who We Are
100+ trainers Trainer Profile Skilled project managers and professional educators with extensive experience in K-12 teaching, higher education and commercial training Experience since 1999 with training thousands of users from 900+ client institutions Play substantive roles as part of Bb Academic Suite implementation teams at client sites

26 Blackboard Training: What We Do
Types of Training: Administrator and System Support Training Instructor and End User Training Developer Training Custom Training Training Series: Administration Series Essentials Series Effective Course Design Building Blocks Training Training Location Options: Onsite Workshops Online Workshops Regional Events

27 Blackboard Administrator and System Support Training
Client Objective Train system administrators and support staff on management of the Blackboard Academic Suite Blackboard Training Deliverables Blackboard Learning System Administration Introduction to tools and functions of the System Control Panel Reviews the administrative features of the application and the procedures for in stalling and managing system extensions. Provides an overview of the Blackboard Learning System™ Operations Workbook which is designed to help administrators maintain the Black board application. Blackboard Community System Administration Introduction to community-related tools and settings of the System Control Panel Reviews the distributed administration features of the application and the procedures for managing roles, assigning tabs and importing and exporting modules. Blackboard Content System Administration Introduction to content-related tools and settings of the System Control Panel Reviews four main areas of the application – personal online file storage, learning content management, e-Portfolios and library digital asset management Introduces strategies for effectively managing the Blackboard Content System Client Outcomes Reduced support costs with well prepared Blackboard administrators who can effectively anticipate and address end user questions Improved system uptime and performance with administrators who know how to properly manage the system

28 Blackboard Instructor and End User Training
Client Objective Train instructors, instructional designers and other end users on the Blackboard Academic Suite to ensure successful adoption and maximum return on investment Blackboard Training Deliverables Blackboard Learning System Essential Introduction to content areas, communication tools, assessment and course management settings Reviews the pedagogy of online learning Presents best practices for teaching and learning online Blackboard Community System Essentials Introduction to features and functions for building online communities, managing information exchange and delivering community-based information and services. Blackboard Content System Essentials Introduction to web folders, e-Portfolios, document management (tracking, permissions, versioning, passes and searches), workflows and the linking of content to the Blackboard Learning System Blackboard Effective Course Design Introduction to instructional design theory Provides practical exercises to help individuals plan the overall architecture of their courses. Client Outcomes Greater adoption and more effective use of Blackboard applications Minimized support costs due to strong base of end user knowledge

29 Blackboard Developer Training
Client Objective Train technical developers on Blackboard Building Blocks to enable them to develop system extensions Blackboard Training Deliverables Building Blocks Essentials training Blackboard Architecture and APIs Development environment overview Data integration system extensions Bb Community System extensions Bb Content System extensions Reporting system extensions Designed and facilitated by trainers who have technical experience with Blackboard Consulting Client Outcomes Academic clients empowered to develop their own unique solutions Commercial vendors prepared to make their software interoperate with Blackboard applications

30 Blackboard Custom Training
Client Objective Columbus Public Schools engaged Blackboard Training to develop a customized program designed to ensure rapid Blackboard adoption over the course of a semester by the entire district Blackboard Training Deliverables Delivered Blackboard System Administrator training Provided Jumpstart training to teachers: 6 trainers delivering intensive training to 11 schools simultaneously Delivered consultation training: Blackboard trainer deployment to Columbus Public Schools on a monthly basis to promote adoption Client Outcomes 170+ teachers trained on Blackboard Secured new grants to extend the use of Blackboard in Columbus and across Ohio Blackboard to power Columbus Virtual High School

31 Blackboard Services: Blackboard ASP Services
Over 300 Customers from All Market Sectors Over 3 Million Users in our Systems – Over 2 Million Enrolled Users 500,000+ Courses 1000+ Servers 11 Terabytes of Storage Capacity & Growing 7 Terabytes of Data Transferred Daily 72,000, HTTP Requests Served Per Day 99.7% or Better Uptime Guarantee Corinthian, DeVry and Strayer 250 colleges Market CAP 500M

32 5 Key Reasons to Choose Blackboard ASP Services
Cost Control Security Reliability Scalability Fully Managed Service

33 Reliability: Build Redundancy & Stability
ASP Infrastructures located in Tier-1 Datacenters at key Internet hubs Multiple physical connections to three Tier-1 ISPs for redundant access to Internet & aggregate 2.4 Gbps capacity Multiple, Redundant Routers, Firewalls, Load Balancers, Switches & Servers 4 levels of power backups for 100% power availability Climate control for optimal network environment How Blackboard ASP Service addresses the Reliability factor: by building redundancy and stability. Cost Control Security Reliability Scalability Fully Managed Service

34 Security: Protect Network and Backup Data
Physical Security – Tier-1 datacenter security including: limited access to authorized personnel identification badges security cameras 24x7 on-site security Network Security – Including: Firewall & Intrusion Detection System Full-time Security Engineer Third Party Audit Data Security: Multiple levels of database and file backup How does Blackboard ASP Service address the security factor? By protecting the network in multiple levels (physical and network-wide) and backing up client’s data in multiple levels. Cost Control Security Reliability Scalability Fully Managed Service

35 Scalability: Build an Environment to Support Growth
Bandwidth and Storage is Never Capped Additional Bandwidth on Demand Available in 1 Mbps increments Additional Storage on Demand 10 GB unit increments for Learning System 1 TB unit increments for Content System Additional Servers Added as Needs Grow Additional Active Users Support Includes incremental bandwidth, storage and hardware Software Updates/Upgrades Made Easy How does Blackboard ASP Service address Scalability factor? By building an expandable network environment and offering a set of value added services for various stages of needs. Cost Control Security Reliability Scalability Fully Managed Service

36 Fully Managed Service: 24x7 Operations and Support
One Stop Client Support from experts who design and host the software Services backed up by 99.7% Availability Guarantee – credit issued for violations 24 x 7 ASP Support Dedicated Application Support Manager Single Point of Contact for Blackboard Software and Hosting Two Designated Client System Administrators Phone, Web and based Ticketing System Escalation and Response Time based on Severity All Upgrade and Patch Applications Provisioned by Experienced Professionals Cost Control Security Reliability Scalability Fully Managed Service

37 Cost Control: Lower Costs than Self-Hosted
By hosting their Blackboard systems through Blackboard ASP Services, institutions realize significant savings when compared to hosting the systems on campus. Savings depend on the type & size of implementation & institutions’ circumstance. Blackboard ASP can provide a customizable three-year Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) calculation document. Cost Control Security Reliability Scalability Fully Managed Service

38 Blackboard Services: Blackboard Client Support
System Administrator Support Dedicated Technical Support Manager 24 hour support and toll free number Access to Behind the Blackboard, the web-based support solution Surveys, newsletters, and other client communication Client service reviews Six global support locations Faculty and Student Support Professional support staff provide a customized end-user support experience via phone, web and Premium Support Advanced system consulting and health checks “You and your staff quickly responded to the problem and understood its importance. The service we received this week in response to this issue was exemplary. You really care about your product and your customers.” Larry McGrath, University of California Riverside "I simply can't be happier with the level of quality support that I'm receiving from Blackboard right now!“ Eric Kunnen, Grand Rapids Community College

39 Blackboard’s Support Standards: The 4 C’s
Competency Professional and efficient communication Thorough analysis Leverage of knowledge resources Commitment Exceeding expectations Ownership Developing relationships Holistic and forward-thinking approach to assisting clients Communication Responsive Proactive Clear Care Respect and understanding Sensitive to the importance of every situation

40 How Blackboard Implements our Support Standards
People Technology Process Performance Indicators System Administrators Client Advocacy Underlying Technology Expertise TSM AM Community User Groups List_serv Behind the Blackboard Peoplesoft Google IP Telephony Parature Lab infrastructure “How to” Documentation Release Notes Tutorials Project 24 Engineering Services Global Services and ASP Operations Client driven requirements Enhancement Requests Application Packs Performance Benchmarking Team Root Cause Analysis Client Satisfaction Response Time Case Reviews Live Call Rate Total Contacts Employee Satisfaction Cost/Productivity Goals Organizational/ Maturity goals

41 Next Step Questions and Comments Follow-up Items

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