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The Storage Management System Self Storage Management Software Since 1991.

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1 The Storage Management System Self Storage Management Software Since 1991

2 Management Software: Accounts Receivables – Charging of rent, fees, taxes automatically, payment processing, invoices. Inventory Sales – Moving and packing supplies, truck, mailbox rentals. Daily Operations Management - Overlocking, letters, notices, collections, marketing. Tenant and Unit information - Demographics, reservations, account history/status, alternate contacts, vehicle/boat information. At a Glance Reporting – Rent rolls, cash reports, bank deposit logs, aging reports, potential revenue.

3 Management Software: Connectivity Management software is the business Hub interfacing with: Access Control Systems: Automatic Lock Out at Key Pad Payment processing – Credit Cards & ACH/EFT payments Computer networks Digital & Web Cameras Internet Kiosks QuickBooks Palm/PDA Systems pcAnywhere software

4 Security Accounts and Levels

5 Turn Key Set Up Service Data conversion and complete system preparation services available.

6 End of Day Processing No requirement to close a day Periods can be closed if desired (days, months) Emailing reports and backups can be automated Database is password protected

7 Access Control DCAL Digitech PTI Sentinel AllTech Wham Axcys Door King

8 Training: Easy to train, easy to use. Intuitive program designed with managers in mind Shortened training time saves money in the event of manager turnover On-site training available for $750/day plus expenses Personal telephone support $99 / 2 hr block. Video training available for basic usage

9 Support The industrys finest support team 9am – 7pm EST 10am-2pm Saturday 90 % of calls are picked up by technicians All others are returned within 15 minutes $449 per year includes unlimited, toll-free calls and software updates.

10 Data retention All data is retained unless you delete tenant information or purge data Deleted tenants and their history can be recalled at any time Purged information is removed permanently but can be saved in an archive file prior to the purge.

11 Rate Management

12 Quickbooks Integration Export to Quickbooks is a simple process Used by approximately 75% of Syrasofts customers. Included in Standard Edition

13 Marketing: Direct Entry into the Software

14 Winsen Conversion Data conversion from Winsen is available Business rules (system configuration) will be entered Site Map will be created Letters and Contracts can be created

15 Other nice features Syrasoft offers some extremely sophisticated tools which may or may not be used to further manage your business

16 Dynamic Rate & Price Quotes ! Fee Structure is extremely complex 40 levels of fees or rates per industry Many levels are consolidated by processor

17 Interactive Graphical Map!

18 Reservations

19 Easy To Use ! FlexPlan Often called rate Interchange fee - bank Assessment fee - association Acquirer fee – processor Interchange and assessment fees are not negotiable

20 Easy To Use ! Move Out

21 Easy To Use ! Inventory Sales

22 Easy To Use ! Payments

23 Vehicle/RV/Boat Storage Look Up

24 Auto Credit Card Payments Always swipe the card when its present Maintain separate merchant accounts for in- person swipe transactions Always include Level II date on corporate cards Ensure that your PC-based software is fully compliant

25 Credit Cards: Address Verification

26 Auto ACH/EFT Payments

27 Collections Worksheet

28 Daily Maintenance Reports

29 Collections Worksheet

30 Daily Maintenance Reports

31 Management/Financial Reports


33 Demographics Reports


35 Inventory Sales Reports

36 Historical Reports

37 Management Software Delivers & Helps You Deliver! Top Notch Service Customer Convenience User Friendly Environment 800-817-7706

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