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3 High-tech Ground Support Equipment
Aircraft DeIcing and Washing, Lavatory, & Water Service

4 Why Vestergaard……. Worldwide provider Best-in-Class Technology
Unsurpassed unit lifetime and low maintenance costs Reliable Long-term Cost-effectiveness Environmental Friendly First-rate Customer Service & Support

5 More than 1,100 deicing units and over 400 lavatory/water trucks
Reference Countries Austria Belgium Bulgaria Canada China Czech Republic Denmark Estonia Finland France Germany Hungary Italy Japan Jordan Kazakhstan Kyrgyzstan Latvia Lithuania Luxembourg Netherlands Norway Poland Romania Russia Serbia Slovak Republic Slovenia Spain Sweden Switzerland Tanzania Ukraine UAE (Abu Dhabi) United Kingdom USA Uzbekistan More than 1,100 deicing units and over 400 lavatory/water trucks delivered all over the world

6 Vestergaard Company A/S
Vestergaard Company A/S is situated in one of the most scenic regions of Zealand, only about a 30 minute drive from Copenhagen. Established in 1962 Privately owned Ltd. Well consolidated Very strong brand in the GSE industry +75 mill. EURO turnover +1,100 Deicers delivered +400 Lavatory/Water units delivered Equipment in more than 40 different countries and 200 airports

7 Vestergaard Worldwide

8 Vestergaard Product Range
Deicing Unit Product Range BETA MY SIGMA Aircraft Washers Vacuum Toilet Service Units Potable Water Service Units

9 Elephant® MY Aircraft Washers
Based on proven technology Safe maneouvering around aircraft Fast operation Extremely reliable Volvo or Mercedes chassis with local support Training of local maintenance staff, and back-up by Vestergaard engineers Mix-options for detergent application

10 Optional Basket Working Heights
With the Fly-Jib option, basket floor can be at meters bringing eye-level til about 16 meters. With telescoping brushes, you can reach all parts of any aircraft – including Spraying can easily be done upwards the 2-3 meters to top of tail of tallest aircraft.

11 Asian Toilet Service Trucks
Vestergaard Company has established a fully-owned production facility in Thailand. This will allow us to provide the well-known benefits of our Toilet Service Units to the whole region and being much closer to our customers Vestergaards new VTS concept Locally manufactured at Vestergaards own production facilities in Thailand Vestergaards best-in class/renowned customer service is offered locally The unit is built on local manufactured chassis – Isuzu

12 Unsurpassed unit lifetime and low maintenance cost
The VTS today is a result of more than +35 years of experience and product development with lavatory units equipped with vacuum. We have developed a unique vacuum system superior to competitors in terms of speed, efficiency and reliability All major components in the vacuum, fluid, hydraulic and electrical systems are thoroughly selected and tested to provide the best unit available and minimize maintenance The manufacturing processes are continuously monitored and optimized to ensure the highest quality of workmanship and professionalism

13 Value-added options The reflux function – a return suction of excess water in the flush line – prevents spillage on ground and formation of ice at aircraft connections. Vestergaard’s Vacuum Toilet Service Units ensures less bad odour in the aircraft and better hygienic toilet condition than using gravity evacuation systems. Risk of collision between service truck and aircraft when positioning is minimized as operators basket can be adjusted horizontally.

14 Fast and clean operation
The unique vacuum evacuation system enables fast and clean emptying of the aircraft toilet system. By effectively keeping aircraft toilet and pipe system clean, best possible preventive maintenance of aircraft is ensured. Large basket ensures plenty of work space for two persons. Vestergaard’s VTS is easy to place correctly which minimizes the risk of collision between service truck and aircraft when positioning as operators basket can be adjusted horizontally.

15 Summing Up Flexibility
Vestergaard Company deliver the lavatory and water trucks you need directly from our factory in Thailand Can service all aircraft Reliability Special attention to well-proven long-term technical solutions, components, servicing Efficiency High-airflow vacuum system, quicker operation and reduced manpower requirement Ease of operation Large basket, ergonomic design, manuals, easy access for maintenance Not the least expensive, but it will be More Cost Effective operation

16 Thank you… …for your attention Please contact:
Vestergaard Company A/S Vestergaard Company Inc. Phone: (+45) Phone: (+1) Fax: (+45) Fax: (+1) Toll Free:(+1)


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