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Are You as Smart as A Fifth Grader? ARMT Science Addition Created by Jami Crook.

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1 Are You as Smart as A Fifth Grader? ARMT Science Addition Created by Jami Crook

2 Directions Students will answer one question from the 5 categories. Each question is worth 10 points if answered correctly. Each Group will only get 1 Save in which they will have a second chance to answers the current question. If the question is then answered correctly, the team will get 5 of the 10 points. If after the second attempt the question is still incorrect the question and the 5 pts will be passed on so the next team can answer. After all questions have been answered. There will be a bonus round in which the team can wager all of their points to have the top score at the end of the game. If the question is answered incorrectly the amount wagered is subtracted from the current score The team with the most points at the end wins.

3 Categories Physical Science Mass, Volume and Density Acids and bases Life Science Earth and Space Science Forms of Energy

4 Physical Science A student places a pan containing liquid cake batter into a hot oven. The student observes a chemical reaction when A. the batter stick to the pan B. the cake batter changes color C. steam rises from the warm cake D. the pan increases in temperature

5 Mass, Volume, and Density Two blocks of wood are the same size, but one floats in water and one sinks. This occurs because they have different A. masses, but the same density B. Volumes, but the same density C. masses and different densities D. volumes and different densities.

6 Acids and Bases Which group of substances would most likely be classified as acids? A. Soap, ammonia, limewater B. ammonia, vinegar, backing soda C. vinegar, orange juice, lemon juice D. orange juice, limewater, baking soda

7 Forms of Energy Which object best represents mechanical energy? A. a leaf on an oak tree B. the batteries in a flashlight C. the wheel on a moving tractor D. The water evaporating from a sidewalk

8 Life Science This process can be described as A. Life cycle B. Photosynthesis C. Food Web D. Reproduction

9 Earth and Space Science This is a photo of the moon. This moon can be identified as: A.Lunar eclipse B.Solar Eclipse C.Crescent Moon D.Full Moon

10 Earth and Space Science Ruthie describes a mineral as being waxy. What property of the mineral is she describing? –A. Hardness –B. Luster –C. sedimentation –D. Streak

11 Acids and Bases A scientist mixes rainwater and cabbage juice. The cabbage juice turns green. The scientist correctly concludes that the rainwater is A. neutral B. base C. an acid D. an indicator

12 Bonus Round 1.Please total your points. 2.Determine the amount of points you would like to wager and write it on a sheet of paper 3.Turn it in with your teams name on it. GOOD LUCK!

13 Bonus Round Question List the Plants in Order from the sun. SunSun followed by the planets Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and PlutoMercuryVenus EarthMarsJupiterSaturnUranus NeptunePluto

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