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Baxter AS-40 Syringe Pump

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1 Baxter AS-40 Syringe Pump
The Baxter syringe pump is designed to deliver any medication in a controlled manner. Unlike the volumetric pumps that you have seen in use in the hospital environment the syringe pump was designed to be used in any setting.

2 Baxter AS-40 Syringe Pump
It is quite simple to operate and will deliver a constant infusion. It is designed to be used for any size or manufacturer’s syringe.

3 Baxter AS-40 Syringe Pump
Located on the back of the syringe pump is the syringe barrel Release lever.

4 Baxter AS-40 Syringe Pump
Syringe Barrel Clamp Release Lever (Back of pump.) When Depressed Barrel clamp will elevate.

5 Baxter AS-40 Syringe Pump
Syringe Barrel Clamp Extended position

6 Baxter AS-40 Syringe Pump
Preparation: Using the appropriate syringe size withdraw drip mixture into a syringe. Label Syringe with Medication and concentration. Attach the extension tubing and flush the air out of the tubing. Do not connect to patient IV line Proceed with pump set up.

7 Baxter AS-40 Syringe Pump
As you are viewing the front of the pump the off/on switch is located on the left side of the pump. Move the switch to the on position

8 Baxter AS-40 Syringe Pump
The syringe plunger is located on the right side of the pump as you are facing the pump. The Plunger of the syringe fits snugly against the Plunger feed. (See next slide) The Barrel wing of the syringe fits into this slot.

9 Pull the plunger lock out fully to load syringe.
Plunger Lock mechanism Pull the plunger lock out fully to load syringe. When inserted with the barrel clip in the lower slot the syringe plunger should fit inside of the plunger lock. Barrel Wing Slot

10 Baxter AS-40 Syringe Pump
Plunger seated against plunger feed Syringe loaded into pump assembly. Barrel wings in slot of pump assembly

11 Baxter AS-40 Syringe Pump
Close barrel clamp by depressing the clamp on the lower portion of the clamp.

12 Baxter AS-40 Syringe Pump
Select mode using the up/down Arrows: Modes include: (from most common to least) Ml/hr Mcg/min Mcg/kg/min Auto schedule Manual Schedule Single Dose Units/hr

13 Baxter AS-40 Syringe Pump
Screen Shot showing Ml/hr selected

14 Baxter AS-40 Syringe Pump
Once the correct mode is selected press the confirm button in the lower right corner of the key pad

15 Baxter AS-40 Syringe Pump
Next select the syringe type: Bard Monoject Terumbo Using the up/down arrows then press confirm. and size: 3,5,10,20,50,60 (The pump should auto select this but it will ask you to confirm.) Press Confirm.

16 Baxter AS-40 Syringe Pump
Next it will ask you to set the rate Enter the rate with any decimals and press confirm.

17 Baxter AS-40 Syringe Pump
Then it will ask for the volume to be infused. Enter the volume of the syringe minus 5 ml. Example: for a 60 ml syringe you would enter 55 ml. Press Confirm.

18 Baxter AS-40 Syringe Pump
Once the pump is set and the line is flushed: Connect the extension tubing to the patient’s I V line preferably at a stopcock or needless connection point. (Ideally this will be wherever the medication infusion was connected.)

19 Baxter AS-40 Syringe Pump
Once all information is entered and tubing is connected, Press the Start Button. (You do not have to press confirm.) The bottom of the screen should read RUNNING and the total line will begin to increase.

20 Baxter AS-40 Syringe Pump
The pump can be transported in any position so longs as the tubing does not get crimped.

21 Baxter AS-40 Syringe Pump
During operation if the pump is stopped for more than a few minutes it will sound an audible alarm that the pump has been idle. You can discontinue the alarm by pressing the stop button or pressing the start button to resume the infusion.

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