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2 Established in 1992 as a sales & development company
Stainless steel waste compactors for the marine industry Developments regarding fish- farming and technology Successful innovation company High quality products with short delivery time

3 Sales office in Alsvåg Vesterålen Production outsourced to INKO
Started plans for new factory 4 peoples working wih sales & marketing Totally 10 persons in full employment Gazelle Distinction in 2008

4 Well organized worldwide agent and distributor network:
Compactors Inc , USA Dan Marine, China Goltens Group, Singapore, Malaysia etc. Hyva, Thailand Mare-Safety, Norway Marine & offshore equipment, Germany Internava, Greece Samar Marine Services SMS, France Marric - Mexico

5 Shipping companies: Teekay Shipping Acergy Island Offshore PGS
Leif Hoegh Eletson Vroon BV

6 Offshore companies: StatoilHydro Chevron Transocean CconocoPhillips
Diamond Offshore

7 Shipyards: STX KFELS PPL Labroy Hyundai Cosco


9 Complete waste management solutions
Green ship line of waste compactors for all types of consumer waste. Outdoor and indoor solutions. Containers/ Sack combination gives good logistics onboard. Balers for recycables, glass crusher and oil filter compactor available. Complementary products from partners (drum crusher, food waste disposers)

10 Some general advantages with the Delitek waste compactors.
Specially constructed for marine use. Can be placed on open deck Delitek’s own original (stainless steel) design. Powerful, low noise hydraulic/ electric unit (<65dB) Extra containers can be added in order to fulfill segregation requirements. ”Big bag” system for easy deployment of waste. Certified by Det Norske Veritas. (Both type appoval and unit certification available). Conforms to MARPOL 73/78 guidelines


12 Segregation with Delitek waste compactors
Extra containers can be added later, in order to tailor made a complete system for waste segregation.

13 DT-500 & DT-1500 waste compactors
0,5m3 & 1,5m3 containers respectively. DT-500MKII: Our best-seller (The ”TeeKay” model) For mixed consumer waste. Designed for vessels and offshore installation. Constructed for outdoor placement

14 Big bag solution (for DT-500/1500 models)
Clean and easy waste handling regarding deployment of waste. Gives virtually ”unlimited” capacity for the waste compactor. Full Big bags can be stored onboard

15 DT-200i waste compactor (New)
Our new indoor solution Stainless steel construction Multiple container system (as DT-500/1500) HD plastic bag. (bag weight from 20~30Kg) Combines sack and baling options in one compact unit Less than 700mm wide

16 DT-1000B AND DT-1500B Large capacity bale compactors
For paper, cardboard and PVC materials. Baling directly on standard Euro-pallet (DT-1500B).

17 DT-500GC Glass Crusher For crushing glass bottles, jam jars etc.
High capacity glass crusher. 0,5m3 container. Uses the same C-500 container as in the DT-500MKII.

18 DT-120s Oil Filter compactor
For volume reduction of oil filters and paint buckets Waste oil is drained and stored to external tank.

19 DT-2000B Waste Compactor Large capacity waste compactor for mixed waste Container designed to accommodate for deployment by standard garbage trucks. Delivered to most of the Hurtigruten ASA fleet.

20 Presenting our new concept (Still on the drawing board):
A Combination of a powerful shredder unit and waste compactor Shredding gives good result for plastic bottles, sodacans, tins, wood crating etc, compared to compacting only. (I.e materials which is not suited for compacting only. Drastic volume reduction is obtained by running the shredded material in the waste compactor.

21 Thank You for your attention!
Delitek AS, Moloveien, N-8432 ALSVAAG, NORWAY Tel.: Fax: E -mail: web:

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