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The Birth of Imam Jafar as-Sadiq (as)

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1 The Birth of Imam Jafar as-Sadiq (as)
The Great Muslim Scientist and Philosopher Imam Jafar Ibn Mohammed As-Sadiq (as)

2 Birth of the Imam Imam Sadiq (as) was born in Medina, on the 17th Rabi ul-Awwal in the year 82 A.H. Imam Sadiq had many brothers and sisters but he was the eldest son. The nurse who delivered him found him very weak, lean and thin. She was not sure if he would live for more than a few days. However, she wanted to have her reward so she went to give the good news to Imam Baqar (as).

3 News of the birth given However, Imam Baqar was not at home, so the nurse went to Ali Ibn Hussain (as). When the nurse gave the glad tidings of the birth of his grandson, the Imam blessed the boy and asked the nurse if she had told the news to the father. “He is not at home” replied the nurse, “otherwise I would have informed him also.” Imam said: “I want to see the boy but do not bring him out. It is very cold today.”

4 The handsome child Then the Imam asked if the boy was handsome.
The nurse said that he was beautiful and had lovely blue eyes. Imam said: “Oh, his eyes are just like the eyes of my mother.” The eyes of Shahar Banu, daughter of Yezdagird III, were blue. The eyes of Kayhan Banu, the sister of Shahr Banu were also blue. They were both bought as prisoners to Medina. Ali ibn Talib (as) who was the guardian of the prisoners arranged the marriage of Shahar Banu with Imam Hussain (as) and Kayhan Banu with Mohamad ibn Abi Bakr, whome he treated like his own son.. Mohammad ibn Abi Bakr had a son, named Qasim from Kayhan Banu. Umme Farva was the daughter of Qasim and she was married to Imam Baqar (as) and was the mother of Imam Sadiq. Thus, Imam Sadiq had inherited blue eyes from his grandmothers.

5 Imam Sadiq was favoured by nature
It is said the Imam Sadiq was born circumcised and with a full set of teeth. It is narrated by Abu Horera that the Holy Prophet said: “One of my descendants would become very famous as Sadiq.” Even though Imam was born very weak but he never suffered childhood diseases. And after two years became very strong. Imam Sadiq was born in a well-to-do family and his father and grandfather were highly respected. Imam Baqir was a learned man and his mother was also an educated lady.

6 Imam’s childhood The old family house of Imam, which was on the side of the mosque and where Imam Hussain (as) was born had been demolished due to the mosques expansion. From the money which was received in compensation for the demolition, a plot was purchased by the side of a newly constructed road, called Musqa and a house was built there. It was designed by Iranian architects. The courtyard of the house, which was probably planned by Imam Ali was spacious and provided a good playground for children. After finishing his lessons, Jafar as-Sadiq used to play there with his friends. In those days sword practice was very popular. Jafar as-Sadiq during his childhood used to dance with other boys, holding a small sword in one hand a stick in the other, while his mother, Umme Farva used to watch him delightedly.

7 Imam’s education Imam’s grandfather had written a number of books mentioned by Ibn Nadim in his book, Al-Fehrist. His parents started teaching him since two years of age. Since the family of the Imam was highly educated, his parents paid attention to him since he was 2 years old, because he had supernatural intelligence and wonderful memory.

8 Imam’s education Imam Baqir (as) used to teach in the mosque of Medina. There are different reports as to when Imam Sadiq started attending his father’s classes. Some say that he was 3. Some say he was 5, while some narrate that he was 10. Before that he was taught at home. The supernatural knowledge of the Imam was such that soon he became known as the greatest scholar of his time and some of his theories have yet to be proved.

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